2001 in Philippine television

The following is a list of events affecting Philippine television in 2001. Events listed include television show debuts, finales, cancellations, and channel launches, closures and rebrandings, as well as information about controversies and carriage disputes.

List of years in Philippine television



  • January 17–20 - running coverage of the Second EDSA Revolution of 2001 takes place in all national television stations, with ABS-CBN and GMA's regional stations broadcasting highlights of the concurrent regional rallies in their local newscasts.



  • April 22: Dream Satellite TV launched as the country's first DTH satellite TV provider and commenced commercial services, until its closure in 2017.




Date Show
February 11 Bitoy’s World on GMA 7
GMA Telesine Special on GMA 7
February 12 F on ABC 5
February 13 2 Years Vacation w/ Dinosaurs on ABC 5
February 14 Larawan: A Special Drama Engagement on GMA 7
Pygmalio on ABC 5
February 15 Fancy Lala on ABC 5
February 16 Restol on ABC 5
March 3 Da Body en da Guard on ABS-CBN 2
March 5 Camila on ABS-CBN 2
Special Assignment on ABC 5
March 6 That '70s Show on ABC 5
March 7 Planet X on ABC 5
Philippines' Most Wanted on ABC 5
March 9 Working on ABC 5
Normal, Ohio on ABC 5
March 12 Talk TV on ABS-CBN 2
Biglang Sibol, Bayang Impasibol on GMA 7
March 26 Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin on GMA 7
Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan on ABS-CBN 2
April 2 New Day @ PTV on PTV 4
Blue's Clues on GMA 7
April 20 Nikki on RPN 9
April 21 Eto Na Ang Susunod Na Kabanata on ABS-CBN 2
April 30 The Powerpuff Girls on GMA
May 1 Johnny Bravo on GMA
May 7 Soul Hunter on ABS-CBN 2
May 14 Recuerdo de Amor on ABS-CBN 2
June 4 TV Patrol Bacolod on ABS-CBN TV-4 Bacolod
TV Patrol Iloilo on ABS-CBN TV-10 Iloilo
June 11 Ang Tamang Daan on Net 25/SBN 21
June 18 Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka on ABS-CBN 2
June 22 Your Honor on ABS-CBN 2
July 12 Daddy Di Do Du on GMA 7
July 16 Teledyaryo on NBN 4
NBN News Live on NBN 4
July 23 Cardcaptor Sakura on ABS-CBN 2
Tres mujeres on ABS-CBN 2
August 12 Entertainment Tonight on RPN 9
August 13 RPN NewsWatch Now on RPN 9
August 27 SiS on GMA 7
September 10 Detective Conan on GMA 7
Por un beso on IBC 13
September 12 Carita de Ángel on IBC 13
Whattamen on ABS-CBN 2
September 13 Attagirl on ABS-CBN 2
September 15 Da Pilya en da Pilot on ABS-CBN 2
Mary D' Potter on ABS-CBN 2
October 1 Monica Brava on GMA 7
October 3 Jessica Soho Reports on GMA 7
October 8 Hamos, The Green Chariot on ABS-CBN 2
Game Ka Na Ba? on ABS-CBN 2
October 15 The Weakest Link on IBC 13
November 5 Betty La Fea on GMA 7
Sa Dako Pa Roon on GMA 7
November 19 Wheel of Fortune on ABC 5
Family Feud on ABC 5
Christmas Cartoon Festival Presents on GMA 7
Sorcerer Hunters on GMA 7
November 25 The Price Is Right on ABC 5
November 26 Magic Knight Rayearth on GMA 7
December 3 Sana ay Ikaw na Nga on GMA 7
December 25 Twin Signal on GMA 7


Programs transferring networksEdit

Date Show No. of seasons Moved from Moved to
Unknown Musika Atbp. N/A ABC 5 IBC 13
Unknown Maria del Cielo N/A RPN 9







The following is a list of television stations that have made or will make noteworthy network rebranded in 2001.

Date Rebranded from Rebranded to Channel Source
July 16 PTV NBN 4


Date Station Channel Sign-on debut Source
July 25 Citynet Television/Channel V Philippines 27 August 1995 [1]



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