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1998 Irish Masters

The 1998 Irish Masters was the twenty-fourth edition of the professional invitational snooker tournament, which took place from 24 to 29 March 1998. The tournament was played at Goffs in Kildare, and featured twelve professional players.

Irish Masters
Tournament information
Dates24–29 March 1998
CountryRepublic of Ireland
FormatNon-Ranking event
ChampionRepublic of Ireland Ken Doherty
Score[n 1]

Ronnie O'Sullivan won the final 9–3 against Ken Doherty, however O'Sullivan failed a post-final drugs test and tested positive for cannabis. He was stripped of the title and disqualified from the tournament with the victory awarded to Doherty.[1]

Main drawEdit


Round 1
Best of 11 frames
Best of 11 frames
Best of 11 frames
Best of 17 frames
          Ronnie O'Sullivan 6  
  Ronnie O'Sullivan 6       Stephen Hendry 3  
  Jimmy White 2         Ronnie O'Sullivan 6  
            John Higgins 4  
          John Higgins 6  
  Steve Davis 6       Steve Davis 3  
  Nigel Bond 5         Ronnie O'Sullivan 9 *
            Ken Doherty 3
          Ken Doherty 6  
  Fergal O'Brien 6       Fergal O'Brien 1  
  Peter Ebdon 2         Ken Doherty 6  
            John Parrott 1  
          John Parrott 6      
  John Parrott 6       Mark Williams 3      
  Tony Drago 2  

* Ronnie O'Sullivan was stripped of the title and disqualified from the tournament after winning 9–3. O'Sullivan failed a drugs test after testing positive for cannabis. Ken Doherty was awarded the title.


  1. ^ Ken Doherty was awarded the title after Ronnie O'Sullivan was subsequently stripped of his title and disqualified from the tournament, for failing a drugs test.


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