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The 1998 Prankote massacre was the killing of 26 Hindus in the villages of Prankote and Dakikote in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir on 17 April 1998.[1]


In 1990, the majority of the 250,000 Pandit population left Kashmir after being selectively targeted by Islamist terrorists. Most live in refugee camps in Jammu.

The attackEdit

Survivors said that the killers struck when the villagers refused demands from the terrorists to convert to Islam and prove their conversion by eating beef.[2][3] On refusal to convert, all the 26 people including women and children were beheaded.[1] Seven members were charred beyond recognition when their house was set on fire.[1]


It took 10 hours for news to reach the authorities and security forces reached only after a day.[4][5] Then Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said "This a shocking incident. I have seen tragedies earlier, but this was bloodcurdling. No bullets were fired, the villagers were butchered."[6]

The massacre forced migration of nearly 1,000 people to Reasi, Pouni Thanpal, Chasana and other towns of the district.[7]

In April 2008, the alleged mastermind Abdul Haque alias Jahangir, a militant belonging to Hizbul Mujahideen, was shot dead by Indian security forces.[8]


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