2007 Armenian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on 12 May 2007.[1] 1,364 candidates ran for the 131 seats, 41 of which were constituency seats with the remaining 90 being filled by a proportional party-list system.[2] The electoral threshold was five per cent.

2007 Armenian parliamentary election
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All 131 seats in the National Assembly
66 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats ±
Republican Serzh Sargsyan 33.91 59 +26
PAP Gagik Tsarukyan 15.13 25 New
ARF Vahan Hovhannisyan 13.16 16 +5
Orinats Yerkir Artur Baghdasaryan 7.05 10 -9
Heritage Raffi Hovannisian 6.00 7 New
Dashink Party 1 New
Independent 13 -24
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Elected Prime Minister
Serzh Sargsyan
Serzh Sargsyan


The BBC reported a turnout of over 60%.[3] The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe judged the elections to have "demonstrated improvement" over previous parliamentary elections, but said "the stated intention by the Armenian authorities to conduct an election in line with OSCE commitments and international standards was not fully realized." [4]

Critics and opposition politicians had announced their fears that the polls would not be democratic, despite officials' reassurances that the changes to the voting laws would ensure a more democratic election than the greatly criticised 2003 one.[5]

Republican Party of Armenia458,25833.9141429,42333.931859+26
Prosperous Armenia204,48315.1318216,97717.14725New
Armenian Revolutionary Federation177,90713.16163,2370.26016+5
Orinats Yerkir95,3247.05893,9997.43210–9
United Labour Party59,2714.3900–6
National Unity49,8643.6908,3410.6600–9
New Times47,0603.4800New
People's Party37,0442.7409,5230.7500New
Union Party32,9432.4400New
People's Party of Armenia22,7621.68000
Hanrapetutyun Party22,2881.6500–1
Impeachment Union17,4751.2900New
Armenian Communist Party8,7920.6505680.04000
National Democratic Party8,5560.6300New
Direct Democracy Party8,3510.6200New
National Accord Party4,1990.3100New
Democratic Party of Armenia3,6860.2700New
Christian-People's Renaissance Party3,4330.2500New
United Liberal National Party2,7390.2000New
Marxist Party of Armenia2,6600.2007,6380.6000New
Youth Party2,2910.17010,2330.8100New
Social Democrat Hunchakian Party9890.0700New
Dashink Party36,7462.9011New
Democratic Way Party13,3381.0500New
Pan-Armenian National Movement7,7640.61000
Christian Democratic Union6,8980.55000
Liberal Progressive Party of Armenia6,8860.5400New
Constitutional Right Union Party3,6280.2900New
Bloc of National Democrats1,4400.1100New
Armenian Motherland Party1,3560.1100New
Hayreniq Party1,2690.1000New
Progressive United Communist Party1,2370.1000New
Freedom Struggle Veterans' Union1,0430.0800New
Valid votes1,351,42397.261,265,66594.87
Invalid/blank votes38,0022.7468,4025.13
Total votes1,389,425100.001,334,067100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,319,72259.902,278,40458.55
Source: Central Electoral Commission of Armenia, CLEA


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