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2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships

The 2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships were held in Rotorua, New Zealand from 22 to 27 August 2006. The disciplines included were cross-country, downhill, four-cross, and trials. The event was the 17th edition of the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and the 21st edition of the UCI Trials World Championships.

2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships
2006 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships 847.jpg
VenueRotorua, New Zealand
Date(s) (2006-08-22 - 2006-08-27)22–27 August 2006
EventsMTB: 13
Trials: 6
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This was the first UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships held in New Zealand and the second held in Oceania after the 1996 World Championships in Cairns, Australia.

A women's under-23 race was included in the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships for the first time in 2006 and was won by Ren Chengyuan from China.[1] Julien Absalon of France and Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå of Norway each won their third consecutive elite cross-country world titles.[2][3] Sam Hill became the first Australian to win the elite men's downhill world title.[4]

Medal summaryEdit

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Cross-country[2]   Julien Absalon (FRA)   Christoph Sauser (SUI)   Fredrik Kessiakoff (SWE)
Under 23 cross-country[5]   Nino Schurter (SUI)   Tony Longo (ITA)   Max Plaxton (CAN)
Junior cross-country[6]   Mathias Flückiger (SUI)   Martin Fanger (SUI)   Pascal Meyer (SUI)
Downhill[4]   Sam Hill (AUS)   Greg Minnaar (RSA)   Nathan Rennie (AUS)
Junior downhill[7]   Cameron Cole (NZL)   Samuel Blenkinsop (NZL)   Antoine Badouard (FRA)
Four-cross[8]   Michal Prokop (CZE)   Roger Rinderknecht (SUI)   Guido Tschugg (GER)
Trials, 20 inch[9]   Marco Hösel (GER)   Carles Diaz Codina (ESP)   Benito Ros Charral (ESP)
Trials, 26 inch[9]   Kenny Belaey (BEL)   Vincent Hermance (FRA)   Gilles Coustellier (FRA)
Junior trials, 20 inch[10]   Marco Thomä (GER)   Aurélien Fontenoy (FRA)   Matthias Mrohs (GER)
Junior trials, 26 inch[10]   Aurélien Fontenoy (FRA)   Ben Slinger (GBR)   Matthias Mrohs (GER)

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Cross-country[3]   Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå (NOR)   Irina Kalentieva (RUS)   Marie-Helene Premont (CAN)
Under 23 cross-country[1]   Ren Chengyuan (CHN)   Liu Ying (CHN)   Sarah Koba (SUI)
Junior cross-country[11]   Tanja Zakelj (SLO)   Julie Krasniak (FRA)   Nadja Roschi (SUI)
Downhill[12]   Sabrina Jonnier (FRA)   Tracy Moseley (GBR)   Rachel Atherton (GBR)
Junior downhill[13]   Tracey Hannah (AUS)   Floriane Pugin (FRA)   Micayla Gatto (CAN)
Four-cross[8]   Jill Kintner (USA)   Anneke Beerten (NED)   Anita Molcik (AUT)
Trials[14]   Karin Moor (SUI)   Mireia Abant Condal (ESP)   Gemma Abant Condal (ESP)

Team eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Cross-country[15]    Switzerland
Florian Vogel
Martin Fanger
Petra Henzi
Nino Schurter
Tony Longo
Cristian Cominelli
Eva Lechner
Jader Zoli
Marcin Karczynski
Adrian Dzialakiewicz
Maja Włoszczowska
Kryspin Pyrgies
Trials[10]   France

Medal tableEdit

1  France (FRA)44210
2   Switzerland (SUI)43310
3  Germany (GER)2136
4  Australia (AUS)2013
5  China (CHN)1102
  New Zealand (NZL)1102
7  Belgium (BEL)1001
  Czech Republic (CZE)1001
  Norway (NOR)1001
  Slovenia (SLO)1001
  United States (USA)1001
12  Spain (ESP)0235
13  Great Britain (GBR)0213
14  Italy (ITA)0202
15  Netherlands (NED)0101
  Russia (RUS)0101
  South Africa (RSA)0101
18  Canada (CAN)0033
19  Austria (AUT)0011
  Poland (POL)0011
  Sweden (SWE)0011
Totals (21 nations)19191957

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