2001 Summer Universiade

The 2001 Summer Universiade, also known as the XXI Summer Universiade, was an international multi-sport event that took place in Beijing, China, between the 22 August and 1 September. A total of 6,757 athletes from 165 nations took part in 12 sports. The hosts, China, topped the medal table for the first time, with a total of 103 medals and 54 gold medals (more than twice the number of runners-up the United States).

XXI Summer Universiade
Host cityBeijing, China
Nations participating165[1]
Athletes participating6,657[1]
Events12 sports
Opening ceremony22 August
Closing ceremony1 September
Officially opened byJiang Zemin
Athlete's OathKou Qing (athletics)
Judge's OathHuang Youang (basketball)
Torch lighterTian Liang
Main venueWorkers Stadium


Events in a total of twelve sports were contested at the Universiade.

  • Note: Numbers in brackets denote the number of different events held in each sport.

Obligatory sportsEdit

Rhythmic gymnastics became an obligatory sport at this edition.


Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (China)

1  China (CHN)*542524103
2  United States (USA)21131347
3  Japan (JPN)14142553
4  Ukraine (UKR)1414735
5  Russia (RUS)12182050
6  Italy (ITA)88622
7  Cuba (CUB)64212
8  France (FRA)521522
9  Great Britain (GBR)42410
10  South Korea (KOR)3101427
11  Poland (POL)3418
12  Romania (ROM)3407
13  Australia (AUS)3126
14  Brazil (BRA)2327
15  Spain (ESP)2316
16  North Korea (PRK)21811
17  Czech Republic (CZE)14813
18  Germany (GER)1427
19  Mexico (MEX)1304
20  Netherlands (NED)1236
21  Uzbekistan (UZB)1225
22  Israel (ISR)1102
  Latvia (LAT)1102
24  Estonia (EST)1023
25  FR Yugoslavia (FR Yugoslavia)1012
  Slovenia (SLO)1012
  South Africa (RSA)1012
28  Kenya (KEN)1001
  Morocco (MAR)1001
  Turkey (TUR)1001
31  Belarus (BLR)061117
32  Chinese Taipei (TPE)0358
33  Kazakhstan (KAZ)0303
34  Belgium (BEL)0202
  Canada (CAN)0202
  Portugal (POR)0202
37   Switzerland (SUI)0167
38  Austria (AUT)0101
  Azerbaijan (AZE)0101
  Georgia (GEO)0101
  Ireland (IRL)0101
  Namibia (NAM)0101
43  Hungary (HUN)0066
44  Botswana (BOT)0022
45  Croatia (CRO)0011
  Cyprus (CYP)0011
  Egypt (EGY)0011
  Slovakia (SVK)0011
  Sweden (SWE)0011
  Thailand (THA)0011
Totals (50 nations)170167200537


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