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2000 in Irish television


  • 1 January – RTÉ presents Millennium Eve: Celebrate 2000, coverage of the turn of the millennium from 31 December 1999 into 1 January 2000. The programme is part of the international strand 2000 Today to celebrate the occasion.
  • 1 June – A new RTÉ Authority is appointed.[1]
  • 11 September – The UK broadcaster Granada Media plc agrees to acquire 45% of TV3 from the channel's original consortium as part of a deal giving TV3 the right to simulcast programming with ITV.[2]
  • Undated – RTÉ undergoes a programme of re-structuring.[1]
  • Undated – RTÉ establishes a Programme Development Fund to invest £25 million in indigenous programming over the next five years.[1]
  • Undated – By the end of 2000 RTÉ has a deficit of £11.23 million. Public funding for the broadcaster has been increased only once in the previous fifteen years.[1]
  • Undated – TV You is rebranded as UTV2.




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