2001 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

The twelfth legislative assembly election of Tamil Nadu was held on May 10, 2001. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK)-led front won the elections and its leader, J. Jayalalithaa was sworn in as Chief Minister, even though she could not legally run as MLA in this election. She was unanimously nominated as Chief Minister by her party and was ready to serve her second term. But due to criminal and corruption charges from her first term, on September 21, 2001, a five-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court of India ruled in a unanimous verdict that "a person who is convicted for a criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of not less than two years cannot be appointed the Chief Minister of a State under Article 164 (1) read with (4) and cannot continue to function as such". Thereby, the bench decided that "in the appointment of Ms. Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister there has been a clear infringement of a Constitutional provision and that a writ of quo warranto must issue". In effect her appointment as Chief Minister was declared null and invalid with retrospective effect. Therefore, technically, she was not the Chief Minister in the period between May 14, 2001 and September 21, 2001. After her resignation on September 21, 2001, she put in O. Panneerselvam, as the official 13th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, until she could clear up the charges from her first term, so she can take up the mantle of Chief Minister officially, on March 2, 2002.

2001 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election

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All 234 seats in the Legislature of Tamil Nadu
118 seats needed for a majority
Turnout59.07% (Decrease7.88%)
  First party Second party
  J Jayalalithaa.jpg Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi.jpg
Leader J. Jayalalithaa M. Karunanidhi
Alliance INC+ NDA
Leader's seat Andipatti (2002) Chepauk
Seats won 196 37
Seat change Increase138 Decrease138
Popular vote 14,043,980 10,841,157
Percentage 50.09% 38.67%
Swing Increase23.01% Decrease15.10%

2001 tamil nadu legislative election map.png
2001 election map (by constituencies)

Chief Minister before election

M. Karunanidhi

Chief Minister

J.Jayalalithaa O. Panneerselvam

Background and CoalitionEdit

The incumbent party, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, finished its full 5 terms, for the first time since winning the 1971 state assembly election. According to various sources and exit polls, the incumbent party was supposed to retain power, due to the popularity of its leader M. Karunanidhi. Due to the anti-incumbency factor, problems of development cited by the people in many areas of Tamil Nadu, and a broad coalition formed by ADMK, including Tamil Maanila Congress, who left the alliance of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), because they joined BJP and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), Indian National Congress and the left parties, the ADMK led front, with its leader J. Jayalalithaa, won by a landslide, sweeping across the state.[1]

The coalition at the ADMK led-center would prove to be short-lived, since in less than a year, Pattali Makkal Katchi, and its leader Dr. Ramdoss, left the coalition, citing authoritarian type rule by J. Jayalalithaa. Also the Tamil Maanila Congress, who proved to be an important ally for the victory of ADMK, would later merge with Indian National Congress, who would later support DMK led front in future elections. The left parties would also end up joining the DMK led front, leaving the ADMK after this election. No more election have been conducted by DMK.

Seat allotmentsEdit

Source: Various Sources[2][3][4][5][6]

DMK-NDA AllianceEdit

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam M. Karunanidhi 169
2. Bharatiya Janata Party Dr. S.P. Kripanidhi[7] 21
3. Puthiya Tamilakam K. Krishnasamy 10
4. Makkal Tamil Desam Katchi   S. Kannappan 6
5. Puthiya Needhi Katchi   A.C. Shanmugham 5
6. MGR Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam   Su. Thirunavukkarasar 3
7. MGR Kazhagam   R.M. Veerappan 2
8. Kongunadu Makkal Katchi   A.M. Raja[8] 1
9. Thamilar Bhoomi   Ku.Pa. Krishnan[9] 1
Unregistered parties, whose candidates ran under the DMK ticket
10. Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi Thol. Thirumavalavan 8
11. Tamizhaga Muslim Iykkya Jamaat J.M. Haroon 3
12. Congress Jananayaka Peravai P. Chidambaram[10] 2
13. Tamil Nadu Mutharaiyar Sangam Kuzha Chelliah[9] 1
Unregistered parties, whose candidates ran as an independent
14. Indian Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi   'Vettavalam' Manikandan 1
15. Thondar Congress   Kumari Ananthan 1

AIADMK-INC AllianceEdit

Party Election Symbol Leader Seats
1. All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam J.Jayalalithaa 140
2. Tamil Maanila Congress G.K. Moopanar 32
3. Indian National Congress G.K. Moopanar[11] 14
4. Pattali Makkal Katchi Dr. Ramdoss 27
5. Communist Party of India (Marxist) G.Ramakrishnan 8
6. Communist Party of India Tha. Pandian 8
7. All India Forward Bloc L. Santhanam 1
8. Indian Union Muslim League Khader Mohideen[12] 1
Unregistered party, whose candidate ran under the AIADMK ticket
9. Tamizhaga Makkal Katchi John Pandian 1
Unregistered parties, whose candidates ran as an independent
10. Indian National League   M. Abdul Latheef[13] 1
11. Independent   P.S. Arul[14] 1

Opinion pollingEdit

Exit pollsEdit

Agency Dates Results
CNN-IBNThe Hindu 11 May 2001 (Reported) AIADMK+: 125 seats (48% of the vote)
DMK+: 105 seats (47% of the vote)
Others: 4 seats (5% of the vote) [15]


Results by Pre-Poll AllianceEdit

Election map of results based on parties. Colours are based on the results table on the left
e • d Summary of the 2001 May Assembly election results in TN
Sources: Election Commission of India and Rediff Newspaper [16][17]
Alliance/Party Seats won Change Popular Vote Vote % Adj. %
AIADMK+ alliance 196 +138 14,043,980 50.1%
AIADMK 132 +127 8,815,387 31.4% 52.1%
TMC(M) 23 -15 1,885,726 6.7% 47.5%
PMK 20 +16 1,557,500 5.6% 46.8%
INC 7 +7 696,205 2.5% 45.4%
CPI(M) 6 +4 470,736 1.7% 48.2%
CPI 5 -3 444,710 1.6% 48.5%
IND 2 +2 103,971 0.4% 46.6%
AIFB 1 +1 39,248 0.1% 43.3%
MUL 0 -1 30,497 0.1% 41.7%
DMK+ alliance 37 -138 10,841,157 38.7%
DMK 31 -142 8,669,864 30.9% 39.0%
BJP 4 +3 895,352 3.2% 38.7%
MADMK 2 +1 129,474 0.5% 37.1%
PT 0 355,171 1.3% 33.8%
MTD 0 257,126 0.9% 40.9%
PNK 0 196,740 0.7% 33.6%
MGRK 0 136,916 0.5% 40.8%
TB 0 45,002 0.2% 40.0%
CNMK 0 40,421 0.1% 32.4%
IND 0 115,091 0.4% 36.7%
Others 1 3,192,598 11.4%
MDMK 0 1,304,469 4.7% 5.1%
IND 1 1,509,378 6.2% 6.3%
Total 234 28,037,314 100%

Note: Parties that contested under "rising-sun" or "two-leaves" symbol are listed as DMK or AIADMK respectively. Parties that ran their candidates as independents, (e.g. Indian Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi and Thondar Congress in DMK alliance) are listed as IND for their respective alliance.
: Vote % reflects the percentage of votes the party received compared to the entire electorate that voted in this election. Adjusted (Adj.) Vote %, reflects the average % of votes the party received per constituency that they contested.

Constituency wise resultsEdit

List of winners and runners-up by constituency
Assembly Constituency Party Winner Runner-up Party Margin
Acharapakkam (SC) PMK A. Selvaraj** T. D. R. Murugesan DMK 15,478
Alandur ADMK B. Valarmathi R. Veerappan MGRK 12,596
Alangudi ADMK A. Venkadachalam S. A. Soosairaj DMK 16,731
Alangulam ADMK P. G. Rajendran Aladi Aruna DMK 4,111
Ambasamudram ADMK M. Sakthivel Murugan R. Avudaiyappan DMK 4,020
Anaicut ADMK K. Pandurangan G. Malarvizhi DMK 21,051
Andhiyur PMK R. Krishnan P. Selvarasu DMK 18,062
Andimadam PMK J. Gurunathan M. Gnanamoorthy DMK 27,002
Andipatti AIADMK Thanga Tamil Selvan* P. Asaiyan DMK 25,009
Anna Nagar DMK Arcot N. Veeraswami C. Arumugam PMK 5,578
Arkonam (SC) ADMK K. Bhavani Karunakaran R. Ravishankar DMK 20,256
Arantangi MADMK P. Arasan A. Chandrasekaran INC 20,018
Aravakurichi ADMK E. A. Liyaudeen Sait Lakshmi Duraisamy DMK 18,326
Arcot ADMK P. Neelakandan A. K. Sundaramoorthy DMK 17,707
Ariyalur ADMK P. Elavazhagan T. A. Kathiravan DMK 10,379
Arni ADMK K. Ramachandran A. C. Shanmugam PNK 13,482
Aruppukottai ADMK K. K. Sivasamy Thangam Thennarasu DMK 6,152
Athoor ADMK P. K. T. Natarajaan I. Periyasamy DMK 3,606
Attur ADMK A. K. Murugesan Mu. Ra. Karunanidhi DMK 24,745
Avanashi (SC) ADMK S. Mahalingam M. Mohan Kumar IND 21,012
Bargur ADMK M. Thambidurai E. G. Sugavanam DMK 49,306
Bhavani ADMK K. C. Karuppannan J. Sudhanandhan PNK 32,859
Bhavanisagar ADMK P. Chithambaram O. Subramaniam DMK 10,275
Bhuvanagiri IND P. S. Arul M. Gopalakrishnan MTD 3,764
Bodinayakkanur ADMK S. Ramaraj A. Sudalaimuthu DMK 11,278
Chengalpattu PMK K. Arumugam V. Viswanathan DMK 5,149
Chengam (SC) INC M. Polur Varadhan R. Shamala MTD 12,277
Chepauk DMK M. Karunanidhi R. Damodharan INC 4,834
Cheranmahadevi ADMK P. H. Paul Manoj Pandian N. Chockalingam BJP 10,975
Cheyyar PMK P. S. Ulagarakshagan R. K. P. Rajarajan DMK 12,085
Chidambaram DMK K. Saravanan Durai T. Arivuselvan PMK 11,915
Chinnasalem ADMK P. Mohan R. Mookappan DMK 9,112
Coimbatore East TMC V. K. Lakshmanan N. R. Nanjappan BJP 3,211
Coimbatore West INC S. Maheswari C. T. Dhandapani DMK 10,091
Colachel ADMK T. Pachamal R. Sambath Chandra MDMK 15,089
Coonoor (SC) TMC K. Kandaswamy E. M. Mahaliappan DMK 16,644
Cuddalore DMK E. Pugazhendi P. R. S. Venkatesan TMC(M) 34
Cumbum TMC O. R. Ramachandran N. K. R. Krishnakumar BJP 4,386
Dharapuram (SC) PMK V. Sivakami R. Saraswathi DMK 22,152
Dharmapuri PMK K. Pary Mohan K. Manoharan DMK 10,974
Dindigul CPI(M) K. Nagalakshimi M. Basheer Ahmed DMK 2,779
Edapadi PMK I. Ganesan A. Kandasamy DMK 30,811
Egmore (SC) DMK Parithi Ellamvazhuthi B. John Pandian ADMK 86
Erode ADMK K. S. Thennarasu N. K. K. Periyasamy DMK 24,440
Gingee ADMK V. Elumalai Rajendran DMK 29,086
Gobichettipalayam ADMK S. S. Ramaneedharan V. P. Shanmugasundaram DMK 28,945
Gudalur ADMK A. Miller M. Pandiaraj DMK 32,693
Gudiyatham ADMK C. M. Suryakala S. Duraisamy DMK 24,324
Gummidipundi ADMK K. S. Vijayakumar K. Venu DMK 24,958
Harbour DMK K. Anbazhagan D. Pandian CPI 336
Harur CPI V. Krishnamoorthy D. Periyasamy DMK 33,479
Hosur INC K. Gopinath B. Venkatasamy BJP 6,489
Ilaiyangudi ADMK V. D. Nadarajan S. Kannappan MTD 4,682
Jayankondam ADMK S. Annadurai K. C. Ganesan DMK 25,010
Kadaladi TMC S. Balakrishnan S. P. Thangavelan DMK 6,115
Kadayanallur ADMK M. Subbiah Pandian P. M. Shahul DMK 1,244
Kalasapakkam ADMK S. Ramachandran P. S. Thiruvengadam DMK 28,890
Kancheepuram ADMK T. Mythili A. Sekar DMK 23,603
Kandamangalam (SC) ADMK V. Subramanian E. Vijayaraghavan DMK 22,628
Kangayam ADMK M. Selvi N. Rajkumar Mandradiar DMK 11,274
Kanniyakumari ADMK N. Thalavaisundaram N. Suresh Rajan DMK 9,536
Kapilamalai PMK A. R. Malaiyappasamy S. Gandhiselvan DMK 4,312
Karaikudi BJP H. Raja S. P. Udayappan TMC(M) 1,651
Karur INC T. N. Sivasubramanian Vasuki Murugesan DMK 23,438
Katpadi DMK Durai Murugan A. K. Natarajan PMK 8,002
Kattumannarkoil (SC) DMK P. Vallalperuman R. Sachidanandam INC 16,517
Kaveripattinam ADMK K. P. Munusamy V. C. Govindasami DMK 18,517
Killiyoor TMC D. Kumaradas C. Santhakumar BJP 13,760
Kinathukadavu ADMK S. Damodaran M. Shanmugam DMK 33,780
Kolathur (SC) ADMK A. Karuppayee Palaniappan PT 46,899
Kovilpatti CPI S. Rajendran K. Rajaram DMK 9,039
Krishnagiri ADMK V. Govindarasu T. Senguttuvan DMK 21,773
Krishnarayapuram (SC) ADMK Sasikala S. Periyasamy DMK 21,549
Kulithalai ADMK A. Pappasundaram D. Thirunavukkarasu DMK 16,766
Kumbakonam DMK Ko. Si. Mani Rama Ramanathan ADMK 6,496
Kurinjipadi DMK M. R. K. Panneer Selvam K. Sivasubramanian ADMK 23,863
Kuttalam ADMK Natarajan P. Kalyanam DMK 2,644
Lalgudi ADMK S. M. Balan K. N. Nehru DMK 1,610
Madurai Central TMC M. A. Hakkem S. Paulraj DMK 147
Madurai East CPI(M) N. Nanmaran V. Velusamu DMK 5,304
Madurai West ADMK Valarmathi Jebaraj P. T. R. Palanivel Rajan DMK 708
Maduranthakam ADMK P. Vasudevan S. D. Ugamchand DMK 11,694
Manamadurai TMC K. Paramalai S. P. Kirubanidhi BJP 20,857
Mangalore (SC) DMK V. Ganesan S. Puratchimani TMC(M) 1,855
Mannargudi CPI V. Sivapunniyam S. Gnanasekaran BJP 20,190
Marungapuri ADMK V. A. Chelliah B. M. Senguttuvan DMK 25,272
Mayiladuturai BJP Jaga Veerapandian R. Selvaraj ADMK 2,452
Mettur ADMK S. Sundarambal P. Gopal DMK 8,135
Melmalaiyanur ADMK R. Tamilmozhi A. Gnanasekaran DMK 24,587
Melur AIADMK R. Samy Samayanallur S. Selvaraj DMK 26,838
Mettupalayam ADMK A. K. Selvaraj B. Arun Kumar DMK 41,078
Modakkurichi ADMK P. C. Ramasami Subbulakshmi Jegadeesan DMK 34,212
Morappur ADMK P. Palaniappan E. V. Rajasekaran DMK 23,316
Mudukulathur ADMK K. Patinetampatian S. Pandian MTD 2,669
Mugaiyur ADMK G. Gothandaraman A. G. Sampath DMK 10,341
Musiri ADMK C. Malliga S. Vivekandan DMK 1,994
Mylapore BJP K. N. Lakshmanan V. Maitreyan ADMK 6,047
Nagapattinam ADMK R. Jeevanantham S. P. Thangaiya DMK 16,717
Nagercoil MADMK suyambu M. Moses TMC(M) 3,662
Namakkal INC K. Jeyakumar S. Ahilan PT 28,992
Nanguneri ADMK S. Manickaraj V. Ramachandran MTD 9,161
Nannilam (SC) TMC C. K. Amizharasan P. Sakthivel DMK 19,212
Natham ADMK R. Viswanathan Ku. Pa. Krishnan TB 10,602
Natrampalli PMK S. Natarajan T. Anbazhagan MGRK 12,088
Nellikkuppam ADMK M. C. Sampath V. C. Shanmugham DMK 7,382
Nilakottai ADMK G. Anbazhagan K. Ayyar PT 31,494
Oddanchatram DMK A. R. A. Chakkarapani A. T. Sellasamy ADMK 1,369
Omalur ADMK S. Semmalai Era. Rajendran DMK 31,602
Orathanad ADMK R. Vaithilingam P. Rajamanickam DMK 19,844
Ottapidaram ADMK A. Sivaperumal K. Krishnasamy PT 651
Padmanabhapuram ADMK K. P. Raajendraprasad C. Velayudhan BJP 2,774
Palacode AIADMK K. P. Anbalagan G. L. Venkatachalam DMK 40,232
Palani ADMK M. Chinnasamy T. Poovendhan DMK 20,487
Palayamkottai DMK T. P. M. Mohideen Khan S. Muthu Karuppan ADMK 14,748
Palladam ADMK S. M. Velusamy S. S. Ponmudi DMK 32,474
Pallipattu ADMK P. M. Narasimhan M. Chakravarthy BJP 28,240
Panamarathupatti ADMK Vijayalakshmi Palanisamy S. R. Sivalingam DMK 42,350
Panruti PMK T. Velmurugan V. Ramaswamy DMK 5,048
Papanasam TMC M. Ramkumar S. Kalyanasundaram DMK 6,632
Paramakudi (SC) TMC R. Ramprabhu S. Chelliah PT 5,807
Park Town TMC S. G. Vinayagamurthi T. Rajendhar DMK 6,377
Pattukkottai TMC N. R. Rengarajan P. Balasubramanian DMK 6,950
Pennagaram PMK G. K. Mani K. N. Periannan IND 14,396
Perambalur (SC) ADMK P. Rajarethinam S. Vallaban DMK 20,004
Perambur (SC) CPI(M) K. Mahendran Chengai Sivam DMK 17,223
Peravurani TMC S. V. Thirugnana Sambandham Kuzha Chelliah DMK 28,659
Periyakulam ADMK O. Panneer Selvam M. Abuthahir DMK 17,920
Peranamallur ADMK A. K. S. Anbalagan B. Bose MTD 8,359
Pernambut (SC) ADMK S. C. Kanagathara S. Thondral Nayagan BJP 28,855
Perundurai ADMK K. S. Palanisamy N. Govindasamy CNMK 31,712
Perur ADMK M. A. P. A. Krishnakumar (Rohini) N. Nageswari DMK 35,264
Pollachi ADMK V. Jayaraman R. Tamil Mani DMK 32,404
Polur ADMK Nalini Manoharan C. Elumalai DMK 10,807
Pongalur ADMK P. V. Damodaran K. Chellamuthu IND 21,815
Ponneri (SC) CPI A. S. Kannan K. Sundaram DMK 27,390
Poombuhar ADMK N. Renganathan M. Mohammad Siddiq DMK 7,455
Poonamallee PMK S. Shanmugam S. Chezhiyan DMK 2,316
Pudukkottai ADMK C. Vijayabaskar Arasu Periyannan DMK 28,183
Purasawalkam TMC B. Ranganathan P. Vetrivel TMC(M) 3,802
Dr.Radhakrishnan Nagar ADMK P. K. Sekar Babu S. P. Sarguna Pandian DMK 27,332
Radhapuram IND M. Appavu S. Jothi PMK 18,281
Rajapalayam (SC) ADMK M. Rajasekar V. P. Rajan DMK 9,595
Ramanathapuram ADMK A. Anwer Rhazza A. Rahman Khan DMK 9,112
Ranipet ADMK M. S. Chandrasekaran R. Gandhi DMK 24,963
Rasipuram ADMK P. R. Sundaram K. P. Ramalingam DMK 23,029
Royapuram ADMK D. Jayakumar K. Nargunan DMK 13,712
Rishivandiyam TMC S. Sivaraj T. K. T. Murali PNK 25,532
Saidapet DMK V. Perumal** C. R. Baskaran PMK 3,881
Salem – I ADMK Se. Venkatajalam M. A. Elangovan DMK 25,131
Salem – II PMK M. Karthe A. L. Thangavel DMK 15,085
Samayanallur (SC) ADMK P. Ponnampalam Kasthuri Sivasamy DMK 19,924
Sankaranayanarkoil (SC) ADMK C. Karuppasamy P. Duraisamy PT 9,262
Sankarapuram PMK P. Kasampu T. Udhayasuriyan DMK 1,018
Sankari (SC) ADMK P. Dhanabal T. R. Saravanan DMK 22,952
Sathyamangalam ADMK K. R. Kandasamy S. K. Rajendran DMK 33,434
Sathangulam TMC (M) S. S. Mani Nadar A. N. Rajakkannan BJP 5,766
Sattur DMK K. K. S. S. R. Ramachandran A. Rajendran INC 4,415
Sedapatti ADMK C. Durairaj P. V. Bhaktavatchalam PT 18,435
Sendamangalam (ST) ADMK K. Kalavathi Chinumathi Chandrasekaran DMK 17,815
Sholavandan ADMK V. R. Rajangam P. Moorthy DMK 19,841
Sholinghur ADMK R. Vilvanathan A. M. Ponnurangam PNK 9,795
Singanallur CPI(M) K. C. Karunakaran N. Palanisamy DMK 20,001
Sirkazhi (SC) ADMK N. Chandramohan J. Irai Ezhil DMK 4,430
Sivaganga ADMK V. Chandran Tha Pasumpon Kiruttinan DMK 4,273
Sivakasi TMC A. Rajagopal V. Thangaraj DMK 5,721
Sriperumbudur (SC) INC D. Yasodha M. Raghavan DMK 17,193
Srirangam ADMK K. K. Balasubramanian M. Soundrapandian BJP 12,676
Srivaikuntam ADMK S. P. Shanmuganathan S. David Selwyn DMK 2,886
Srivilliputhur ADMK Inbathtamilan S. Mohanrajulu BJP 9,174
Talavasal (SC) ADMK V. Alagammal M. Pandiyarajan DMK 27,857
Tambaram DMK M. A. Vaidialingam K. Chakkarapani Reddiar TMC(M) 5,431
Taramangalam PMK M. P. Kamaraj S. Ammasi DMK 25,458
Tenkasi ADMK K. Annamalai V. Karuppasamy Pandian DMK 8,792
Thalli BJP K. V. Murali Dharan S. Raja Reddy CPI 6,217
Thandarambattu DMK E. V. Velu K. Manivarma TMC(M) 4,837
Thanjavur DMK S. N. M. Ubayadullah R. Rajmohan INC 9,590
Theagaraya Nagar DMK J. Anbazhagan E. V. K. Sulochana Sampath ADMK 2,499
Theni AIADMK D. Ganesan L. Mookiah DMK 13,861
Thirumangalam ADMK K. Kalimuthu T. Ocha Thevar DMK 18,162
Thirupparankundram ADMK S. M. Seenivel C. Ramachandran DMK 9,127
Thiruverambur DMK K. N. Sekaran T. K. Rangarajan CPM 10,373
Thiruvidamarudur ADMK G. Thavamani S. Ramalingam DMK 7,372
Thiruvonam ADMK C. Rajendran M. Ramachandran DMK 11,223
Thiruvottiyur ADMK T. Arumugam Kumari Anandan IND 34,041
Thondamuthur TMC S. R. Balasubramoniyan V. R. Sukanya DMK 28,536
Thottiam ADMK P. Annavi K. Kannaiyan DMK 13,148
Thousand Lights DMK M. K. Stalin S. Sekar TMC(M) 7,274
Tindivanam ADMK C. Ve. Shanmugam R. Sethunathan DMK 12,148
Tiruchendur ADMK Anitha R. Radhakrishnan S. Jennifer Chandran DMK 11,193
Tiruchengode ADMK C. Ponnaiyan T. P. Arumugam DMK 44,109
Tiruchirappalli – I DMK B. Paranikumar M. Kader Mohideen MUL 924
Tiruchirappalli – II DMK Anbil Periyasamy P. C. Selvaraj INC 13,944
Tirumayam ADMK M. Radakrishnan S. Regupathy DMK 12,027
Tirunavalur ADMK K. G. P. Gnanamoorthy A. J. Manikannan DMK 14,773
Tirunelveli ADMK N. Nainar Nagendran A. L. Subramanian DMK 722
Tiruppattur (194) ADMK K. K. Umadhevan R. Sivaraman DMK 9,090
Tiruppattur (41) PMK T. K. Raja S. Arasu DMK 5,761
Tirupporur (SC) ADMK S. Kanitha Sampath C. Nagarajan DMK 24,790
Tiruppur ADMK C. Sivasami Lalitha Kumaramangalam BJP 46,556
Tiruttani PMK G. Raviraj E. A. P. Shivaji DMK 13,874
Tiruthuraipundi (SC) CPI G. Palanisamy M. Poonguzhali DMK 25,059
Tiruvadanai TMC K. R. Ramasamy Jones Russo IND 2,304
Tiruvaiyaru ADMK Ayyaru Vandayar Durai Chandrasekaran DMK 15,689
Tiruvallur TMC D. Sudharsanam V. G. Rajendiran PNK 19,951
Tiruvannamalai DMK K. Pitchandi M. Shanmugasundaram PMK 4,090
Tiruvarur (SC) DMK A. Asokan K. Rangasamy CPM 1,314
Thiruvattar CPI(M) J. Hemachandran P. Rajamony BJP 19,497
Triplicane DMK S. A. M. Hussain S. Rajakumar INC 3,676
Tuticorin ADMK S. Rajammal N. Periasamy DMK 16,186
Udagamandalam INC H. M. Raju J. Hutchi Gowder BJP 29,090
Udumalpet ADMK C. Shanmugavelu D. Selvaraj DMK 39,908
Ulundurpet (SC) ADMK N. Ramu K. Thirunavukkarasu DMK 22,754
Uppiliyapuram (ST) ADMK R. Saroja R. Rani DMK 12,351
Usilampatti FBL L. Santhanam S. O. Ramasamy DMK 9,067
Uthiramerur ADMK V. Somasundaram K. Sundar DMK 27,622
Valangiman (SC) ADMK Boopathi Mariappan T. Nadaiazhagan PT 23,477
Valparai (SC) TMC Kovai Thangam K. Krishnaswamy PT 17,915
Vandavasi (SC) PMK K. Murugavelrajan K. Loganathan DMK 8,871
Vaniyambadi** IND (INL) M. Abdul Latheef J. M. Haroon Rasheed DMK 11,938
Vanur (SC) ADMK N. Ganapathy R. Mydili DMK 21,349
Varahur (SC) ADMK A. Arunachalam K. Thiruvalluvan DMK 13,904
Vasudevanallur (SC) TMC (M) R. Easwaran S. Thangapandian PT 11,552
Vedaranyam DMK S. K. Vedarathinam R. Mutharasan CPI 15,000
Vedasandur ADMK P. Andivel R. Kavitha Parthipan DMK 19,126
Veerapandi ADMK S. K. Selvam Veerapandy S. Arumugam DMK 30,012
Vellakoil DMK M. P. Saminathan V. P. Periasamy ADMK 740
Vellore TMC C. Gnanasekaran A. M. Ramalingam DMK 11,124
Veilathikulam ADMK N. K. Perumal R. K. P. Rajasekaran DMK 15,243
Vilavancode CPI(M) D. Mony P. Jeevaraj DMK 22,919
Villivakkam DMK D. Napoleon A. Chellakumar TMC(M) 9,230
Villupuram DMK K. Ponmudy R. Pasupathy PMK 2,205
Virudhunagar TMC S. Damodharan A. R. R. Seenivasan DMK 4,017
Vridhachalam PMK R. Govindasamy Kuzhandai Thamizharasan DMK 7,128
Yercaud (ST) AIADMK E. Elayakannu K. Govindan BJP 33,985
* Elected as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
  • Thanga Tamilselvan, AIADMK legislator from Andipatti, resigned his seat in 2002, to enable Jayalalithaa to contest here. This enabled her to win in a by election in Andipatti, and be Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She succeeded O. Panneerselvam who took over as chief minister for 6 months, until Jayalalithaa's corruption charges were cleared in court.[18]
  • Due to the death of V. Perumal, actor turned politician Radha Ravi (son of M.R. Radha) was fielded by ADMK, and defeated the DMK candidate Subramanian, in a by-election, increasing the majority of the ADMK.[19]
  • During May 31, 2002, By-election, A. Boovaraghamoorthy of the AIADMK, defeated D. Parvendhan of PMK, which resulted in AIADMK to pick up Acharapakkam (SC).[20]

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