2010 Winter Olympics national flag bearers

During the Parade of Nations at the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, held beginning at 6:00 PM PST on February 12, 2010, 82 athletes bearing the flags of their respective nations led their national delegations as they paraded into BC Place Stadium in the host city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]

Athletes entered the stadium in an order dictated by tradition. As the originator of the Olympics, Greece entered first. Canadian delegates entered last, representing the host nation. The names of the nations were announced first in French and followed by English, the official languages of the Olympics, which also happened to be the official languages of the host nation. The nations entered in alphabetic order of their country names in English because it is the more dominant of the two languages in Vancouver and in the province of British Columbia.

Delegations from North Korea and South Korea marched in separate delegations, unlike in the 2006 Winter Olympics when they marched together.[2]

Of the flag-bearers who led their respective delegations, all but one were athletes, the exception being Fuad Guliyev, a skating official from Azerbaijan. The sport which was most represented among the flag-bearers was alpine skiing, as alpine skiers led 26 delegations. Only one delegation was led by a short track speed skater, Hong Kong, led by Han Yue Shueng.[1] Marjan Kalhor, an alpine skier and the flag-bearer for Iran, was both the first female flag bearer from her country and the first female athlete from her country to participate in the Winter Olympics.[2] It was erroneously pointed out by a Canadian TV commentator that Tomomi Okazaki was the first female flag bearer for Japan. This title goes to Seiko Hashimoto in Calgary 1988. Other prominent flag bearers included Canadian speed skater and five-time Olympian Clara Hughes, American luger Mark Grimmette, who had helped carry the American flag during the 2002 Winter Olympics, and Czech hockey player Jaromír Jágr. Hughes is the only Olympian ever to win multiple medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics.[3]

Iason Abramashvili, flag bearer for Georgia, along with the other members of his delegation, wore black armbands during the march and received a standing ovation in memory of Nodar Kumaritashvili, a Georgian luger who was killed in an accident during a training run earlier in the day.[4]

Parade of NationsEdit

The Czech Republic flag being carried by Jaromír Jágr.
The Finnish flag being carried by Ville Peltonen.
The Georgian flag being carried by Iason Abramashvili. In this picture the flag has a black ribbon.
The German flag being carried by André Lange.
The British flag being carried by Shelley Rudman.
The Russian flag being carried by Aleksey Morozov.
The Slovenian flag being carried by Tina Maze.
The Swedish flag being carried by Peter Forsberg.
The Canadian flag being carried by Clara Hughes.
Order Nation Flag bearer Sport
1   Greece (GRE) Athanassios Tsakiris[5] Biathlon
2   Albania (ALB) Erjon Tola Alpine skiing
3   Algeria (ALG) Mehdi-Selim Khelifi Cross-country skiing
4   Andorra (AND) Lluis Marin Tarroch[6] Snowboarding
5   Argentina (ARG) Cristian Javier Simari Birkner[7] Alpine skiing
6   Armenia (ARM) Arsen Nersisyan[8] Alpine skiing
7   Australia (AUS) Torah Bright[9] Snowboarding
8   Austria (AUT) Andreas Linger & Wolfgang Linger Luge
9   Azerbaijan (AZE) Fuad Guliyev (Fuad Quliyev)[10] Skating official
10   Belarus (BLR) Oleg Antonenko[11] Ice hockey
11   Belgium (BEL) Kevin van der Perren[12] Figure skating
12   Bermuda (BER) Tucker Murphy[13] Cross-country skiing
13   Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) Žana Novaković[14] Alpine skiing
14   Brazil (BRA) Isabel Clark Ribeiro Snowboarding
15   Bulgaria (BUL) Aleksandra Zhekova[15] Snowboarding
16   Cayman Islands (CAY) Dow Travers Alpine skiing
17   Chile (CHI) Jorge Mandrú Alpine skiing
18   China (CHN) Han Xiaopeng Freestyle skiing
19   Colombia (COL) Cynthia Denzler Alpine skiing
20   Croatia (CRO) Jakov Fak Biathlon
21   Cyprus (CYP) Christopher Papamichalopoulos Alpine skiing
22   Czech Republic (CZE) Jaromír Jágr[11] Ice hockey
23   North Korea (PRK) Ri Song-Chol Figure skating
24   Denmark (DEN) Sophie Fjellvang-Sølling Freestyle skiing
25   Estonia (EST) Roland Lessing[16] Biathlon
26   Ethiopia (ETH) Robel Teklemariam Cross-country skiing
27   Finland (FIN) Ville Peltonen[17] Ice hockey
28   Macedonia (MKD) Antonio Ristevski[18] Alpine skiing
29   France (FRA) Vincent Defrasne[19] Biathlon
30   Georgia (GEO) Iason Abramashvili Alpine skiing
31   Germany (GER) André Lange[20] Bobsleigh
32   Ghana (GHA) Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong Alpine skiing
33   Great Britain (GBR) Shelley Rudman[21] Skeleton
34   Hong Kong (HKG) Han Yue Shueng Short track speed skating
35   Hungary (HUN) Júlia Sebestyén[22] Figure skating
36   Iceland (ISL) Björgvin Björgvinsson Alpine skiing
37   India (IND) Shiva Keshavan[23] Luge
38   Iran (IRI) Marjan Kalhor Alpine skiing
39   Ireland (IRL) Aoife Hoey[24] Bobsleigh
40   Israel (ISR) Alexandra Zaretsky[25] Figure skating
41   Italy (ITA) Giorgio Di Centa[26] Cross-country skiing
42   Jamaica (JAM) Errol Kerr Freestyle skiing
43   Japan (JPN) Tomomi Okazaki[27] Speed skating
44   Kazakhstan (KAZ) Dias Keneshev[28] Biathlon
45   South Korea (KOR) Kang Kwang-Bae Bobsleigh
46   Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) Dmitry Trelevski Alpine skiing
47   Latvia (LAT) Martins Dukurs[29] Skeleton
48   Lebanon (LIB) Chirine Njeim[30] Alpine skiing
49   Liechtenstein (LIE) Richard Wunder[31] Bobsleigh
50   Lithuania (LTU) Irina Terentjeva Cross-country skiing
51   Mexico (MEX) Hubertus von Hohenlohe Alpine skiing
52   Moldova (MDA) Victor Pinzaru[32] Biathlon
53   Monaco (MON) Alexandra Coletti Alpine skiing
54   Mongolia (MGL) Erdene-Ochir Ochirsuren Cross-country skiing
55   Montenegro (MNE) Bojan Kosić Alpine skiing
56   Morocco (MAR) Samir Azzimani Alpine skiing
57   Nepal (NEP) Dachhiri Sherpa Cross-country skiing
58   Netherlands (NED) Timothy Beck[33] Bobsleigh
59   New Zealand (NZL) Juliane Bray[34] Snowboarding
60   Norway (NOR) Tommy Jakobsen[35] Ice hockey
61   Pakistan (PAK) Muhammad Abbas Alpine skiing
62   Peru (PER) Roberto Carcelén[36] Cross-country skiing
63   Poland (POL) Konrad Niedźwiedzki[37] Speed skating
64   Portugal (POR) Danny Silva Cross-country skiing
65   Romania (ROU) Éva Tófalvi Biathlon
66   Russia (RUS) Aleksey Morozov[38] Ice hockey
67   San Marino (SMR) Marino Cardelli[39] Alpine skiing
68   Senegal (SEN) Leyti Seck Alpine skiing
69   Serbia (SRB) Jelena Lolović[40] Alpine skiing
70   Slovakia (SVK) Žigmund Pálffy[11] Ice hockey
71   Slovenia (SLO) Tina Maze Alpine skiing
72   South Africa (RSA) Oliver Kraas Cross-country skiing
73   Spain (ESP) Queralt Castellet Snowboarding
74   Sweden (SWE) Peter Forsberg Ice hockey
75   Switzerland (SUI) Stéphane Lambiel[41] Figure skating
76   Chinese Taipei (TPE) Ma Chih-hung Luge
77   Tajikistan (TJK) Alisher Kudratov Alpine skiing*
78   Turkey (TUR) Kelime Aydın[42] Cross-country skiing
79   Ukraine (UKR) Liliya Ludan[43] Luge
80   United States (USA) Mark Grimmette[44] Luge
81   Uzbekistan (UZB) Oleg Shamaev Alpine skiing
82   Canada (CAN) Clara Hughes[45] Speed skating
  • Kudratov carried the flag even though he wasn't scheduled to compete.

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