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2003 Mnet Music Video Festival

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The 2003 Mnet Music Video Festival (MMF) was the fifth of the annual music awards in Seoul, South Korea that took place on November 27, 2003 at the Kyung Hee University.

2003 Mnet Music Video Festival
Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 2003.png
DateNovember 27, 2003 (2003-11-27)
LocationKyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea
Hosted byCha Tae-hyun and Sung Yu-ri
Most awardsBig Mama (2)
Most nominationsBig Mama and Lee Hyori (3)
WebsiteMnet Asian Music Awards
Television/radio coverage
NetworkSouth Korea: Mnet
Japan: Mnet Japan
Runtimearound 203 minutes

Leading the nominees were duo Big Mama and solo artist Lee Hyori, with three each. By the end of the ceremony, Big Mama were the only ones to receive two wins, including Music Video of the Year daesang award.



In its fifth year, the award-giving body continued to use the name " Korean Music Festival" (MKMF)[1] and the grand awards (or daesang) were still the Best Popular Music Video and Music Video of the Year. However, the event took place at the Kyung Hee University for the first time. Singer-actor Cha Tae-hyun came back to host the event for the third time, together with Sung Yu-ri.[2]

During this year, the category for Best Indie Performance was discontinued.

Selection process and judging criteriaEdit

During the preliminary screening, the committee selected the nominees who released their singles and albums from November 2002 to October 2003. Afterwards, the official website of Mnet was opened so that fans will be able to vote their for candidates. In the same way, the professional juries have chosen from the nominees as well. The votes from both the fans and the judges were combined for the winners of each category.[2]

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[3][4]

Lee Hyori, Most Popular Music Video
Big Mama, Best New Group and Music Video of the Year
Seven, Best New Male Artist
Shinhwa, Best Male Group and Netizen Popularity Award
Jo Sungmo, Best Ballad Performance
Lee Soo-young, Best Female Artist
BoA, Most Popular Music Video and Best Dance Performance
Fly to the Sky, Best R&B Performance
Kim Jin-pyo, Best Hip Hop Performance
Linkin Park, Best International Artist
Rain, Mobile Popularity Award
Jo PD, Special Jury Prize
Most Popular Music Video
Music Video of the Year
  • Lee Hyori - "10 Minutes"
    • no nominees announced
  • Big Mama - "Break Away"
    • no nominees announced
Best New Male Artist Best New Female Artist
  • Maya - "Azalea"
    • Gummy - "If You Come Back" (돌아오면)
    • Leeds - "You'll Be Happy" (그댄 행복에 살텐데)
    • Lexy - "Grasshopper" (애송이)
    • Chae Yeon - "Dangerous Directing" (위험한 연출)
Best New Group Best Mixed Group
  • Big Mama - "Break Away"
    • Noel (노을) - "If It's Love" (붙잡고도)
    • The Gold - "Two Years, Two Months" (2년 2개월)
    • 2SHAI - "Love Letter"
    • F-iV - "Girl"
  • Koyote - "Emergency"
    • Loveholic - "Loveholic"
    • The Jadu - "Gimbap" (김밥)
    • Cherry Filter - "Flying Duck" (오리 날다)
    • Cool - "If You Were Going To Get Married" (결혼을 할거라면)
Best Male Group Best Female Group
  • Shinhwa - "Your Wedding" (신화 - 너의 결혼식)
    • g.o.d - "Letter" (편지)
    • S - "I Swear"
    • N.R.G - "Hit Song"
    • jtL - "Without Your Love"
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
Best R&B Performance Best Rock Performance
  • Cherry Filter - "Flying Duck"
    • Butterfly Effect (나비효과) - "First Love" (첫사랑)
    • Nell - "Stay"
    • Moon Hee-joon - "My Silent Conflict" (G 선상의 아리아)
    • YB - "I'll Get Over You" (잊을께)
Best Hip Hop Performance Best Music Video Director
  • Jang Jae-hyuk (장재혁) - "My Silent Conflict" (Moon Hee-joon) and "Flower" (Lee Seung-hwan)
    • Seo Hyeon-seung (서현승)
    • Bak Yeong-jin (박경진)
    • Yi Jun-hyeong (이준형)
    • Hong Jong-ho (홍종호)
Best Dance Performance Best Ballad Performance
  • BoA - "Atlantis Princess" (아틀란티스 소녀)
Best International Artist
Special awards

Multiple awardsEdit

Artist(s) with multiple winsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more wins (excluding the special awards):

Awards Artist(s)
2 Big Mama

Artist(s) with multiple nominationsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more nominations:

Nominations Artist(s)
3 Lee Hyori
Big Mama
2 Seven
Cherry Filter
Jo Sungmo
Lee Soo-young

Presenters and performersEdit

The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers.[2][5][6]


Name(s) Role
Cha Tae-hyun and Sung Yu-ri Main hosts of the show
Rain and Gong Hyo-jin Presenters for the award for Best New Male Artist
Yeouk-hwan (여욱환) and Han Ji-min Presenters for the award for Best New Female Artist
Lim Eun-kyung and Eun Ji-won Presenters for the award for Best New Group
Jo Sungmo and Park Jung-ah Presenters for the award for Best International Artist
김영호 and An Heung-chan (안흥찬) Presenters for the award for Best Rock Performance
Uhm Jung-hwa and DJ DOC Presenters for the award for Best Hip Hop Performance
Gim Jong-wan (김종완) and Chakra Presenters for the special award for Mobile Popularity Award
Oh Seung-hwan and Yeon Jung-hoon Presenters for the award for Best Male Group
Gwon Min-jung (권민중) and Yi Hyuk-jae (이혁재) Presenters for the award for Best Female Group
Yi Munseok (이문석) and Gim Junhui (김준희) Presenters for the award for Best Mixed Group
Kim Joong-man (김중만) and Kim Jung-hwa Presenters for the award for Best Music Video Director
Myung Se-bin and 용이감독 Presenters for the award for Special Jury Prize
An Byeong-gyun (안병균) and Jang Shin-young Presenters for the award for Netizen Popularity Award
Gong Hyung-jin and Song Seon-mi (송선미) Presenters for the award for Best Dance Performance
Ryu Soo-young and Cho Yunheong (초윤헉) Presenters for the award for Best Ballad Performance
Gim Nam-jeon (김남전) and Han Ji-hye Presenters for the award for Best R&B Performance
Chae Shi-ra and Gim Taeuk (김태욱) Presenters for the award for Best Male Artist
Kang Ho-dong, Jo Jeong-rin (조정린), and Shin Dong-yup Presenters for the award for Best Female Artist
Gim Seong-eun (김성은) Bag Jeung-cheum (박증츰) Presenters for the award for Music Video of the Year
Han Chae-young and Yi Gang-mok (이강목) Presenters for the award for Most Popular Music Video


Name(s) Performed Notes
DJ DOC "Pozori", "Street Life", and "Run To You" Opening of the show
Seven "I Just Wanna Be", 와줘", Best New Artist
Jo Sungmo "Piano", "Fly Me to the Moon", and "Can't Stop Loving You"
Lee Hyori "10 Minutes" Middle of the show
M (Lee Min-woo) "Sweet Girl"
M (Lee Min-woo) ft. Lee Hyori "Hey Girl"
Wheesung "Gone", "With Me" "Mr.Real-Slow"
Wheesung and Seven "Luz Control"
Lexy "Lose Control"
Koo Junyup (DJ Koo), Jeong Lee, Chae Yeon, Rain, Gangwon Rae (강원래) and Bada "You're My Life", "Back To Top", "Escape", "I", "Thinking of My Brother" "Born Again 2003"
Rain "Do You Like That I'm Famous Now", "Ways To Avoid The Sun" "He's Perfect!"
Asoto Union. Dynamic Duo, Eun Ji-won, Jung-in, Movement "We Don't Stop", "Whistle", "Rush", "Because I'm A Man", "Love Rollercoaster" "The Musician"
Crystal Kay "Can't Be Stopped" "Friends Over The Rainbow"
Bada "A Day Of Renew"
Lee Hyori "10 Minutes" encore Closing remarks (Most Popular Music Video awardee)


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