2010 Australian Men's Curling Championship

The 2010 Australian Men's Curling Championship was held from ? to ? June2010 at the Naseby Curling Club in Naseby, New Zealand. The winners of this championship will represent Australia at the 2010 Pacific Curling Championships.[1]

2010 Australian Men's Curling Championship
Host cityNaseby, New Zealand
ArenaNaseby Curling Club
DatesJune 2010
WinnerTeam Millikin
SkipHugh Millikin
FourthIan Palangio
SecondSteve Johns
LeadDon Glendinning
FinalistTeam Chick (Gerald Chick)
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The teams are listed as follows:

Team Skip Third Second Lead Alternate Locale
Team Chick Gerald Chick Matt Panoussi Paul Meissner Vaughan Rosier
Team McMahon Tim McMahon David Imlah Angus Young Phil Goschnick
Team Millikin Ian Palangio (fourth) Hugh Millikin (skip) Steve Johns Don Glendinning

Final StandingsEdit

Place Skip Games Wins Losses
  Hugh Millikin
  Gerald Chick
  Tim McMahon


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