1998 Scottish Conservative Party leadership election

The 1998 Scottish Conservative Party leadership election was an internal party election for a new leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. The previous year the party had lost all of its MPs in the 1997 general election. Two individuals put themselves forward; Former Scottish Conservative President David McLetchie, and former Ayr MP Phil Gallie. McLetchie won the election with 52.3% of votes cast.[1][2] The Leader was elected via a secret ballot at a meeting of senior party officials, including Conservative candidates for the Scottish parliament, constituency chairs, area officers and the party’s Scottish executive.

1998 Scottish Conservative Party leadership election

6 September 1998 2005 →
  DavidMcLetchieMSP20110509.JPG Blank
Candidate David McLetchie Phil Gallie
Delegate votes 91 83
Percentage 52.3% 47.7%

Leader before election

New position

Elected Leader

David McLetchie

Leadership ElectionEdit

Candidate Votes[2]
Delegate Votes %
David McLetchie  Y 91
Phil Gallie 83


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