1st Arizona State Legislature

The 1st Arizona State Legislature, consisting of the Arizona State Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, was constituted from February 14, 1912 (the day Arizona was admitted to the United States) to December 31, 1914, during the first term of George Wylle Paul Hunt as Governor of Arizona, in Phoenix. The legislature was heavily skewed towards the Democrats, with their holding a 15–4 lead in the senate, and a 31–4 lead in the Arizona House of Representantatives The number of senators and representatives was set by the State Constitution, with 9 counties being granted one Senator, while the other 5 were granted two. Representation in the house was also by county, apportioned by population, with each county being guaranteed a minimum of 1 Representation.[2]

1st Arizona State Legislature
State Constitutional Convention 2nd
The facade of the Arizona Capitol building in bright daylight
Legislative bodyArizona State Legislature
JurisdictionArizona, United States
TermMarch 18, 1912 – December 31, 1914
PresidentM. G. Cunniff (D)[1]: 4 
Party controlDemocrat 15–4
House of Representatives
SpeakerSam B. Bradner (D)[1]: 4 
Party controlDemocrat 31–4
1stMarch 18 – May 18, 1912
Special sessions
1stMay 23 – June 22, 1912
2ndFebruary 3 – April 7, 1913
3rdApril 14 – May 17, 1913


With the transition to Statehood, the Territorial Governor, Richard E. Sloan, announced that the first statewide elections were to be held on December 12, 1911. Among other statewide offices, Sloan proclaimed that there would be 19 State Senators and 35 members of the State House of Representatives, apportioned by counties. Apache, Coconino, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal, Santa Cruz Countes were allotted 1 senator and 1 representative; Cochise County got 2 senators and 7 representatives; Gila, Pima Counties got 2 senators and 3 representatives; Graham, Greenlee, and Yuma Counties received 1 senator and 2 representatives; Maricopa got 2 senators and 6 representatives; Yavapai County received 2 senators and 4 representatives.[3] The primary election was held on October 24, 1911.[4]


The Legislature met for the regular session at the State Capitol in Phoenix on March 18, 1912; and adjourned on May 18.[1]: 4 

A special session was called by the governor, and met between May 23 – June 22, 1912.[1]: 753  A second special session was invoked from February 3 – April 7, 1913.[5] A third special session was convened from April 14 – May 17, 1913.[5]: 85 

State SenateEdit


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.[6]

County Senator Party Notes
Apache J. Lorenzo Hubbell Republican
Cochise W. P. Sims Democrat
C. M. Roberts Democrat
Coconino Fred S. Breen Republican
Gila J. F. Hechtman Democrat
Alfred Kinney Democrat
Graham W. W. Pace Democrat
Greenlee George H. Chase Democrat
Maricopa H. A. Davis Democrat
C. B. Wood Democrat
Mohave Henry Lovin Democrat
Navajo John H. Willis Republican
Pima John T. Hughes Democrat
A. A. Worsley Democrat
Pinal J. F. Brown Republican
Santa Cruz James A. Harrison Democrat
Yavapai M. G. Cunniff Democrat
H. R. Wood Democrat
Yuma Fred W. Wessel Democrat

House of RepresentativesEdit


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.[6]

County Representative Party Notes
Apache Nasianceno Gonzales Republican
Cochise J. M. Ball Democrat
Sam B. Bradner Democrat
George D. Craig Democrat
A. G. Curry Democrat
J. F. Duncan Democrat
W. J. Graham Democrat
C. B. Kelton Democrat
Coconino Thomas Maddock Republican
Gila William E. Brooks Democrat
J. Tom Lewis Democrat
John W. Murphy Democrat
Graham A. E. Jacobson Democrat
A. R. Lynch Democrat
Greenlee M. H. Kane Democrat
William Whipple Democrat
Maricopa Don C. Babbitt Democrat
George F. Cocke Democrat
J. A. R. Irvine Democrat
Leon S. Jacobs Democrat
Harry Johnson Democrat
Dan P. Jones Democrat
Mohave John Ellis Democrat
Navajo Frank O. Mattox Democrat
Pima J. W. Buchanan Democrat
Frank L. Crofoot Republican
Kirke T. Moore Republican
Pinal Alexander Barker Democrat
Santa Cruz Harry Saxon Democrat
Yavapai Perry Hall Democrat
H. H. Linney Democrat
A. A. Moore Democrat
P. S. Wren Democrat
Yuma Thomas M. Drennan Democrat
J. R. Kerr Democrat


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