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1999 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

1999 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
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The 1999 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series was the fifth season of the Craftsman Truck Series, the third highest stock car racing series sanctioned by NASCAR in the United States. Jack Sprague of Hendrick Motorsports was crowned champion.

See also: 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup Series, 1999 NASCAR Busch Series


1999 Team ChartEdit

Team Truck(s) # Driver(s) Listed Owner(s) Crew Chief
Addington Racing Chevrolet Silverado 60 Andy Houston Mike Addington Rick Ren
Bobby Hamilton Racing Dodge Ram 18 Joe Ruttman Bobby Hamilton Eddie Jones
Brevak Racing Ford F-150 31 Kevin Cywinski Shelly Brevak Joe Shear, Jr.
Chesrown Racing Chevrolet Silverado 6 Rick Carelli Marshall Chesrown Rodney Haygood
Circle Bar Racing Ford F-150 14 Rick Crawford Tom Mitchell George Church
CJ Racing Ford F-150 27 Ernie Cope (R) Mike Albernaz Mike Albernaz
Conely Racing Chevrolet Silverado 7 Tom Hubert John Conely John Conely
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Chevrolet Silverado 16 Ron Hornaday Dale Earnhardt Sandy Jones
Gloy/Rahal Racing Ford F-150 55 Ron Barfield Tom Gloy Kevin Caldwell
Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 24 Jack Sprague Rick Hendrick Dennis Connor
Impact Motorsports Dodge Ram 25 Randy Tolsma David Hodson Gary Showalter
86 Stacy Compton Kevin Cram
K Automotive Racing Dodge Ram 1 Dennis Setzer Kay Keselowski Howard Comstock
Ken Schrader Racing Chevrolet Silverado 52 Scott Hansen (R) Ken Schrader Wally Brown
L&R Racing Dodge Ram 90 Lance Norick Ron Norick Mike Cheek
Liberty Racing Ford F-150 98 Kevin Harvick Jim Herrick Roland Wlodyka
McCray Racing Chevrolet Silverado 42 Rick McCray Sandy McCray Rickey McCray
McGlynn Racing Chevrolet Silverado 00 Ryan McGlynn (R) Raynard McGlynn Raynard McGlynn
Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Ford F-150 46 Rob Morgan David Dollar Tim Murphy
Phelon Motorsports Ford F-150 66 Mike Stefanik (R) Dale Phelon Emory Donaldson
Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet Silverado 3 Jay Sauter Richard Childress Todd Berrier
Richard Petty Motorsports Dodge Ram 43 Jimmy Hensley Richard Petty Fred Wanke
Roush Racing Ford F-150 50 Greg Biffle Jack Roush Randy Goss
99 Mike Bliss Matt Chambers
SealMaster Racing Chevrolet Silverado 88 Terry Cook Duke Thorson Chris Showalter
Sonntag Racing Chevrolet Silverado 73 David Starr (R) Kim Sonntag Joey Sonntag
Spears Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado 75 Marty Houston (R) Wayne Spears Freddy Fryar
Steele Racing Ford F-150 21 Tim Steele (R) Harold Steele Tom Sokoloski
Ultra Motorsports Ford F-150 2 Mike Wallace Marlene Smith Tim Kohuth

Florida Dodge Dealers 400KEdit

Chevy Trucks NASCAR 150Edit


Dodge California Truckstop 300Edit

NAPA 250Edit

The NAPA 250 was held April 17 at Martinsville Speedway. Mike Bliss won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 43-Jimmy Hensley
  2. 86-Stacy Compton
  3. 24-Jack Sprague
  4. 31-Kevin Cywinski
  5. 50-Greg Biffle
  6. 99-Mike Bliss
  7. 25-Randy Tolsma
  8. 44-Ernie Irvan
  9. 6-Rick Carelli
  10. 98-Kevin Harvick

Failed to qualify: Ronnie Newman (#82), Carl Long (#91), Brian Sockwell (#54), Ronnie Hornaday (#97), Billy Venturini (#35), Ronnie Hoover (#28), Ryan McGlynn (#00), Shane Jenkins (#81)

Memphis 200Edit

The Memphis 200 was held May 8 at Memphis Motorsports Park. Greg Biffle won the pole. Rick Carelli suffered near-fatal injuries in a lap 12 crash during this race.

Top Ten Results

  1. 50-Greg Biffle
  2. 98-Kevin Harvick
  3. 3-Jay Sauter
  4. 86-Stacy Compton
  5. 1-Dennis Setzer
  6. 16-Ron Hornaday
  7. 60-Andy Houston
  8. 25-Randy Tolsma
  9. 24-Jack Sprague
  10. 18-Butch Miller

Failed to qualify: Billy Venturini (#35), Michael Dokken (#64), Shane Jenkins (#81)

NAPA 300KEdit

O'Reilly Auto Parts 200Edit

The O'Reilly Auto Parts 200 was held May 22 at I-70 Speedway. Stacy Compton won the pole. This was also the first start for Jamie McMurray in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series

Top Ten Results

  1. 24-Jack Sprague
  2. 1-Dennis Setzer
  3. 60-Andy Houston
  4. 86-Stacy Compton
  5. 43-Jimmy Hensley
  6. 31-Kevin Cywinski
  7. 66-Mike Stefanik
  8. 25-Randy Tolsma
  9. 99-Mike Bliss
  10. 50-Greg Biffle

Coca-Cola Family 200Edit

Pronto Auto Parts 400KEdit

Grainger 225Edit

Bully Hill Vineyards 150Edit

The Bully Hill Vineyards 150 was held June 26 at Watkins Glen International Raceway. Ron Fellows won the pole. Ron Fellows Led most of the laps to win.

Top Ten Results

  1. 87-Ron Fellows
  2. 2-Mike Wallace
  3. 24-Jack Sprague
  4. 50-Greg Biffle
  5. 16-Ron Hornaday
  6. 3-Jay Sauter
  7. 98-Kevin Harvick
  8. 60-Andy Houston
  9. 90-Lance Norick
  10. 14-Rick Crawford

DieHard 200Edit

Federated Auto Parts 250Edit

NAPA AutoCare 200Edit 200Edit

Pennzoil/VIP Discount Auto Center 200Edit

Power Stroke 200 by FordEdit

Ram Tough 200Edit

The Ram Tough 200 was held August 20 at Gateway International Raceway. Stacy Compton won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 50-Greg Biffle
  2. 1-Dennis Setzer
  3. 24-Jack Sprague
  4. 86-Stacy Compton
  5. 2-Mike Wallace
  6. 66-Mike Stefanik
  7. 18-Joe Ruttman
  8. 99-Mike Bliss
  9. 14-Rick Crawford
  10. 43-Jimmy Hensley

Failed to qualify: Ross Thompson (#94), Chris Horn (#58), Steve Stevenson (#11)

O'Reilly Auto Parts 275Edit

The O'Reilly Auto Parts 275 was held August 28 at Heartland Park Topeka. Boris Said won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 99-Mike Bliss
  2. 44-Boris Said
  3. 3-Jay Sauter
  4. 14-Rick Crawford
  5. 46-Rob Morgan
  6. 16-Ron Hornaday
  7. 18-Joe Ruttman
  8. 50-Greg Biffle
  9. 2-Mike Wallace
  10. 66-Mike Stefanik

Failed to qualify: Randy Briggs (#53), Bow Carpenter (#37)

Virginia Is For Lovers 200Edit

Orleans 250Edit

The Orleans 250 was held September 24 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Stacy Compton won the pole. Greg Biffle was penalized 120 points after the race for an illegal intake manifold on his truck.

Top Ten Results

  1. 50-Greg Biffle
  2. 24-Jack Sprague
  3. 16-Ron Hornaday
  4. 1-Dennis Setzer
  5. 3-Jay Sauter
  6. 86-Stacy Compton
  7. 43-Jimmy Hensley
  8. 14-Rick Crawford
  9. 98-Kevin Harvick
  10. 88-Terry Cook

Failed to qualify: Auggie Vidovich II (#5), Tommy Croft (#71), Bobby Register (#36), Milan Garrett (#35), Dwayne Leik (#81), Rick Ware (#51), Bill Sedgwick (#44)

Kroger 225Edit

O'Reilly 300Edit

The O'Reilly 300 was held October 15 at Texas Motor Speedway. Jay Sauter won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 3-Jay Sauter
  2. 50-Greg Biffle
  3. 1-Dennis Setzer
  4. 2-Mike Wallace
  5. 25-Randy Tolsma
  6. 88-Terry Cook
  7. 18-Joe Ruttman
  8. 60-Andy Houston
  9. 29-Bob Keselowski
  10. 16-Ron Hornaday, Jr.

Failed to qualify: Jay Stewart (#33), Tommy Croft (#71), Rick Ware (#51), Rick McCray (#23), Ross Thompson (#92)

NAPA Auto Parts 200Edit

The NAPA Auto Parts 200 was held October 30 at California Speedway. Andy Houston won the pole.

Top Ten Results

  1. 24-Jack Sprague
  2. 18-Joe Ruttman
  3. 86-Stacy Compton
  4. 04-Bobby Hamilton
  5. 99-Mike Bliss
  6. 16-Ron Hornaday
  7. 50-Greg Biffle
  8. 43-Jimmy Hensley
  9. 66-Mike Stefanik

Failed to qualify: Ross Thompson (#92), Tom Powers (#5), Milan Garrett (#85), Mark Gibson (#59)

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

Mike Stefanik, driving in the series full-time in the #66 Phelon Motorsports car after having won the series championship in both the Busch North Series and the Featherlite Modified Series in the previous two seasons, managed to get nine top-tens en route to winning Rookie of the Year honors. Runner-up Scott Hansen had three top-tens in a Ken Schrader-owned truck, while David Starr drove 24 races for various owners. Marty Houston, Phil Bonifield, Ryan McGlynn, and former ARCA champion Tim Steele ran limited schedules during the season. Nipper Alsup, Ernie Cope, Mike Clark, and Randy Nelson all failed to meet the minimum requirements to contend for the top Rookie honors.

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