2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men's high jump

The men's high jump event at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany was held between 19 August and 21 August 2009.

The 2008 Olympic gold and silver medallists, Andrey Silnov and Germaine Mason, did not compete at the Championships and the reigning world champion, Donald Thomas had been in poor form that season. The Russian duo, Yaroslav Rybakov and world leader Ivan Ukhov, were the most favoured athletes. The 2005 world champion Yuriy Krymarenko and Olympic medallist Kyriakos Ioannou had performed sub-par prior to the competition. Andrey Tereshin, Jaroslav Bába and host representative Raúl Spank rounded out the likely medal candidates.[1] In the qualification round, the two past champions (Thomas and Krymarenko) failed to make the qualifying mark of 2.30 m. All the favourites progressed, with Kyriakos Ioannou topping the rankings, while Mickael Hanany and Motswana Kabelo Kgosiemang jumped season's best to make the final.[2]

The final, held on 21 August, was delayed by 90 minutes due to heavy rainfall in Berlin, and this produced much lower results compared to the qualification for a majority of the jumpers. No medalling athlete reached the qualifying mark of 2.30 m that they had two days previously. Ivan Ukhov, who had a season's best of 2.40 m, finished with a best of 2.23 m, and Andra Manson similarly failed to match expectations. Only Rybakov, Ioannou, Spank and Sylwester Bednarek passed the 2.28 m height. Rybakov and Ioannou passed 2.32 m on their first attempts, while the other two athletes took two jumps for the height which were personal bests. These turned out to be the final passes of the competition and Rybakov beat Ioannou to the gold by having one less failed attempt in the competition, while Spank and Bednarek shared the bronze honours.[3]

This was Rybakov's first gold after three silvers in past world championships. Ioannou was Cyprus' only medallist from the championships that year. Joint-third Bednarek was a surprise medallist given that this was his first senior outdoor competition and he had started the season with a best of 2.26 m.[3] The winning result of 2.32 m was the lowest winning result in the history of high jumping finals in the World Championships in Athletics, shared with the finals of 1983 and 2005.


Gold   Yaroslav Rybakov
Silver   Kyriakos Ioannou
Bronze   Sylwester Bednarek
  Raúl Spank


World record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
Championship record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.40 Stuttgart, Germany 22 August 1993
World Leading   Andra Manson (USA) 2.35 Austin, United States 4 April 2009
African record   Jacques Freitag (RSA) 2.38 Oudtshoorn, South Africa 5 March 2005
Asian record   Zhu Jianhua (CHN) 2.39 Eberstadt, West Germany 10 June 1984
North American record   Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45 Salamanca, Spain 27 July 1993
South American record   Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.33 Pereira, Colombia 17 October 1994
European record   Patrik Sjöberg (SWE) 2.42 Stockholm, Sweden 30 June 1987
Oceanian record   Tim Forsyth (AUS) 2.36 Melbourne, Australia 2 March 1997

Qualification standardsEdit

A standard B standard
2.31m 2.28m


Date Time Round
August 19, 2009 11:10 Qualification
August 21, 2009 19:15 Final



Qualification: Qualifying Performance 2.30 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q) advance to the final.

Rank Group Name Nationality 2.10 2.15 2.20 2.24 2.27 2.30 Result Notes
1 A Kyriakos Ioannou   Cyprus (CYP) - o o xxo o o 2.30 Q, SB
2 B Linus Thörnblad   Sweden (SWE) - o o o o xo 2.30 Q
3 A Kabelo Kgosiemang   Botswana (BOT) - o o o xo xo 2.30 Q, SB
4 B Raúl Spank   Germany (GER) - - o xo xxo xo 2.30 Q
5 B Andra Manson   United States (USA) - o o xxo xxo xo 2.30 Q
6 A Yaroslav Rybakov   Russia (RUS) - - o o o xxo 2.30 Q
6 B Ivan Ukhov   Russia (RUS) - o o o o xxo 2.30 Q
8 B Mickaël Hanany   France (FRA) - o o xxo o xxo 2.30 Q, SB
9 A Giulio Ciotti   Italy (ITA) - o o o o xxx 2.27 q
9 A Martijn Nuyens   Netherlands (NED) o o o o o xxx 2.27 q
9 A Keith Moffatt   United States (USA) - o o o o xxx 2.27 q
12 A Jaroslav Bába   Czech Republic (CZE) - - o xo o xxx 2.27 q
12 B Sylwester Bednarek   Poland (POL) o xo o o o xxx 2.27 q
14 B Jessé de Lima   Brazil (BRA) - o o xxo o xxx 2.27
15 B Donald Thomas   Bahamas (BAH) o o o o xo xxx 2.27
16 A Konstadínos Baniótis   Greece (GRE) - o o o xxx 2.24
17 A Trevor Barry   Bahamas (BAH) - xo o o xxx 2.24
18 A Andrey Tereshin   Russia (RUS) - o o xo xxx 2.24
18 B Yuriy Krymarenko   Ukraine (UKR) o o o xo xxx 2.24
20 B Oskari Frösén   Finland (FIN) - o - xxo xx- x 2.24
21 A Tora Harris   United States (USA) - o xxo xxo x- xx 2.24
22 B Javier Bermejo   Spain (ESP) o o o xx- x 2.20
22 B Naoyuki Daigo   Japan (JPN) - o o xxx 2.20
22 B Viktor Shapoval   Ukraine (UKR) o o o xxx 2.20
25 A Andriy Protsenko   Ukraine (UKR) o xo o xxx 2.20
26 A Grzegorz Sposób   Poland (POL) o o xo xxx 2.20
27 B Peter Horák   Slovakia (SVK) o o xxo xxx 2.20
28 B Artsiom Zaitsau   Belarus (BLR) - o xx 2.15
28 B Majed Aldin Gazal   Syria (SYR) o o xxx 2.15 SB
30 A Dragutin Topić   Serbia (SRB) - xxo xxx 2.15
A Sergey Zasimovich   Kazakhstan (KAZ) DNS

Key: Q = qualification by place in heat, q = qualification by overall place, SB = Seasonal best


Rank Name Nationality 2.18 2.23 2.28 2.32 2.35 Result Notes
  Yaroslav Rybakov   Russia (RUS) o o xo o xxx 2.32
  Kyriakos Ioannou   Cyprus (CYP) o o xxo o xxx 2.32 SB
  Sylwester Bednarek   Poland (POL) xo o xo xo xxx 2.32 PB
  Raúl Spank   Germany (GER) o o xxo xo xxx 2.32 PB
5 Jaroslav Bába   Czech Republic (CZE) o o xxx 2.23
5 Mickaël Hanany   France (FRA) o o xxx 2.23
5 Martijn Nuyens   Netherlands (NED) o o xxx 2.23
5 Linus Thörnblad   Sweden (SWE) o o xxx 2.23
9 Andra Manson   United States (USA) xo o xxx 2.23
10 Ivan Ukhov   Russia (RUS) o xo xxx 2.23
11 Giulio Ciotti   Italy (ITA) xo xxo xxx 2.23
11 Keith Moffatt   United States (USA) xo xxo xxx 2.23
13 Kabelo Kgosiemang   Botswana (BOT) xxo xxx 2.18

Key: PB = Personal best, SB = Seasonal best


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