2003 Pan American Race Walking Cup

The 2003 Pan American Race Walking Cup was held in two locations: both 20 kilometres events in Chula Vista, California, United States, on 15 March. The track of the Cup ran in the Marina Parkway at Chula Vista Marina. The men's 50 kilometres event was held one week earlier 15 km away in Tijuana, Baja California, México, on 9 March. Here, the track of the Cup ran in the Paseo de los Héroes, zona del Río Tijuana, and the results were extracted from the inaugural competition of the IAAF World Race Walking Challenge, which was organized as part of the traditional XXVI International Race Walking Week (Spanish: Semana Internacional de la Caminata) held annually since in 1978.[1]

2003 Pan American Race Walking Cup
2003 panam racewalk logo.png
OrganisersPan American Race Walking Committee
Date9 and 15 March
Host cityChula Vista, California,  United States
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico México
LocationMarina Parkway, Chula Vista Marina / Paseo de los Héroes, zona del Río Tijuana
Nations participating10
Athletes participating65 (+ 13 guests)

A detailed report for the 50 kilometres event was given by Javier Clavelo Robinson.[2] Because of a compromise with the transmitting TV companies, the start was scheduled at 10:00 rather than the usual 7:00, causing a great number of drop outs due to the hard climatic conditions during midday.[1] The decision to move the start time for Mexican television arguably contributed to the first team loss at the 50 km distance in Pan Am Cup history for the host nation as only two of the five declared Mexican scoring team members finished the race, resulting in a team victory for the United States. The U.S. was the only nation to have three scoring finishers.[3] Despite failing to finish the required three scoring finishers, the Games Committee awarded Mexico the silver and Ecuador bronze in the team competition based on having two and one finisher respectively in the extreme weather conditions.[4]

Complete results were published.[1][5][6][7]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
20 km walk   Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:23:12   Cristián Berdeja (MEX) 1:24:17   Cristián Muñoz (CHI) 1:24:34
50 km walk   Germán Sánchez (MEX) 4:04:11   Philip Dunn (USA) 4:15:01   Miguel Solís (MEX) 4:18:02
Men (Team)
Team 20 km walk   United States 13 pts   Ecuador 13 pts   México 23 pts
Team 50 km walk   United States 13 pts   México -- pts   Ecuador -- pts
20 km walk   María del Rosario Sánchez (MEX) 1:37:14   Geovana Irusta (BOL) 1:37:53   Sandra Zapata (COL) 1:38:45
Women (Team)
Team 20 km walk   México 6 pts   United States 15 pts


Men's 20 kmEdit

Place Athlete Time
  Jefferson Pérez   ECU 1:23:12
  Cristián Berdeja   MEX 1:24:17
  Cristián Muñoz   CHI 1:24:34
4 Tim Seaman   USA 1:25:24
5 Kevin Eastler   USA 1:25:34
6 Mário José dos Santos   BRA 1:25:49
7 Fausto Quinde   ECU 1:25:58
8 Rolando Saquipay   ECU 1:26:37
9 Fernando López   COL 1:27:15
10 Tim Berrett   CAN 1:27:39
11 Sean Albert   USA 1:27:42
12 Xavier Moreno   ECU 1:28:05
13 Oscar Ramírez   MEX 1:29:26
14 Andrés Chocho   ECU 1:29:27
15 Curt Clausen   USA 1:30:45
16 Ezequiel Nazario   PUR 1:31:14
17 John Nunn   USA 1:32:13
18 Edwin Malacatus   ECU 1:32:49
19 Dave McGovern   USA 1:39:32
20 Mark Green   USA 1:45:42
21 Nelson Funes   GUA 1:49:04
22 David Doherty   USA 1:53:55
23 Ricardo Ortiz   MEX 2:24:44
Guillermo Castellanos   MEX DQ
Fredy Hernández   COL DQ
Dan O'Brien   USA DNF
Bernardo Segura   MEX DNS
Erick Guevara   MEX DNS
Jesús Sánchez   MEX DNS
Claudio Erasmo Vargas   MEX DNS
Arturo Huerta   CAN DNS
Ricardo Reyes   ESA DNS
Salvador Ernesto Mira   ESA DNS
Walter Sandoval   ESA DNS
Jairol Chacón   CRC DNS
Edwin Centeno   PER DNS


Place Country Points
    United States 13 pts
    Ecuador 13 pts
    México 23 pts

Men's 50 kmEdit

Place Athlete Time
* Jesús Ángel García   ESP 3:46:46
* Craig Barrett   NZL 3:51:15
  Germán Sánchez   MEX 4:04:11
  Philip Dunn   USA 4:15:01
  Miguel Solís   MEX 4:18:02
4 Juan Toscano   MEX 4:18:52
* Saúl Méndez   MEX 4:19:12
5 Cristián Bascuñán   CHI 4:19:27
6 Rogelio Sánchez   MEX 4:26:09
* Felipe Nava   MEX 4:29:58
* Humberto Celestino   MEX 4:35:04
7 Rolando Saquipay   ECU 4:44:16
8 Jesús Martínez   MEX 4:49:39
9 Theron Kissinger   USA 4:58:10
10 Bill Vayo   USA 5:16:44
11 Rod Craig   USA 5:18:33
Michael Bartholomew   USA DQ
John Soucheck   USA DQ
Francisco Berdeja   MEX DQ
Carlos Flores   MEX DQ
David Silva   MEX DQ
Alejandro Chávez   MEX DQ
Javier Malacatus   ECU DNF
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez   MEX DNF
Edgar Hernández   MEX DNF
Fernando Guerrero   MEX DNF
Omar Zepeda   MEX DNF
Jaime González   MEX DNF
Curt Clausen   USA DNF
Horacio Nava   MEX DNF
Raúl Cruz   MEX DNF
Roberto Demeza   MEX DNF
* Andreas Gustafsson   SWE DNF

*: Started as a guest out of competition.
: Both Miguel Solís and Juan Toscano from México were not listed as members of the official Mexican A Team.[6][8] Therefore, it remains unclear, whether they were entitled to win medals in the Pan American Race Walk Cup. One source lists Rogelio Sánchez from the Mexican A Team as 4th.[8] In this case, Cristián Bascuñán from Chile would have been the bronze medal winner. On the other hand, two other sources list Miguel Solís as bronze medallist.[1][9]


Place Country Points
    México 8 pts
    United States 13 pts

Women's 20 kmEdit

Place Athlete Time
  María del Rosario Sánchez   MEX 1:37:14
  Geovana Irusta   BOL 1:37:53
  Sandra Zapata   COL 1:38:45
4 Graciela Mendoza   MEX 1:39:21
5 Abigail Sainz   MEX 1:43:05
6 Luisa Paltín   ECU 1:44:54
7 Samantha Cohen   USA 1:44:57
8 Bobbi Jo Chapman   USA 1:45:47
9 Jolene Moore   USA 1:46:52
10 Cheryl Rellinger   USA 1:47:27
11 Susan Armenta   USA 1:49:03
12 Gianetti de Sena Bonfim   BRA 1:49:38
13 Lisa Sontag   USA 1:52:27
14 Heidi Hauck   USA 1:53:11
15 Lee Chase   USA 1:59:52
16 Erin Taylor   USA 2:02:45
Francisca Martínez   MEX DQ
Marianne Martino   USA DQ
Sara Sheets   USA DQ
Mara Ibáñez   MEX DNS
Aura Morales   MEX DNS
Ariana Quino   BOL DNS
Zoila Reyes   GUA DNS
Evelyn Núñez   GUA DNS


Place Country Points
    México 6 pts
    United States 15 pts


The participation of 65 athletes from 10 countries (plus 10 guest athletes for the 50 kilometres event) is reported.[1] In addition, three athletes from overseas were competing for the IAAF World Race Walking Challenge.[2] The assignment for the official participants of the teams from México and the United States remains unclear.

Guest countries:

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