1999 Nike Tour

The 1999 Nike Tour season ran from January 7 to October 24. The season consisted of 30 official money golf tournaments. The top 15 players on the year-end money list earned their PGA Tour card for 2000.


The number in parentheses after winners' names shows the player's total number of wins on the tour including that event. No one accumulates many wins on the tour because success at this level soon leads to promotion to the PGA Tour. All the official tournament names began with "Nike", for example Nike South Florida Classic: these are eliminated here for brevity.

Date Tournament Location Winner
Jan 10 South Florida Classic Florida   Curt Byrum (2)
Jan 17 Lakeland Classic Florida   Ryan Howison (2)
Feb 7 Florida Classic Florida   Richard Johnson (1)
Feb 21 Mississippi Gulf Coast Open Mississippi   Joel Edwards (1)
Mar 21 Monterrey Open Mexico   Steve Gotsche (1)
Mar 28 Louisiana Open Louisiana   Matt Gogel (5)
Apr 18 Shreveport Open Louisiana   Bob Heintz (1)
Apr 25 South Carolina Classic South Carolina   Kevin Johnson (2)
May 2 Upstate Classic South Carolina   Steve Gotsche (2)
May 9 Carolina Classic North Carolina   Vance Veazey (2)
May 16 Dominion Open Virginia   Darron Stiles (1)
May 23 Knoxville Open Tennessee   Jeff Gove (2)
Jun 13 Cleveland Open Ohio   Matt Gogel (6)
Jun 20 Dayton Open Ohio   John Wilson (2)
Jun 27 Lehigh Valley Open Pennsylvania   Mathew Goggin (1)
Jul 4 Hershey Open Pennsylvania   Ed Fryatt (1)
Jul 11 Greensboro Open North Carolina   Shaun Micheel (1)
Jul 25 Wichita Open Kansas   Brad Elder (1)
Aug 1 Dakota Dunes Open South Dakota   Fran Quinn (1)
Aug 8 Omaha Classic Nebraska   Mathew Goggin (2)
Aug 15 Ozarks Open Missouri   Ryan Howison (3)
Aug 22 Fort Smith Classic Arkansas   Gary Webb (2)
Aug 29 Permian Basin Open Texas   David Berganio, Jr. (2)
Sep 5 Utah Classic Utah   Carl Paulson (1)
Sep 12 Tri-Cities Open Washington   Glen Hnatiuk (4)
Sep 19 Boise Open Idaho   Carl Paulson (2)
Sep 26 Oregon Classic Oregon   Kelly Gibson (2)
Oct 3 Inland Empire Open California   Brad Elder (2)
Oct 10 New Mexico Classic New Mexico   Dick Mast (4)
Oct 24 Nike Tour Championship Alabama   Bob Heintz (2)

Leading money winnersEdit

Rank Player Country Prize money (US$)
1 Carl Paulson   United States 223,051
2 Joel Edwards   United States 213,937
3 Marco Dawson   United States 201,219
4 Mathew Goggin   Australia 187,894
5 Ed Fryatt   England 186,356
6 Bob Heintz   United States 180,222
7 Matt Gogel   United States 180,173
8 Glen Hnatiuk   Canada 176,085
9 Shaun Micheel   United States 173,411
10 Ryan Howison   United States 154,815

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