2010 Mitrovica attacks

A number of incidents occurred on July 2, September 11 and September 28, 2010 in North Mitrovica, a town in the Mitrovica District of Kosovo.[2]

2010 Mitrovica attack
The New Bridge, dividing the city
LocationNorth Mitrovica, Kosovo
DateJuly 2, 2010
TargetKosovo Serbs
Attack type
Explosive device

July 2 edit

An explosive device was thrown into a group of Kosovo Serbs who were protesting against the Government's intention to open a governmental office in the area, where Kosovo Serbs live. 1 person was killed and 11 were injured.[1][3] Both Kosovan and Serbian authorities condemned the attack.[4] At the moment there are no suspects.[4] July 3 was declared a day of mourning by North Kosovan municipality Leaders in North Mitrovica, Zvečan, Leposavić and Zubin Potok.[5]

Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković stated that violence in Mitrovica represents a terrorist attack.[6]

September 11 edit

Following the quarterfinals of the World Basketball Championship where Turkey beat Serbia, a fighting occurred between Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs. One Serb youth was shot and wounded in the arm by an EULEX police officer, three other lightly, a total of 7 were injured including an EULEX soldier.[7]

September 28 edit

An explosion device of 200 grams of TNT destroyed a cell site of a mobile carrier that services Albanians. A 3-year old Serb girl was injured, not life-threatening. The roof space was rented out by a local Serb working for the Kosovo police. EULEX and KFOR arrived at the scene and blocked North Mitrovica.[2]

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