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The 1st Helicopter Brigade (第1ヘリコプター団, Dai-ichi Herikoputa-Dan) is based at JGSDF Camp Kisarazu in Kisarazu, in the Chiba Prefecture.[1] Formerly an independent brigade, it was attached to the Central Readiness Force on March 28, 2007.[2] Like most JGSDF units, the brigade's aircraft are deployed to conduct exercises from their Kisarazu base annually during the New Year period.[3]

1st Helicopter Brigade
ActiveMarch 20, 1959 – present
Country Japan
Branch Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
TypeArmy aviation brigade
RoleProvide aviation support to Ground Component Command (陸上総隊)
Size900 soldiers
Part ofGround Component Command (陸上総隊)
Garrison/HQKisarazu, Chiba, Chiba

The brigade would operate under the Ground Component Command (陸上総隊) (formerly Central Readiness Force) as a supporting unit for the Central Readiness Regiment (CRR), 1st Airborne Brigade and the Japanese Special Forces Group (SFGp) if deployed into a combat zone.[4][5] Prior to the brigade's integration into the Central Readiness Force, it had been actively involved in civil disaster operations in response to natural disasters such as forest fires and earthquakes.[6]



The 1st Helicopter Brigade was first established on March 20, 1959, by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Aviation School at JGSDF Camp Kasumigaura in Kasumigaura, Ibaraki. After the brigade was established, two helicopter companies were created on March 1, 1968, during a period of reorganization.[citation needed]

The 1st Helicopter Company was stationed at JGSDF Camp Kisarazu on March 22, 1968, with the 2nd Helicopter Company arriving on June 1, 1968. A special transport squad was established in the brigade on December 19, 1986. Another period of reorganization began on March 27, 2006, when a communications and reconnaissance squad was added to the unit. On March 28, 2007, the 1st Helicopter Brigade was formally incorporated into the Central Readiness Force.[2]

The brigade was deployed by the Central Readiness Force on its first operation to subdue wildfires in the forests of the Yamanashi Prefecture on April 29, 2007.[7] They have been also deployed on humanitarian operations, specifically in the aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake.[6]

Aircraft in serviceEdit

A Japanese CH-47 helicopter

The 1st Helicopter Brigade currently utilize the following aircraft for the Central Readiness Force:[8]

Aircraft Origin Type Versions Notes
Boeing CH-47 Chinook   Japan Transport helicopter CH-47J
Built by Kawasaki
Eurocopter EC 225[9]   France VIP helicopter EC 225LP
Kawasaki OH-1   Japan Scout helicopter Built by Kawasaki
MD Helicopters MD 500   United States Scout helicopter OH-6D
Built by Kawasaki
Mitsubishi MU-2   Japan Liaison LR-1
Beechcraft Super King Air   United States Utility transport LR-2
Mitsubishi H-60   Japan Transport helicopter UH-60JA Built by Mitsubishi


  • Headquarters
    • Headquarters and Service Company (OH-6D)
  • 1st Transportation Helicopter Group
    • 103rd Flight Squadron (CH-47J/JA)
    • 104th Flight Squadron (CH-47J/JA)
    • 105th Flight Squadron (CH-47J/JA)
    • 106th Flight Squadron (CH-47J/JA)
  • 102nd Flight Squadron (UH-60JA,OH-6D)
  • Special transportation helicopter Squadron (EC 225LP)
  • Communications and Reconnaissance Squadron (LR-1, LR-2)
  • Field Maintenance Party


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