19th Infantry Division (Ottoman Empire)

The 19th Infantry Division was a formation of the Ottoman Army, during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. Two thirds of the division was made up of Syrian Arabs, who faced the first wave of the Allied invasion during the Gallipoli campaign, and one third were Turks.[1]


Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal[2]
  • 57th Regiment: Major Hüseyin Avni[2]
    • 1st Battalion Captain Ahmet Zeki
    • 2nd Battalion Captain Ata
    • 3rd Battalion Captain Hayri
  • 72nd Regiment: Major Mehmet Münir[2]
  • 77th Regiment: Major Saip[2]
  • 39th Artillery Regiment: Major Halil Galib (Tekaki)[2]

The 18th and 27th Regiments were also assigned to the division later in the Gallipoli campaign.[3]


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