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On 14 February 2001, a terrorist attack took place near Azor, Israel. A Palestinian man from Gaza drove a bus into a group of Israeli soldiers who stood at a bus stop at Azor junction, killing 8 people—7 soldiers and one civilian, and injuring 26 further.[1] The Islamist militant organization Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack.

2001 Azor attack
Part of The Second Intifada
Memorial to the terror bus attack in Azur (2).jpg
The place of the attack
LocationAzor junction, near Azor, israel
Date14 February 2001 (2001-02-14)
Deaths8 (7 soldiers, 1 civilian)
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsKhalil Abu-Alba
Memorial at the place of the attack



The attacker, 35-year old Khalil Abu Alba from Gaza, was a bus driver who used to drive Arab workers in the morning from his city toward Tel Aviv. He had been an Egged bus driver for five years before the attack.

On 14 February, after dropping off as usual the Arab workers at Lod and Ramle, he drove toward Holon. When arriving Azor junction, he noticed a group of Israeli soldiers waiting at a bus stop. The attacker accelerated the bus, and sharply swerved to the right, hitting dozens of people. He killed 8 people, 7 soldiers and one civilian, and injured 26.

After the attack he accelerated again the bus and drove quickly southwards, in direction of Gaza. The bus was stopped only after crashing into a truck, 30km away, after police officers had shot at the bus' wheels.


  • Sergeant Julie Weiner
  • Corporal Alexander Manevich
  • Staff Sergeant Ofir Megidish, 20
  • Sergeant David Iluz, 21
  • Sergeant Kochava Polanski, 19
  • Corporal Yasmin Karisi, 18
  • Sergeant Rachel Levy, 19
  • Simcha Shetreet, 30 (civilian)


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