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2003 MTV Europe Music Awards


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Live Technical DifficultiesEdit

During the live performance of Beyoncé and Sean Paul's "Baby Boy" (near to Paul's rap), the back tracking of vocals ("Baby boy you are so damn fine") started to malfunction to repeat as well as losing the instrumental part of the song. Through the technical difficulties, Paul sang for a bit and Beyoncé asked the crowd how they were doing tonight in which received applause and cheers. The airing of the back tracking vocals were cut off from the live airing on TV, but was still being played through the venue. Both artist and the dancers exited off the stage in which also then resulted confusion among the presenters in which Christina Aguilera walked on to the stage to continue the event, the track stopped playing. After Pink presented the award for Best Album, the duo was asked if they would like to do a re-take in which both agreed and performed with the correct run of what was supposed to happen. The re-take would replace the original take on re-airings of the show, however it did not replace anything after the second take, the back tracking mistake was cut out completely, however, when Christina walked out. This also resulted the EMAs to be extended due to the second retake, which has never happened before.


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