2007 Winter Universiade

The 2007 Winter Universiade, the XXIII Winter Universiade, took place in Turin, Italy from January 17 to 27, 2007.

XXIII Winter Universiade
XXIII Universiade invernale
Slogan: "Crazy 4 U"
Host cityTurin, Italy
Nations55 (estimated)
Events10 sports
OpeningJanuary 17, 2007
ClosingJanuary 27, 2007
Opened byGiovanna Capellano Nebiolo, George Killian
Athlete's OathGiovanni Ramigno
Judge's OathAlberto Moro
Torch lighterLivio Berruti
Main venuePalasport Olimpico

Opening ceremony


The Opening Ceremony of the XXIII Winter Universiade Torino 2007 was held with a cast of acrobats, circus performers and dancers. The evening began with the "Princess of the Snow", Magda Gomes, who introduced the audience to a journey that joins Turin to the rest of the world through the student spirit of the Universiade. Her message was followed by a parade of the 52 participant nations and a speech by Giovanna Capellano Nebiolo (President of the Organizing Committee) and George Killian (FISU President). Together they officially opened the Games: both greeted the Universiade and declared the event officially open. After the flag-raising ceremony Livio Berruti entered the Palasport Olimpico to complete the tour of the Flame of Knowledge, lighting at the same time the braziers of the stadium and the Piazza Vittorio Veneto. All sports to be held at the Games were introduced by a group of dancers and gymnasts. The ceremony ended with live music by Negrita. Other people who showed up in the opening ceremony were Gianluigi Buffon, Andrew Howe and Arturo Brachetti. The last one revealing the slogan for the Universiade, which is "Crazy 4 U". Among the present personalities were Fabio Mussi, Mercedes Bresso, Antonio Saitta, Sergio Chiamparino, Renato Montabone, Sara Simeoni, Alberto Zaccheroni and Gianni Vattimo.



The Games features 18 medal events in 12 sports.

(Numbers in parentheses after each sport discipline indicate the number of events contested.)

Medal table


  *   Host nation (Italy)

1  South Korea (KOR)1012931
2  Russia (RUS)9141235
3  Italy (ITA)*92516
4  Belarus (BLR)82414
5  Poland (POL)72312
6  Czech Republic (CZE)4419
7  Austria (AUT)4004
8  China (CHN)36615
9  Japan (JPN)35513
10  Netherlands (NED)3126
11  Ukraine (UKR)28616
12  France (FRA)2226
13  Kazakhstan (KAZ)2125
14  Canada (CAN)2114
15  Slovenia (SLO)15410
16  United States (USA)1135
17  Sweden (SWE)1023
18  Slovakia (SVK)0202
19  Finland (FIN)0112
20  Germany (GER)0101
  Great Britain (GBR)0101
22  Estonia (EST)0011
  Liechtenstein (LIE)0011
  Switzerland (SUI)0011
Totals (24 entries)717171213