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2004 South Asian Games

The 2004 South Asian Games(or 9th SAF Games) were held in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2004. Originally scheduled for 2001, these games were postponed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States in which the US later declared Pakistan a Major non-NATO ally.[1] The slogan for these Games is "Rising Above".

IX South Asian Games
9th South Asian Games 2004 Islamabad Logo.png
Host cityPakistan Islamabad, Pakistan
Nations participating8
Events15 Sports
Opening ceremony29 March
Closing ceremony7 April
Officially opened byPervez Musharraf,
President of Pakistan
Main venueJinnah Stadium
1999 2006  >


The games in Islamabad were originally to be held in 2001, but they were inevitably rescheduled (with the location remaining unchanged) for March 29 through April 6, 2003, due to the invasion of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was invited for the games, however Bhutan and India withdrew.[2]

The entire event was postponed once again due to the war against Iraq. Pakistan retained the organisational authority, despite Sri Lanka being offered to host the games for 2004. Nevertheless, the honour was returned to Sri Lanka as they were given the 10th edition for 2005 instead. The 9th edition was then rescheduled in Pakistan, for March 28 through April 6, 2004. Despite not entering in the previous schedule, Bhutan and India now entered, though the Maldives withdrew.[3] Afghanistan is first time included in these games.


Medal tallyEdit

  *   Host nation (Pakistan)

1  India (IND)1035732192
2  Pakistan (PAK)*385550143
3  Sri Lanka (SRI)173257106
4  Nepal (NEP)762033
5  Bangladesh (BAN)3132440
6  Afghanistan (AFG)132832
7  Bhutan (BHU)1326
8  Maldives (MDV)0000
Totals (8 nations)170169213552


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