2006 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

The thirteenth legislative assembly election, of Tamil Nadu was held on 8 May 2006. It was held for all 234 constituencies to elect the government in the state for the following five years. The votes were counted three days later on 11 May 2006 and all the results were out by the end of the day. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-led (DMK) front won the elections, with the DMK emerging as the single-largest party with 96 seats, and its leader, M Karunanidhi was sworn in as Chief Minister for a fifth and final term. This election marked the first time the state saw a hung assembly with no party gaining a majority of its own. As a result, DMK formed a minority government with its allies, which is the first in the state since the 1952 election. 13th Assembly was instituted due to this election.

2006 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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All 234 seats in the Legislature of Tamil Nadu
118 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  M. Karunanidhi .jpg J Jayalalithaa.jpg Vijaykanth at the Sagaptham Audio Launch.jpg
Leader M. Karunanidhi J. Jayalalithaa Vijayakanth
Alliance DPA+UPA AIADMK Alliance None
Leader's seat Chepauk Andipatti Virudhachalam
Seats won 163 69 1
Seat change Increase71 Decrease64 New
Popular vote 14,762,647 13,166,445 2,764,223
Percentage 44.75% 39.91% 8.38%
Swing Increase6.08% Decrease10.18% New

2006 tamil nadu legislative election map.jpg
2006 election map (by constituencies)Election map based on parties India Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 2006.svg

Chief Minister before election

J. Jayalalithaa

Chief Minister

M. Karunanidhi

The election marked the electoral debut of the actor Vijayakanth and his political outfit, the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK). Though the party could only gain a single seat, it cut into the vote share of both DMK and AIADMK and emerged as a third alternative to the existing two Dravidian parties.


48848 polling stations were set up for electorate, that sized up to 46,607 eligible voters.

Political parties and the alliancesEdit

Tamil Nadu has a remarkable history of being dominated by the local parties, DMK or AIADMK, while the national parties have a strong presence in other states. The parties have resorted to forming alliances in the last few elections to take on each sides for power.

Striking changes in the alliances included the swap of Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) from DMK led Democratic Progressive Alliance to All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) led alliance. While Dalit Panthers of India joined the AIADMK alliance, all other major parties in the fray such as Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), Indian National Congress, CPM and Communist Party of India (CPI), aligned themselves with the DMK party.

There were two notable new parties — Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) formed in September 2005 by actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth, and Lok Paritran formed by Indian Institutes of Technology graduates in February 2006. Both contested alone in this elections.

The contest was between two major alliances in a seat-sharing agreement, the AIADMK alliance and the DMK alliance. These archrivals had a face-off in 106 seats.

Exit Polls [1] predicted a 157-167 seats in favour of the DMK alliance, while the AIADMK alliance was expected to get 64-74 seats in the assembly.

Before the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, the Pattali Makkal Katchi left the DMK, citing differences with its leader M. Karunanidhi, and joined the AIADMK, and the Third Front.

Seat allotmentsEdit

AIADMK FrontEdit

Source: Junior Vikatan

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam   J.Jayalalithaa 182
Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam   Vaiko 35
Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi Bell Thol.Thirumavalavan 9
Indian National league   Janab 2
Indian National Trade Union Congress   P.L.Subbaih 2
Tamil Maanila Muslim League   Dawood Miakhan 1
Moovendar Munnetra Kazhagam   Sreedhar Vandaiyar 1
Forward Bloc (Santhanam)   L.Santhanam 1
Janata Dal (Secular)   H.D.Deva Gowda 1

DMK FrontEdit

Source: Junior Vikatan

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam   M.Karunanidhi 128
Indian National Congress   Sonia Gandhi 48
Pattali Makkal Katchi   S.Ramadoss 31
Communist Party of India (Marxist)   G.Ramakrishnan 13
Communist Party of India   D.Pandian 10
Indian Union Muslim League    Kadhar Mohideen 2
Puratchi Bharatham   M.Jaganmoorthy 1
Forward Bloc (Vallarasu)   Kadhiravan 1

Opinion pollingEdit

Pre-poll surveysEdit

Agency Dates Results
Goodwill Communications 25 April 2006 (Reported) DMK+: 149 (49% of the vote)
AIADMK+: 83 (39% of the vote)
Others/Undecided: 2 (12% of the vote) [2]
CNN-IBN - The Hindu 14 March 2006 AIADMK+: Too close to call (46% of the vote)
DMK+: Too close to call (44% of the vote)
Tossup: Too close to call (10% of the vote) [3]

Exit pollsEdit

Agency Dates Results
CNN-IBN - The Hindu 11 May 2006 (Reported) DMK+: 157-167 (45% of the vote)
AIADMK+: 64-74 (35% of the vote)
Others: 2-6 (20% of the vote) [4]
Vikatan 10 may 2006 DMK+ 207

ADMK+ 26


Hindu-CNN-IBN Exit Poll Voting Pattern in Tamil Nadu[5]
Vanniyars: PMK could not swing the community towards DMK alliance, especially in the North Central Region
Upper North 40% 45% 11%
North Central 53% 32% 9%
Cauvery Delta 55% 28% 10%
West 53% 28% 11%
Thevars: No longer with AIADMK in Cauvery Delta and the West
Cauvery Delta 51% 38% 7%
West 43% 39% 11%
South 39% 44% 8%
Deep South 13% 52% 2%
Muslims in favor of DMK alliance, especially in Deep South
Upper North 43% 30% 18%
North Central 36% 39% 18%
Cauvery Delta 53% 37% 5%
West 50% 31% 10%
South 50% 38% 7%
Deep South 73% 9% 5%
Christians stayed with DMK alliance, especially in the South
Upper North 49% 29% 13%
North Central 47% 36% 12%
Cauvery Delta 46% 39% 9%
West 48% 29% 10%
South 60% 33% 4%
Deep South 64% 16% 7%

Voting and resultsEdit

The 2006 Tamil Nadu State Elections saw a record voter turnout of 70.70% an 11% increase compared to the last 2001 elections and the highest since the 1991 elections which saw an 85% voter turnout. The ruling party AIADMK was voted out of power with the DMK alliance regaining power after losing out in the previous elections with a paltry 37 seats. This time however, no party reached the simple majority of 117 of the 234 seats. DMK grabbed the highest number of seats (96) for any contesting party, while AIADMK followed with 61 seats. The Congress won 34 seats while the other national party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), drew blank after contesting alone in this elections. PMK managed to win 18 seats followed by the Communists (14 seats). MDMK, the party that jumped alliance won 6 seats and the DPI won 2 seats. DMDK, even while contesting in 232 seats managed to score just one seat, with the party leader actor vijayakant winning the seat he contested in Vridhachalam Constituency. There was 1 independent winner.[6][7]

The split results paved way for the formation of the new coalition government led by DMK chief, the 82-year-old veteran politician Dr.M Karunanidhi, becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the fifth time, with the Congress unconditionally supporting his claim for Chief Ministership and government formation.

Due to the loss of key allies after the previous election, the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), ended up losing both the 2004 Lok Sabha Election and the 2006 State Assembly Elections, to DMK led coalition that consisted of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), and former allies of AIADMK, Indian National Congress, left parties (Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist)) and Pattali Makkal Katchi.

Results by pre-poll allianceEdit

Election map of results based on parties. Colours are based on the results table on the left
Election map based on % seats won by district
Summary of the 2006 May Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election results
Alliance/Party Seats won Change Popular Vote Vote % Adj. %
DMK+ alliance 163 +71 14,762,647 44.8%
DMK 96 +65 8,728,716 26.5% 46.0%
INC 34 +4 2,765,768 8.4% 43.5%
PMK 18 -2 1,863,749 5.7% 43.4%
CPI(M) 9 +3 872,674 2.7% 42.7%
CPI 6 +1 531,740 1.6% 40.4%
AIADMK+ alliance 69 -64 13,166,445 39.9%
AIADMK 61 -72 10,768,559 32.6% 40.8%
MDMK 6 +6 1,971,565 6.0% 37.7%
VCK 2 +2 426,321 1.3% 36.1%
Others 2 -7 5,062,463 15.3%
DMDK 1 +1 2,764,223 8.4% 8.5%
BJP 0 -6 666,823 2.0% 2.1%
IND 1 -2 995,345 3.0% 3.1%
Total 234 32,991,555 100%

Sources: Election Commission of India[8]

: Seat changes reflect the following mergers in parties from previous election. MADMK merged with Bharatiya Janata Party in 2002.[9] TMC merged with the national party INC in 2002.[10] Usilampatti FBL MLA L. Santhanam, joined AIADMK and contested in Sholavandan, after being expelled from his party by newly elected actor-turned party leader Karthik.[11]
: Vote % reflects the percentage of votes the party received compared to the entire electorate that voted in this election. Adjusted (Adj.) Vote %, reflects the % of votes the party received per constituency that they contested.

Constituency wise resultsEdit

The following table lists the winners and margin of victory in all constituencies.[8]

Assembly Constituency Party Winner Runner-up Party
Acharapakkam (SC) DMK Sankaravalli[12] M. Saraswathi AIADMK
Alandur DMK T. M. Anbarasan[12] B. Valarmathi AIADMK
Alangudi CPI S. Rajasekaran A. Venkatachalam AIADMK
Alangulam DMK Poongothai Aladiaruna[12] M. Pandiaraj AIADMK
Ambasamudram DMK R. Avudaiyappan[13] R. Murugiah Pandian AIADMK
Anaicut AIADMK K. Pandurangan M. Varalakshmi PMK
Andhiyur DMK S. Gurusamy[12] M. Subramaniam AIADMK
Andimadam DMK S. S. Sivasankar[12] K. Panneerselvam AIADMK
Andipatti AIADMK J. Jayalalithaa[14] Seeman DMK
Anna Nagar DMK Arcot N. Veeraswami Vijaya Thayanban MDMK
Arakkonam (SC) DMK M. Jaganmoorthy[12] S. Ravi AIADMK
Arantangi DMK Udayam Shanmugam Y. Karthikeyan AIADMK
Aravakurichi DMK M. A. Khaleelur Rahman[12] P. Monjanur Ramasamy MDMK
Arcot PMK K. L. Elavazhagan[12] V. R. Chandran AIADMK
Ariyalur INC D. Amaramoorthy[15] M. Ravichandran AIADMK
Arni DMK R. Sivanandam[12] A. Santhanam AIADMK
Aruppukottai DMK Thangam Thenarasu[12] K. Murugan AIADMK
Athoor DMK I. Periasamy[15] C. Sreenivasan AIADMK
Attur INC M. R. Sundaram[12] A. K. Murugesan AIADMK
Avanashi (SC) AIADMK R. Prema[15] M. Arumugam CPI
Bargur AIADMK Dr. Thambidurai M[15] V. Vetriselvan DMK
Bhavani PMK K. V. Ramanathan[15] K. C. Karuppannan AIADMK
Bhavanisagar DMK O. Subramaniam[12] Sindu Ravichandran AIADMK
Bhuvanagiri AIADMK Selvi Ramajayam[12] K. Devadass PMK
Bodinayakkanur DMK S. Lakshmanan[12] R. Parthipan AIADMK
Chengalpattu PMK K. Arumugam[15] S. Arumugam AIADMK
Chengam (SC) INC M. Polur Varadhan[15] P. Sakthivel VCK
Chepauk DMK M. Karunanidhi [12] Dawood Miakhan IND
Cheranmahadevi INC P. Veldurai P. H. Paul Manoj Pandian AIADMK
Cheyyar INC M. K. Vishnuprasad R. Pavai AIADMK
Chidambaram AIADMK A. Arunmozhidevan K. Balakrishnan CPI(M)
Chinnasalem DMK T. Udhayasooriyan P. Mohan AIADMK
Coimbatore East DMK M. Pongalur Palanisamy[12] V. Gopalakrishnan AIADMK
Coimbatore West AIADMK T. Malaravan A. S. Maheswari INC
Colachel INC S. Jeyapaul M. R. Gandhi BJP
Coonoor (SC) DMK A. Soundarapandian[12] M. Selvaraj AIADMK
Cuddalore DMK G. Iyyappan[12] G. Kumar AIADMK
Cumbum MDMK N. Eramakrishnan P. Selvendran DMK
Dharapuram (SC) DMK P. Prabavathi M. Ranganayahi AIADMK
Dharmapuri PMK L. Velusamy V. S. Sampath MDMK
Dindigul CPI(M) K. Balabarathi N. Selvaragavan MDMK
Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar AIADMK P. K. Sekar Babu R. Manohar INC
Edapadi PMK V. Kaveri K. Palaniswami AIADMK
Egmore (SC) DMK Parithi Ellamvazhuthi C. E. Sathya MDMK
Erode DMK N. K. K. P. Raaja[12] E. R. Sivakumar AIADMK
Gingee DMK V. Kannan[15] R. Masilamani MDMK
Gobichettipalayam AIADMK K. A. Sengottaiyan G. V. Manimaran DMK
Gudalur DMK K. Ramachandhiran[15] A. Millar AIADMK
Gudiyatham CPI(M) G. Latha J. K. N. Palani AIADMK
Gummidipundi AIADMK K. S. Vijayakumar Durai. Jeyavelu PMK
Harbour DMK K. Anbazhagan H. Seema Basheer MDMK
Harur CPI(M) P. Dillibabu[15] K. Govindasamy VCK
Hosur INC K. Gopinath[15] V. Sampangiramaiah AIADMK
Ilaiyangudi DMK R. S. Raja Kannappan[12] K. Ayyachamy AIADMK
Jayankondam AIADMK K. Rajendran J. Gurunathan PMK
Kadaladi DMK Suba. Thangavelan[15] V. Sathiamoorthy AIADMK
Kadayanallur INC S. Peter Alphonse[15] U. H. Kamaludeen AIADMK
Kalasapakkam AIADMK Agri S. S. Krishnamurthy[15] R. Kalodass PMK
Kancheepuram PMK P. Kamalambal[15] T. Mythili AIADMK
Kandamangalam (SC) DMK S. Pushparaj V. Subramaniyan AIADMK
Kangayam INC S. Sekar N. M. S. Palaniswami AIADMK
Kanniyakumari DMK N. Suresh Rajan[12] N. Thalavai Sundaram AIADMK
Kapilamalai PMK K. Nedunchezian T. N. Guruswamy MDMK
Karaikudi INC N. Sundaram O. L. Venkatachalam AIADMK
Karur AIADMK V. Senthil Balaji Vasuki Murugesan DMK
Katpadi DMK Durai Murugan B. Narayanan AIADMK
Kattumannarkoil (SC)) DPI D. Ravikumar P. Vellalperuman INC
Kaveripattinam PMK T. A. Meganathan K. P. Munusamy AIADMK
Killiyoor INC S. John Jacob T. Chandra Kumar BJP
Kinathukadavu AIADMK S. Damodaran K. V. Kandasamy DMK
Kolathur (SC) AIADMK N. Subramanian C. Paranjothi DMK
Kovilpatti AIADMK L. Radhakrishnan S. Rajendran CPI
Krishnagiri DMK T. Senguttuvan[15] V. Govindaraj AIADMK
Krishnarayapuram (SC) DMK P. Kamaraj R. Sasikala AIADMK
Kulithalai DMK R. Manickam A. Pappasundaram AIADMK
Kumbakonam DMK Ko. Si. Mani[15] Rama. Ramanathan AIADMK
Kurinjipadi DMK M. R. K. Panneer Selvam[12] N. Ramalingam MDMK
Kuttalam DMK Kuttalam K. Anbazhagan S. Rajendran AIADMK
Lalgudi DMK A. Soundarapandian T. Rajaram AIADMK
Madurai Central DMK P. T. R. Palanivel Rajan[13] S. T. K. Jakkaiyan AIADMK
Madurai East CPI(M) Nanmaran N[13] M. Boominathan MDMK
Madurai West INC K. S. K. Rajendran[13] Sellur K. Raju AIADMK
Maduranthakam INC K. Ghayathri Devi[13] K. Appadurai AIADMK
Manamadurai AIADMK M. Gunasekaran[13] K. Paramalai INC
Mangalur (SC) DPI K. Selvam V. Ganesan DMK
Mannargudi CPI V. Sivapunniyam[13] R. Kamaraj AIADMK
Marungapuri AIADMK C. Chinnasamy[15] A. Rokkiah DMK
Mettur PMK G. K. Mani[13] K. Kandasamy AIADMK
Mayiladuturai INC S. Rajakumar M. Mahalingam MDMK
Melmalaiyanur PMK P. Senthamizhselvan R. Tamilmozhi Rajadathan AIADMK
Melur AIADMK R. Samy K. V. V. Ravichandran INC
Mettupalayam AIADMK O. K. Chinnaraj B. Arunkumar DMK
Modakkurichi INC R. M. Palanisami V. P. Namachivaya, AIADMK
Morappur DMK V. Mullaivendhan[15] K. Singaram AIADMK
Mudukulathur DMK K. Murugavel[15] S. P. Kalimuthu AIADMK
Mugaiyur PMK V. A. T. Kaliyavarathan Sinthanai Selvan VCK
Musiri DMK N. Selvaraj T. P. Poonachi AIADMK
Mylapore AIADMK S. Ve. Shekher D. Napoleon DMK
Nagapattinam CPI(M) V. Marimuthu K. A. Jayapal AIADMK
Nagercoil DMK suyambu[15] prakesh.k IVP
Namakkal INC K. Jeyakumar R. Saradha AIADMK
Nanguneri INC H. Vasanthakumar S. P. Sooriyakumar AIADMK
Nannilam (SC) CPI P. Padmavathy K. Arivanandam AIADMK
Natham AIADMK R. Viswanathan[15] M. A. Andiambalam DMK
Natrampalli DMK N. K. R. Sooriyakumar K. G. Subramani AIADMK
Nellikkuppam DMK Saba. Rajendran[12] R. T. Sabapathi Mohan MDMK
Nilakottai AIADMK S. Thenmozhi K. Senthilvel INC
Oddanchatram DMK A. R. A. Chakkarapani K. P. Nallasamy AIADMK
Omalur PMK A. Tamizharasu C. Krishnan AIADMK
Orathanad AIADMK R. Vaithilingam P. Rajamanickam DMK
Ottapidaram AIADMK P. Mohan K. Krishnasamy BSP
Padmanabhapuram DMK T. Theodare Reginald K. P. Rajendra Prasad AIADMK
Palacode AIADMK K. P. Anbalagan K. Mannan PMK
Palani DMK M. Anbalakan S. Prema AIADMK
Palayamkottai DMK T. P. M. Mohideen Khan K. M. Nijamudeen AIADMK
Palladam AIADMK S. M. Velusamy S. S. Ponmudi DMK
Pallipattu INC E. S. S. Raman P. M. Narasimhan AIADMK
Panamarathupatti DMK R. Rajendran R. Elangovan AIADMK
Panruti PMK T. Velmurugan[15] R. Rajendiran AIADMK
Papanasam AIADMK R. Doraikannu[15] M. Ramkumar INC
Paramakudi (SC) INC R. Ramprabhu[15] S. Sundararaj AIADMK
Park Town AIADMK K. Srinivasan A. Rahman Khan AIADMK
Pattukkottai INC N. R. Rengarajan S. Viswanathan MDMK
Pennagaram DMK P. N. Periannan S. R. Vetrivel AIADMK
Perambalur (SC) DMK M. Rajkumar M. Sundaram AIADMK
Perambur (SC) CPI(M) K. Mahendran P. Manimaran MDMK
Peravurani AIADMK M. V. R. Veerakapilan[15] S. V. Thirugnana Sambandam INC
Periyakulam AIADMK O. Panneerselvam L. Mookiah DMK
Peranamallur PMK G. Edirolimanian A. K. S. Anbalagan AIADMK
Pernambut (SC) DMK A. Chinnasamy S. Chandra Sethu AIADMK
Perundurai AIADMK C. Ponnudurai N. Periyasamy CPI
Perur AIADMK S. P. Velumani N. Rukumani DMK
Pollachi AIADMK V. Jayaraman D. Shanthi Devi DMK
Polur INC P. S. Vijayakumar T. Vediyappan AIADMK
Pongalur DMK S. Mani P. V. Damodaran AIADMK
Ponneri (SC) AIADMK P. Balaramanan[15] V. Anbuvanan DMK
Poombuhar PMK K. Periyasamy S. Pounraj AIADMK
Poonamallee INC D. Sudarsanam R. Senguttuvan MDMK
Pudukkottai AIADMK R. Nedunchezhian M. Jaafar Ali DMK
Purasawalkam DMK V. S. Babu Venkatesh Babu AIADMK
Radhapuram DMK M. Appavu[12] L. Gnanapunitha AIADMK
Rajapalayam (SC) AIADMK M. Chandra V. P. Rajan DMK
Ramanathapuram INC K. Hussan Ali M. Palanichamy MDMK
Ranipet DMK R. Gandhi[12] R. Thamizharasan AIADMK
Rasipuram DMK K. P. Ramaswamy[12] P. R. Sundaram AIADMK
Royapuram AIADMK D. Jayakumar S. P. Sarkuna Pandian DMK
Rishivandiyam INC S. Sivaraj L. Athinarayanan AIADMK
Saidapet AIADMK G. Senthamizhan C. R. Baskaran PMK
Salem - I AIADMK L. Ravichandran M. R. Suresh INC
Salem - II DMK S. Arumugam R. Sureshkumar AIADMK
Samayanallur (SC) DMK R. Tamilarasi P. Lakshmi AIADMK
Sankaranayanarkoil (SC) AIADMK C. Karuppasamy S. Thangavelu DMK
Sankarapuram DMK A. Anagaiyarkanni P. Sanniyasi AIADMK
Sankari (SC) DMK V. P. Duraisamy S. Shanthamani AIADMK
Sathyamangalam DMK L. P. Dharmalingam[12] T. K. Subramaniam AIADMK
Sathangulam INC Rani Venkatesan Nazareth P. Durai MDMK
Sattur DMK K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran G. Chockeswaran AIADMK
Sedapatti AIADMK C. Durairaj G. Thalapathi DMK
Sendamangalam (ST) DMK K. Ponnusamy[15] P. Chandran AIADMK
Sholavandan DMK P. Moorthy L. Santhanam AIADMK
Sholinghur INC D. Arul Anbarasu C. Gopal AIADMK
Singanallur AIADMK R. Chinnaswamy[15] A. Soundararajan CPI (M)
Sirkazhi (SC) DMK M. Panneerselvam P. Durairajan VCK
Sivaganga CPI S. Gunasekaran S. Sevanthiappan MDMK
Sivakasi MDMK R. Gnanadoss V. Thangaraj DMK
Sriperumbudur (SC) INC D. Yasodha K. Balakrishnan VCK
Srirangam AIADMK M. Paranjothi G. Jerome Arokiaraj INC
Srivaikuntam INC D. Selvaraj S. P. Shanmuganathan AIADMK
Srivilliputhur CPI T. Ramasamy R. Vinayagamoorthy AIADMK
Talavasal (SC) DMK K. Chinnadurai P. Elangovan AIADMK
Tambaram DMK S. R. Raja K. Somu MDMK
Taramangalam PMK V. Mariappan P. Govindan IND
Tenkasi DMK V. Karuppasamy Pandian Rama Udayasuriyan MDMK
Thalli Ind T. Ramachandran P. Nagaraja Reddy CPI
Thandarambattu DMK E. V. Velu[15] S. Ramachandran AIADMK
Thanjavur DMK S. N. M. Ubayadullah M. Rengasamy AIADMK
Theagaraya Nagar AIADMK V. P. Kalairajan J. Anbazhagan DMK
Theni AIADMK D. Ganesan N. R. T. Tajkumar INC
Thirumangalam MDMK Veera.Ilavarasan V. Velusamy DMK
Thirupparankundram AIADMK A. K. Bose S. Venkatesan CPI (M)
Thiruverambur DMK K. N. Sekaran Sridhar Vandayar AIADMK
Thiruvidamarudur AIADMK R. K. Bharathimohan G. Alayamani PMK
Thiruvonam DMK T. Mahesh Krishnasamy K. Thangamuthu AIADMK
Thiruvottiyur DMK K. P. P. Samy V. Moorthy AIADMK
Thondamuthur MDMK M. Kannappan S. R. Balasubramaniam INC
Thottiam INC M. Rajasekharan R. Natarajan MDMK
Thousand Lights DMK M. K. Stalin Adhi Rajaram AIADMK
Tindivanam AIADMK C. V. Shanmugam[15] M. Karunanidhi PMK
Tiruchendur AIADMK Anitha R Radhakrishnan A. D. K. Jeyaseelan DMK
Tiruchengode AIADMK P. Thangamani S. Gandhiselvan DMK
Tiruchirappalli - I DMK Anbil Periyasamy A. malarmannan MDMK
Tiruchirappalli DMK K. N. Nehru N. Mariyampitchai AIADMK
Tirumayam INC R. M. Subburam M. Radhakrishnan AIADMK
Tirunavalur AIADMK R. Kumaraguru V. S. Veerapandian DMK
Tirunelveli DMK N. Malai Raja Nainar Nagenthiran AIADMK
Tiruppattur (194) DMK K. R. Perikaruppan[12] K. K. Umadhevan AIADMK
Tiruppattur (41) PMK T. K. Raja K. C. Azhagiri MDMK
Tirupporur (SC) PMK D. Moorthy[15] M. Dhanapan AIADMK
Tiruppur CPI(M) C. Govindasamy S. Duraisamy MDMK
Tiruttani AIADMK G. Hari G. Raviraj PMK
Tiruthuraipundi (SC) CPI K. Ulaganathan A. Umadevi AIADMK
Tiruvadanai INC K. R. Ramasamy[15] C. Animuthu AIADMK
Tiruvaiyaru DMK Durai. Chandrasekaran Durai. Govindarajan AIADMK
Tiruvallur DMK E. A. P. Sivaji[12] B. Ramana AIADMK
Tiruvannamalai DMK K. Pitchandi[12] V. Pavan Kumar AIADMK
Tiruvarur (SC) DMK U. Mathivanan[12] A. Thangamani AIADMK
Thiruvattar CPI(M) R. Leema Rose G. Sujith Kumar BJP
Triplicane AIADMK Bader Sayeed M. Naganathan DMK
Tuticorin DMK P. Geetha Jeevan S. Danielraj AIADMK
Udagamandalam INC B. Gopalan[15] K. N. Dorai AIADMK
Udumalpet AIADMK C. Shanmugavelu C. Veluchamy DMK
Ulundurpet (SC) DMK K. Thirunavukarasu E. Vijayaraghavan VCK
Uppiliyapuram (ST) DMK R. Rani P. Muthusamy AIADMK
Usilampatti AIADMK I. Mahendran P. V. Kathiravan DMK
Uthiramerur DMK K. Sundar[15] V. Somasundaram AIADMK
Valangiman (SC) AIADMK Ilamathi Subramanian S. Senthamil Chelvan DMK
Valparai (SC) INC Kovai Thangam S. Susi Kalayarasan VCK
Vandavasi (SC) DMK Jeyaraman M. Chakrapani AIADMK
Vaniyambadi DMK H. Abdul Basith K. Mohammad Ali AIADMK
Vanur (SC) AIADMK N. Ganapathy N. Soundararajan PMK
Varahur (SC) AIADMK M. Chanthirakasi K. Gopalakrishnan PMK
Vasudevanallur (SC) MDMK T. Sadhan Thirumalai Kumar R. Krishnan CPI (M)
Vedaranyam DMK S. K. Vedarathinam O. S. Maniyan AIADMK
Vedasandur DMK M. Dhandapani S. Palanichamy AIADMK
Veerapandi DMK A. Rajendran[13] V. S. Veerapandian DMK
Vellakoil DMK M. P. Saminathan[13] A. Ganeshamurthi MDMK
Vellore INC C. Gnanasekaran[13] N. Subramani MDMK
Veilathikulam AIADMK P. Chinnappan[15] K. Rajaram DMK
Vilavancode CPI(M) G. John Joseph[13] F. Frankiln AIADMK
Villivakkam DMK B. Ranganathan[13] G. Kalan AIADMK
Villupuram DMK K. Ponmudy[12] D. Duraisamy DMK
Virudhunagar MDMK R. Varadharajan[13] S. Damodharan INC
Vridhachalam DMDK Vijayakanth[14] R. Govindasamy PMK
Yercaud (ST) DMK C. Tamilselvan[13] J. Alamelu AIADMK
* Elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

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