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2000 Mnet Music Video Festival

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The 2000 Mnet Music Video Festival (MMF) was the second of the annual music awards in Seoul, South Korea that took place on November 24, 2000 at the Little Angels Arts Center.

2000 Mnet Music Video Festival
Mnet Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 2000.png
DateNovember 24, 2000 (2000-11-24)
LocationLittle Angels Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea
Hosted byCha Tae-hyun and Kim Hyun-joo
Most awardsJo Sungmo (2)
Most nominationsH.O.T., Jo Sungmo (3)
WebsiteMnet Asian Music Awards
Television/radio coverage
NetworkSouth Korea: Mnet
Japan: Mnet Japan
Runtimearound 160 minutes

Leading the nominees were boyband H.O.T. and solo artist Jo Sungmo, with three each. By the end of the ceremony, Jo Sungmo received the most awards with two wins, including the "Music Video of the Year" daesang award. The boy-band group H.O.T. received only one award, though they received the daesang award for "Best Popular Music Video".



The award-giving body continued to be named as " Korean Music Festival" (MKMF) for the second time.[1] During this time, four more categories were added including the Best R&B Performance. The Best New Artist and Best Group were given to two recipients each since the awards for male and female recipients were separated. In addition, the Best Group branched out further to give a separate award for the Best Mixed Group. Furthermore, the event also featured Westlife, the first international artist to perform live.[2] The grand awards (or daesang) were still the Best Popular Music Video and Music Video of the Year, without the nominees.

Nomination processEdit

The Nominee Selection Committee had an initial screening to choose for the nominees who released songs or albums from November 1999 to October 2000. The official website was then opened on November 2 for voting. In addition, professional judges have also chosen from the nominees based on its criteria: planning, song quality, artistry, and popularity.[3]

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[4][5]

Jo Sungmo, Best Music Video and Best Ballad Performance
BoA, Best New Female Artist
Chakra, Best New Group
DJ DOC, Best Hip-Hop Performance
Park Ji-yoon, Best Female Artist
Shin Seung-hun, Best Male Artist
Crying Nut, Best Indie Performance
Best Popular Music Video
Music Video of the Year
  • H.O.T. - "Outside Castle"
    • (no nominees announced)
  • Jo Sungmo - "Do You Know"
    • (no nominees announced)
Best New Female Artist Best New Male Artist
  • BoA - "ID; Peace B"
    • Su Jin-kim (김수진) - "Ending"
    • 박화요비 - "Lie"
    • Suzanne (수잔) - "Shadow"
    • Chae Na Ri (채나리) - "Return to The Letter" (되돌아온 편지)
  • Choi Jin-young/Sky (스카이) - "Forever" (영원)
    • Kim Sa-rang (김시랑) - "Mojorida" (모조리다)
    • Jim Kim-sung (김성짐) - "기약"
    • Park Hyo-shin (박효신) - "Things I Can't Do For You" (예술 수 없는 일)
    • Wave (웨이브) - "Damage"
    • TJ (티 제이) - "Hey Girl"
Best New Group Best Mixed Group
  • Chakra (샤크라) - "One" (한)
    • UN (유엔) - "Voice Mail"
    • TG (티지) - "Love Tonight"
    • Papaya (파파야) - "Listen To Me" (내 애길 들어봐)
    • Fly to the Sky (플라이 투 더스카이) - "Day By Day"
  • S#arp - "Great!" (잘됐어)
    • Roo'ra - "A Changing Wind's Song" (풍변기곡)
    • Space A - "Sexy Guy" (섹시한 남자)
    • Koyote - "Passion"
    • Cool (쿨) - "Understanding Men and Women" (해석남녀)
Best Male Group Best Female Group
  • g.o.d - "Love And Memory" (사랑해 그리고 기억해)
    • DJ DOC - "Run To You"
    • H.O.T. - "Outside Castle"
    • Clon - "Choryeon" (초련)
    • Turbo (더보) - "Tonight"
Best Female Artist Best Male Artist
Best R&B Performance Best Rock Performance
  • Jin Ju (진주) - "Are You Going?" (가니)
    • Fly To The Sky - "Day By Day"
    • As One - "For You Not To Know" (너만은 모르길)
    • J (제이) - "As Yesterday" (어제처럼)
    • g.o.d - "Since You Left Me" (그대 날 떠난 후로)
  • Seo Taiji - "Ultramania" (울트라 맨이야)
    • Kim Kyung-ho (김경호) - "Wine" (와인)
    • Novasonic (노바소닉) - "Slam"
    • Deli Spice - "고양이와 새에 관한 신설"
    • Jaurim - "Snake" (뱀)
Best Hip Hop Performance Best Indie Performance
  • DJ DOC - "DOC Blues"
    • 2000 Korea (2000 대한민국) - "Emergency" (비상)
    • 1TYM - "One Love"
    • Lee Hyun-do (이현도) - "Pierrot" (삐에로)
    • 조PD - "날 잊어 2"
  • Crying Nut - "Circus Magic"
    • No Brain - "Songs for the Rioters" (청년폭도맹진가)
    • Dr. Core 911 (닥터코어911) - "Rain" (비가)
    • Lazy Bone (레이지본) - "큰푸른물"
    • MP Hip-Hop All Stars - "초"
Best Dance Performance Best Ballad Performance
Best Music Video Director Best International Artist
  • Gim Sehun (김세훈)
    • Baek Young-jeon (박영전)
    • Seo Hyeon-seung (서현승)
    • Euntaek (자은택)
    • Hong Jong-ho (홍종호)
Special awards

Multiple awardsEdit

Artist(s) with multiple winsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more wins (excluding the special awards):

Awards Artist(s)
2 Jo Sungmo

Artist(s) with multiple nominationsEdit

The following artist(s) received two or more nominations:

Awards Artist(s)
3 Jo Sungmo
Fly to the Sky
Lee Seung-hwan
Park Ji-yoon
Shin Seung-hun
Seo Taiji

Presenters and performersEdit

The following individuals and groups, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers.[3]


Name(s) Role
Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Hyun-joo Main hosts of the show
Kim Sun-a (김선아) and Kim Jong-un (김정은) Presenters of the award for Best New Male Artist
Joo Young-hoon (주영훈) and Gwon Min-jung (권민중) Presenters of the award for Best New Female Artist
g.o.d Presenters of the award for Best New Group
Jaurim (자우림) Presenters of the award for Best Rock Performance
Yeom Kyung-wan (염경환), 이제니, 지상열 Presenters of the award for Best Dance Performance
Han Chae-young (한재영) and 이경섭 Presenters of the award for Best Ballad Performance
Lee Seung-hwan and Cha Euntaek (차은택) Presenters of the award for Best Female Group
Sobangcha (소방차) Presenters of the award for Best Male Group
Yang Joon-hyuk and Uhm Jung-hwa Presenters of the award for Best Mixed Group
Oh Ji-ho and 채시아 Presenters of the award for Best Hip Hop Performance
Park Yong-jin (박용진) and Kim Saeng-yeon (김상경) Presenters of the award for Best Indie Performance
Jo Sungmo and GNP (신동엽) Presenters of the award for Best R&B Performance
- Interviewer in the crowd
- Presenters of the award for Best Male Artist
Shin Seung-hun and - Presenters of the award for Best Female Artist
Kim Hyung Suk and - Presenters of the award for Best Music Video Director


Name(s) Performed Notes
DJ James Jhig, DJ Wreckx, B-Boys dj performance Special Performance 1 - Opening of the show
하휘동 (고릴라), 주석, 디기리 (Honey Family), 개코 (CB Mass), Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger), 리오 (Ill Skillz), 허인상 (X-Teen), Hoony Hoon, 윤힌중, Tyfoon, Lee Ha-neul (DJ DOC), Day 1 (뿜빠이) rap medley
Friends (안무, 지영하, Kim Young-wan 김영완) dance
Chakra "One" (한) Best New Group winner
Shin Seung-hun (신승훈) "The Unwritten Legend", "After Separation", and "Mother" Best Male Artist winner
g.o.d "Dear Mother", "Love and Memory", and "Lies" Best Male Group winner
Sobangcha (소방차) "G.Cafe (G카페)", "어젯밤 이야기", and "위선" Special Performance 2
Fin.K.L "Eternal Love" and "Now" Best Female Group winner
Uhm Jung-hwa "Crack", "Escape"
Westlife "My Love", "I Lay My Love on You" First international artist guest/performer
Steve Yoo/Yoo Seung Jun "Wish You Could Find"
Jo Sungmo "Do You Know" Music Video of the Year (daesang)/ Encore


  1. ^ The winner was unannounced during the event, but was acknowledged through MKMF's official website.


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