2002 Macedonian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Macedonia on 15 September 2002.[1] The result was a victory for the Together for Macedonia, an alliance of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Turks, the Democratic League of Bosniaks, the United Party of Romas in Macedonia, the Democratic Party of Serbs, the Democratic Union of Vlachs, the Workers-Peasant Party, the Socialist Christian Party of Macedonia and the Green Party of Macedonia, which won 60 of the 120 seats in the Assembly.

2002 Macedonian parliamentary election

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All 120 seats to the Sobranie
  First party Second party
  Branko Crvenkovski Љубчо Георгиевски
Leader Branko Crvenkovski Ljubčo Georgievski
Leader since 1991 1998
Last election 27 seats 49 seats
Seats won 60 33
Seat change Increase33 Decrease16
Popular vote 494,744 298,404
Percentage 41.40% 25.02%

Prime Minister before election

Ljubčo Georgievski

Prime Minister

Branko Crvenkovski

Electoral systemEdit

A new electoral law was passed prior to the election, replacing the system in which 35 members of the Assembly were elected by proportional representation at the national level and 85 elected in single member constituencies.[2] In the new system, the country was divided into six constituencies that elected 20 members each by proportional representation.[3] Seats were allocated using the d'Hondt method with an electoral threshold of 5%.[3]


Coalition "Together for Macedonia" led by SDSM494,74441.4260
VMRO-DPMNELiberal Party298,40424.9833
Democratic Union for Integration144,91312.1316
Democratic Party of Albanians63,6955.337
Party for Democratic Prosperity28,3972.382
National Democratic Party26,2372.201
Socialist Party of Macedonia25,9762.170
Democratic Alternative17,4731.460
Democratic Union15,0991.260
Union of Roma in Macedonia7,0360.591
New Democracy6,1720.520
Democratic Centre-Party of the Greens6,0190.500
Social Democratic Party3,4930.290
Macedonian Alliance–Macedonian People's Party2,4540.210
Democratic Party of Macedonia2,3260.190
Rebirth and Alliance for a Macedonian National Ideal2,3030.190
People's Movement of Macedonia2,2470.190
MAAK-The Only Macedonian Option2,2080.180
Republican Party of Macedonia2,1670.180
Party for the Full Emancipation of the Roma of Macedonia2,1490.180
Communist Party of Macedonia1,9690.160
People's Will1,2620.110
Party of Justice1,1390.100
Progressive Party9240.080
All-Macedonian Workers' Party3090.030
Democratic Party "Go Macedonia–Forza"2730.020
United Party of Romas in Macedonia2390.020
Democratic Party of Bosniaks450.000
Valid votes1,194,42297.69
Invalid/blank votes28,2892.31
Total votes1,222,711100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,664,29673.47
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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