19th arrondissement

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The 19th arrondissement of Paris (XIXe arrondissement) is one of the 20 arrondissements of the capital city of France. In spoken French, this arrondissement is referred to as dix-neuvième.

19th arrondissement of Paris
La Villette
La Villette
Location within Paris
Location within Paris
Coordinates: 48°52′56″N 2°22′55″E / 48.88222°N 2.38194°E / 48.88222; 2.38194Coordinates: 48°52′56″N 2°22′55″E / 48.88222°N 2.38194°E / 48.88222; 2.38194
 • Mayor (2020–2026) François Dagnaud (PS)
6.79 km2 (2.62 sq mi)
 (Jan. 2018)[1]
 • Density27,322/km2 (70,760/sq mi)
INSEE code75119
Paris Coat of Arms
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The arrondissement, known as Butte-Chaumont, is situated on the right bank of the River Seine. It is crossed by two canals, the Canal Saint-Denis and the Canal de l'Ourcq, which meet near the Parc de la Villette.

The 19th arrondissement, mixing the Old French bohemianism and also the Parisian cosmopolitanism, includes two public parks: the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, located on a hill, and the Parc de la Villette, which is home to the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, a museum and exhibition centre, the Conservatoire de Paris, one of the most renowned music schools in Europe, the Cabaret Sauvage, the Zénith de Paris and the Philharmonie de Paris,[2] both part of the Cité de la Musique.


The land area of the arrondissement is 6.786 km2 (2.62 sq. miles).


The population of the 19th arrondissement has been constantly increasing since 1975. At the last census, in 2009, the population was 184,787 inhabitants. 68,101 people worked in the arrondissement in 1999.

This sector has become the home for many immigrants to France, particularly from North Africa.

Historical population
(of French censuses)
Population Density
(inh. per km2)
1872 93,174 13,730
1954 155,058 22,845
1962 159,568 23,514
1968 148,862 21,937
1975 144,357 21,273
1982 162,649 23,968
1990 165,062 24,324
1999 172,730 25,454
2009 (peak of population) 184,787 27,215

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