2002 South American Games

The VII South American Games (Spanish: Juegos Sudamericanos; Portuguese: Jogos Sul-Americanos) were a multi-sport event held in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, and Belém; all in Brazil. The Games were organized by the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR).[1] An appraisal of the games and detailed medal lists were published elsewhere,[2] emphasizing the results of the Argentinian teams.

VII South American Games
SouthAmGames 2002.png
2002 South American Games logo
Host cityBelém, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
Country Brazil
Events24 sports
OpeningAugust 1, 2002 (2002-08-01)
ClosingAugust 11, 2002 (2002-08-11)
Opened byAlmir Gabriel
Torch lighterDayse Silva
Main venueEstádio do Mangueirão

In Belém, the games were officially opened by the governor of the state of Pará, Almir Gabriel. Torch lighter was bowler Dayse Silva.[3][4]

Originally awarded to Córdoba, Argentina, the Games were moved to Bogotá, Colombia, following an economic crisis in Argentina. Later, violence between the Colombian government and guerrillas caused Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela to threaten to leave the Games, which resulted in the relocation to Brazil. Colombia did not send a delegation to protest this decision.

Medal countEdit

The medal count for these Games is tabulated below. This table is sorted by the number of gold medals earned by each country. The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next, and then the number of bronze medals.

  *   Host nation (Brazil)

1  Brazil (BRA)*1489590333
2  Venezuela (VEN)977064231
3  Argentina (ARG)768980245
4  Chile (CHI)244146111
5  Ecuador (ECU)23323792
6  Peru (PER)6283064
7  Netherlands Antilles (AHO)32712
8  Uruguay (URU)282131
9  Panama (PAN)15612
10  Paraguay (PAR)0189
11  Guyana (GUY)0178
12  Aruba (ARU)0123
13  Bolivia (BOL)0099
Totals (13 entries)3803734071160



: The competition was contested by junior representatives (U-20).

: The competition was contested by youth representatives (U-18).



  • Estádio do Mangueirão - Athletics
  • Ginásio da Escola Superior de Educação Física - Aquatics, Boxing and Werstling


  • Iguaçu Park - Canoeing
  • Curitba-Paranagua Highway - Cycling (road)
  • Barigui Park - Cycling (Mountain Bike)
  • Botanical Garden Velodrome - Cycling (track)
  • Tarumã Gymnasium - Gymnastics

Rio de JaneiroEdit

  • Botafogo Gymnasium - Fencing
  • Maracanazinho Gymnasium - Futsal
  • Tijuca Tennis Club - Judo, Taekwondo
  • Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Rowing
  • CEFAN - Archery
  • AMAN, Resende - Shooting
  • Posto 6 - Triathlon
  • Iate Clube - Sailing

São PauloEdit

  • Lago Alpha Village, Itu - Aquatic Skiing
  • Paradise Golf Club, Mogi das Cruzes - Golf
  • Municipal Gymnasium, São Bernardo do Campo - Handball
  • Ibirapuera Gymnasium - Karate
  • Olympic Training and Research Centre - Weightlifting and Table Tennis.
  • Banco do Brasil Athletic Association - Figure Skating
  • Sambodromo do Anhembi - Speed Skating
  • Bom Retiro Stadium - Softball
  • Clube Atlético Monte Líbano - Tennis
  • Funstation Bowling Shopping Analia Franco - Bowling


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