2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly election

Constituent Assembly elections were held in Ecuador on 30 September 2007. A Constituent Assembly was established following an April referendum on doing so. A total of 130 delegates were elected; 24 members from national lists, 100 elected from provincial constituencies and six for overseas votes.[1]

2007 Ecuadorian Constituent Assembly election

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All 130 seats in the Constituent Assembly
  Majority party Minority party
  Presidente Rafael Correa.jpg Lucio Gutiérrez.jpg
Leader Rafael Correa Lucio Gutiérrez
Party PAIS Alliance PSP
Leader since 2006 2000
Seats won 80 19
Percentage 69.47% 7.28%

  Third party Fourth party
  Álvaro Noboa.jpg León Febres Cordero.jpg
Leader Álvaro Noboa León Febres Cordero
Leader since 2002 1984
Seats won 8 5
Percentage 6.62% 3.88%

Legislator before election

León Febres Cordero

Resulting Legislator

Alberto Acosta
PAIS Alliance

The large number of candidates and lists (26 national lists, 428 provincial lists, 44 emigrant lists) caused the elections to be the most complex in Ecuador's history.[2] Although polls indicated that Correa's PAIS Alliance would win a plurality in the election, but not a majority,[3] PAIS won a landslide victory, winning 80 of the 130 seats, giving the party the power to dismiss Congress and make the substantial constitutional reforms for which Correa has been calling.[4] PAIS won all six foreign seats.[5]

The Constituent Assembly was to be set up on 31 October 2007 and have six months (with a possible extension of two months) to draft a new constitution, which will then have to be ratified in a referendum.[6] However, the installation of the Assembly was delayed to 29 November 2007[7] due to delays in the official proclamation of the final result.


PAIS Alliance2,806,00469.471559680
January 21 Patriotic Society Party294,2407.28217019
Institutional Renewal Party of National Action267,6056.622608
Social Christian Party 156,8403.881405
Ethics and Democracy Network80,9272.001203
Democratic People's Movement68,0601.681304
A New Option45,1271.121102
Ecuadorian Roldosist Party32,3320.800101
PS-FAMUPP-NP Alliance28,6350.710404
Movement for National Honesty28,1980.701001
National Agreement26,3580.650000
IDMPC Alliance21,7590.540202
Freedom Party 19,0360.470000
Ecuadorian White Movement for the Vindication of the Poor17,8130.440000
Christian Democratic Union 17,4500.430000
Independent Movement of Committed Seculars17,2640.430000
Movement Ecuador's Force16,4450.410000
Christian Civic Compromise with the Community C415,5940.390000
MCSXXI–MAE–MTF Alliance15,2790.380000
National Democratic Coalition13,2850.330000
Independent Movement Democratic Pole13,0370.320000
National Reconciliation11,6630.290000
Independent Just and Solidary Movement7,8830.200000
National Movement for Social Reconciliation7,0260.170000
Thousandfold Victory6,8150.170000
Social Integration and Transformation4,7180.120000
Citizens' Independent Movement Future Already0101
Valid votes4,039,39378.67
Invalid/blank votes1,094,89621.33
Total votes5,134,289100.00
Source: TSE


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