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The 2008 VIVA World Cup was the second VIVA World Cup, an international tournament for football, that took place in July 2008. The winners were Padania, who took home the Nelson Mandela Trophy. The tournament was organised by the Nouvelle Fédération-Board.

2008 VIVA World Cup
VIVA World Cup 2008 official logo
Tournament details
Host countrySápmi
Dates7 July – 13 July
Teams5 (from 1 confederation)
Venue(s)2 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions Padania (1st title)
Runners-up Arameans Suryoye
Third place Sápmi
Fourth place Iraqi Kurdistan
Tournament statistics
Matches played14
Goals scored59 (4.21 per match)
Top scorer(s)Padania Giordan Ligarotti
Padania Stefano Salandra (4 goals)

The defending champions and hosts were Sápmi. The competition, organized by the Sami people, took place from 7 to 13 July, in Gällivare, Sweden.[1]



Due to the inaugural status of this tournament, applicants were admitted to the tournament without a qualification process. As an untested tournament the scheduling doesn't meet the organizational capacity of a billion dollar organization like FIFA.

Qualified teamsEdit

The men's teams that took part were:

The women's teams that took part were:


As a small tournament, like its European counterpart in Europeada 2008, this VIVA World Cup was not expected to bring in the numbers and financial support of UEFA Euro 2008 earlier this summer; the stadia venues are thus rather small.

The hosts of the games were:[2]


Padania became the 2008 VIVA World Cup champions beating Arameans Suryoye in the final 2-0. The hosts Sapmi, after coming 4th in the group stage, ended by as a lucky 3rd after winning the last edition. The Arameans Suryoye team were the surprise of the tournament qualifying for the final at their first attempt. Iraqi Kurdistan, also debuting, finished 3rd in the group stage but lost in the 4th place play off to Sapmi. To round of the places, in a distant last position, having lost all of their group games, was Provence, a region of France.

In the inaugural women's tournament the hosts Sapmi came through after an aggregate 16-1 thrashing of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Men's resultsEdit

All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)[2]

Men's First RoundEdit

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
  Padania 4 4 0 0 14 3 +11 12
  Arameans Suryoye 4 2 1 1 7 4 +3 7
  Iraqi Kurdistan 4 1 2 1 6 4 +2 5
  Sápmi 4 1 1 2 6 7 −1 4
  Provence 4 0 0 4 3 18 −15 0

Sápmi  2–2  Iraqi Kurdistan
Eira   50'
Bertelsen   63'[3]
Khandan   40'
Halgurd   70'

Provence  1–6  Padania
Giordano   23' Cossato   7'
Salandra   34'45' (pen.)
Ligarotti   36'80'
Ferrari   90'

Provence  0–3  Iraqi Kurdistan
Rahman   55'
Halgurd   90+1'90+3'

Arameans Suryoye  1–0  Sápmi
Yüksel   62'
Attendance: 1,000
Referee:   Ragnar Dahl

Arameans Suryoye  5–0  Provence
Muqdisi   2'32'
Alan   5'
Kaplan   65'81'

Padania  2–1  Iraqi Kurdistan
Gentilini   9'
Salandra   26' (pen.)
Aziz   41'

Sápmi  0–2  Padania
Cossato   82'
Ligarotti   85'

Iraqi Kurdistan  0–0  Arameans Suryoye

Padania  4–1  Arameans Suryoye
Cossato   18'
D'Alessandro   40'90'
Salandra   73'
Muqdisi   64' (pen.)

Sápmi  4–2  Provence
Eira   3'
Eira   7'
Logje   28'
Dreyer   83'
Giordano   5'14'

Men's 3/4 place playoffEdit

Iraqi Kurdistan  1–3  Sápmi
Jalal   90' Eira   6'32'
Stangnes   8'

Men's FinalEdit

Padania  2–0  Arameans Suryoye
Colombo   9'
Ligarotti   14'
Attendance: 1,400
Referee:   Monty Rieman

 VIVA World Cup 2008 Winners 
First title

Women's ResultsEdit

All times are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)[2]

Sápmi  4–0  Iraqi Kurdistan
Skulbørstad   ?'?'?'?'

Sápmi  11–1  Iraqi Kurdistan
Skulbørstad   ?'?'?'?'?'
Hallen   ?'
Esseryd   ?'
Oscarsson   ?'
Fosshaug   ?'
Eira   ?'?'
?   ?'

Sápmi win 15–1 on aggregate.

 VIVA World Cup 2008 Winners 
Inaugural title

Top scorersEdit


4 goals[citation needed]


9 goals

  •   Gry Keskitalo Skulbørstad

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