2008 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics

The 2008 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics were held at the Estadio Pedro Grajales in Cali, Colombia between 4–6 July 2008.[1] A total of 44 events were contested, of which 22 by male and 22 by female athletes. During the three-day competition, six championship records were broken. The competition took place at almost 1000 m above sea level, a factor which helps athletic performance in some events.[2]

21st Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics
Dates4– 6 July. 2008
Host cityCali, ColombiaColombia
VenueEstadio Pedro Grajales
Participation383 athletes from
30 (+ 3 guest nations) nations
Records set6 Championship records

Cuba took the most medals overall, winning 34 medals – half of which were gold.[3] The hosts Colombia were the next best with 8 golds and 24 medals altogether, shortly followed by Trinidad and Tobago. Guest athletes took part in some events, but their performances were excluded from the medal tally.[4]

Championship records were broken in both triple jump events; by Mabel Gay in the women's event and Leevan Sands in the men's. The championships also saw four national records broken in competition. Two athletes topped the podium twice: Rosibel García completed the 800 metres/1500 metres double, while Indira Terrero won in the 400 metres sprint and relay races. Bertha Sánchez, representing the hosts, took the 10,000 metres title, but just missed out on a second gold, winning the silver in the 5000 metres. Bahamian Shamar Sands showed multi-event ability by winning the 110 metres hurdles gold medal, as well as helping his country to the 100 m relay silver medal.


Leevan Sands (above) broke the men's triple jump record
Mabel Gay (left) broke the women's triple jump record
Name Event Country Record Type
Andy González 800 metres   Cuba 1:46.11 CR
Wilfredo Martínez Long jump   Cuba 8.31 m CR
Leevan Sands Triple jump   Bahamas 17.29 m CR
Jefferson Pérez 20000 m walk (track)   Ecuador 1:20:54.9 CR
Anay Tejeda 100 metres hurdles   Cuba 12.61 CR NR
Aleesha Barber 100 metres hurdles   Trinidad and Tobago 12.98 NR
Semoy Hackett
Ayanna Hutchinson
Sasha Springer-Jones
Kelly-Ann Baptiste
4×100 metre relay   Trinidad and Tobago 43.43 NR
Mabel Gay Triple jump   Cuba 14.19 m CR
Candice Scott Hammer throw   Trinidad and Tobago 69.26 CR
Eli Johana Moreno Hammer throw   Colombia 67.09 NR
Key:0000 WR — World record  • AR — Area record  • CR — Championship record  • NR — National record

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see 2008 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics – Results.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Darrel Brown (TRI) 10.12   Daniel Bailey (ATG) 10.18   Henry Vizcaíno (CUB) 10.34
200 metres   Emmanuel Callender (TRI) 20.69   Rondel Sorrillo (TRI) 20.71   José Acevedo (VEN) 20.79
400 metres   Renny Quow (TRI) 45.27   Michael Mathieu (BAH) 45.66   Omar Cisneros (CUB) 45.98
800 metres   Andy González (CUB) 1:46.11 CR   Eduard Villanueva (VEN) 1:46.92   Juan Pablo Solares (MEX) 1:47.18
1500 metres   Isaías Haro (MEX) 3:45.15   Nico José Herrera (VEN) 3:45.39   Maury Surel Castillo (CUB) 3:47.17
5000 metres   John Tello (COL) 14:21.21   Isaías Haro (MEX) 14:35.81   Javier Alexander Guarín (COL) 15:10.58
10,000 metres   William Naranjo (COL) 29:30.29   Diego Colorado (COL) 29:41.88 Only two finishers
110 metre hurdles   Shamar Sands (BAH) 13.32w   Paulo César Villar (COL) 13.45w   Héctor Cotto (PUR) 13.55w
400 metre hurdles   Isa Phillips (JAM) 49.98   Yasmany Copello (CUB) 50.08   Yeison Rivas (COL) 50.44
3000 metre steeplechase   José Alberto Sánchez (CUB) 8:53.24   Alexander Greaux (PUR) 9:12.70   Yovanni Adame (DOM) 9:15.72
High jump   Víctor Moya (CUB) 2.25 m   Trevor Barry (BAH) 2.25 m   Jamal Wilson (BAH) 2.13 m
Pole vault   Lázaro Eduardo Borges (CUB) 5.50 m   Dominic Johnson (LCA) 5.30 m   Natanael Semeis (DOM) 4.80 m
Long jump   Wilfredo Martínez (CUB) 8.31 m CR   Herbert McGregor (JAM) 7.90 m   Tyrone Smith (BER) 7.80 m
Triple jump   Leevan Sands (BAH) 17.29 m CR   Héctor Dairo Fuentes (CUB) 17.23 m   Alexis Copello (CUB) 16.91 m
Shot put   Alexis Paumier (CUB) 19.60 m   Manuel Repollet (PUR) 18.43 m   Carlos Jovanny García (COL) 17.70 m
Discus throw   Jorge Fernández (CUB) 58.60 m   Yunio Lastre (CUB) 58.00 m   Jesús Parejo (VEN) 56.49 m
Hammer throw   Noleysi Vicet (CUB) 71.61 m   Luis Martín García (MEX) 66.36 m   Raúl Rivera (GUA) 64.58 m
Javelin throw   Anier Boué (CUB) 74.98 m   Dayron Márquez (COL) 74.37 m   Johnny Walter Viáfara (COL) 71.07 m
Decathlon   Yosley Azcuy (CUB) 7408 pts   Steven Marrero (PUR) 7297 pts   Andrés Horacio Mantilla (COL) 7164 pts
20000 m track walk   James Rendón (COL) 1:25:22.7   Allan Segura (CRC) 1:27:57.2   Claudio Erasmo Vargas (MEX) 1:28:51.6
4×100 metres relay   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Keston Bledman
Marc Burns
Aaron Armstrong
Richard Thompson
38.54   Bahamas (BAH)
Adrian Griffith
Derrick Atkins
Rodney Green
Shamar Sands
39.22   Saint Kitts and Nevis (SKN)
Jason Rogers
Larry Inanga
Jevon Claxton
Delwayne Delaney
4×400 metres relay   Cuba (CUB)
William Collazo
Yunier Pérez
Omar Cisneros
Yeimer López
3:02.10   Bahamas (BAH)
Ramon Miller
Michael Mathieu
Avard Moncur
Andretti Bain
3:02.48   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Renny Quow
Cowin Mills
Ade Alleyne-Forte
Stann Waithe


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Chandra Sturrup (BAH) 11.20   Sherry Fletcher (GRN) 11.39   Barbara Pierre (HAI) 11.40
200 metres   Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie (BAH) 22.78   Roxana Díaz (CUB) 22.82   Darlenys Obregón (COL) 23.13
400 metres   Indira Terrero (CUB) 50.98   Gabriela Medina (MEX) 51.78   Ginou Ettiene (HAI) 52.20
800 metres   Rosibel García (COL) 2:05.9   Sheena Gooding (BAR) 2:06.6   Cristina Guevara (MEX) 2:07.2
1500 metres   Rosibel García (COL) 4:24.62   Yamilé Alaluf (MEX) 4:25.43   Muriel Coneo (COL) 4:28.92
5000 metres   Nora Leticia Rocha (MEX) 16:41.27   Bertha Sánchez (COL) 16:43.82   María Isabel Montilla (VEN) 16:53.42
10,000 metres   Bertha Sánchez (COL) 35:16.36   María Isabel Montilla (VEN) 35:42.18   Andreina de la Rosa (DOM) 36:43.36
100 metres hurdles   Anay Tejeda (CUB) 12.61 CR NR   Yenima Arencibia (CUB) 12.95   Aleesha Barber (TRI) 12.98
400 metres hurdles   Josanne Lucas (TRI) 56.55   Princesa Oliveros (COL) 57.44   Yolanda Osana (DOM) 58.91
3000 metres steeplechase   Ángela Figueroa (COL) 10:18.23   Milena Pérez (CUB) 10:45.46   Sonny García (DOM) 12:16.51
High jump   Levern Spencer (LCA) 1.91 m   Caterine Ibargüen (COL) 1.88 m   Marierlis Rojas (VEN) 1.79 m
Pole vault   Milena Jazmín Agudelo (COL) 4.10 m   Keisa Monterola (VEN) 4.00 m Only two competitors
Long jump   Bianca Stuart (BAH) 6.54 m   Shara Proctor (AIA) 6.54 m NR   Charisse Bacchus (TRI) 6.49 m
Triple jump   Mabel Gay (CUB) 14.19 m CR   Yarianna Martínez (CUB) 13.95 m   Ayanna Alexander (TRI) 13.30 m
Shot put   Cleopatra Borel-Brown (TRI) 18.39 m   Yumileidi Cumbá (CUB) 18.10 m   Yaniuvis López (CUB) 17.87 m
Discus throw   Yarelis Barrios (CUB) 62.87 m   Yania Ferrales (CUB) 58.74 m   Annie Alexander (TRI) 54.56 m
Hammer throw   Candice Scott (TRI) 69.26 m CR   Yunaika Crawford (CUB) 69.03 m   Eli Johana Moreno (COL) 67.09 m NR
Javelin throw   Laverne Eve (BAH) 56.36 m   Yanet Cruz (CUB) 56.14 m   Kateema Riettie (JAM) 54.90 m
Heptathlon   Yarianny Argüelles (CUB) 5862 pts   Yasmiany Pedroso (CUB) 5833 pts   Thaimara Solsiree Rivas (VEN) 5302 pts
10000 m track walk   Claudia Ortega (MEX) 50:10.37   Milángela Rosales (VEN) 51:06.83   Ingrid Hernández (COL) 52:44.84
4×100 metres relay ††   Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Semoy Hackett
Ayanna Hutchinson
Sasha Springer-Jones
Kelly-Ann Baptiste
43.43 NR   Colombia (COL)
Mirtha Brock
Felipa Palacios
Darlenys Obregón
Yomara Hinestroza
43.56   Bahamas (BAH)
Kristy White
Chandra Sturrup
Tamicka Clarke
Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie
4×400 metres relay †††   Cuba (CUB)
Aymée Martínez
Diosmely Peña
Daisurami Bonne
Indira Terrero
3:27.97   Mexico (MEX)
María Teresa Rugeio
Gabriela Medina
Nallely Vela
Zudikey Rodríguez
3:29.94   Bahamas (BAH)
Sasha Rolle
Christine Amertil
Shakeitha Henfield
Crystal Strachan

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (Colombia)

1  Cuba1712534
2  Colombia*87924
3  Trinidad and Tobago81514
4  Bahamas64313
5  Mexico35311
6  Jamaica1113
7  Saint Lucia1102
8  Venezuela05510
9  Puerto Rico0314
10  Anguilla0101
  Antigua and Barbuda0101
  Costa Rica0101
15  Dominican Republic0055
16  Haiti0022
17  Bermuda0011
  Saint Kitts and Nevis0011
Totals (19 nations)444442130

Participating nationsEdit

* Guest nations


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