2000–01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup qualifying

The 2000–01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup Qualifying rounds took place over 10 to 11 August 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic. The top 2 teams advanced to the 2000–01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup Finals where they had a chance to win the EuroFloorball Cup for 2000–01.

2000–01 Men's European Cup
Tournament details
Host country{{country data  Czech Republic|flag/core|name= Czech Republic|variant= |size=}}
Dates10 to 11 August 2000
Teams3 (from 3 countries)
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svgPoland KS Szarotka
Germany UH Löwen Leipzig
Tournament statistics
Matches played3
Goals scored16 (5.33 per match)

Only 3 teams attended the 2000–01 Qualifying Rounds, as a fourth team from Hungary was forced to pull out due to some unforeseen circumstances.

The 2000–01 EuroFloorball Cup marked the first year in which the International Floorball Federation changed the format to a two-year tournament.

The tournament was known as the 2000–01 Men's European Cup, but due to name implications, is now known as the 2000–01 Men's EuroFloorball Cup.


  KS Szarotka 2 2 0 0 7 2 4
  UH Löwen Leipzig    2 1 0 1 5 6 2
  Ķekava FK 2 0 0 2 4 8 0
10 August 2000
  Ķekava FK 1–4   KS Szarotka
Prague, Czech Republic
11 August 2000
  KS Szarotka 3–1   UH Löwen Leipzig
Prague, Czech Republic
11 August 2000
  UH Löwen Leipzig 4–3   Ķekava FK
Prague, Czech Republic

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