2002 Cameroonian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Cameroon on 30 June 2002. The result was a victory for the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, which won 149 of the 180 seats.[1] In 17 constituencies the result was cancelled by the Supreme Court due to irregularities and the election re-run on 15 September.[2]

2002 Cameroonian parliamentary election
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Party Leader Seats +/–
RDPC Paul Biya 149 +40
SDF John Fru Ndi 22 -21
UDC Adamou Ndam Njoya 5 0
UPC 3 +2
UNDP Bello Bouba Maigari 1 -12
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Peter Mafany Musonge
Peter Mafany Musonge

Results Edit

Cameroon People's Democratic Movement149+40
Social Democratic Front22–21
Cameroon Democratic Union50
Union of the Peoples of Cameroon3+2
National Union for Democracy and Progress1–12
Liberty Movement of Cameroon Youth0–1
Source: African Elections Database

References Edit

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