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1998 Iranian Assembly of Experts election

The third Iranian Assembly of Experts election was held on October 23, 1998 to elect all 86 members in 28 constituencies. 17,857,869 citizens voted in the elections, marking a 46.3% turnout.[1]

1998 Assembly of Experts election

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86 Seats in Assembly of Experts
56 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (Spiritual)
Party Combatant Clergy Association Executives of Construction Party
Seats won 69
Percentage 80.23% 37.20%

Chairman before election

Ali Meshkini

Elected Chairman

Ali Meshkini

Coming a year after reformist Mohammad Khatami's 1997 presidential victory, there had been speculation that reform-minded individuals would do well in the 1998 race. However, the Guardian Council changed the rules. Previously, candidates had to demonstrate ijtihad, but in 1998 all potential candidates were also required to demonstrate a "proper political inclination".[2]

Out of 396 individuals registered to run, 167 (36.86%) were qualified by the council.[1] 214 were disqualified, 13 withdrew and 60 of 187 invitees did not participate in ijtihad test.[3]

The two leading clerical bodies of reformists, Association of Combatant Clerics and Assembly of Qom Seminary Scholars and Researchers did not issue any electoral list, protesting disqualification of their candidates by the Guardian Council. Other reformist groups did the same, including Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Organization. The only 2nd of Khordad-affiliated group that endorsed candidates was Executives of Construction Party.[3]


According to Fars News Agency, the results were as follows:[3]

Electoral list Seats Won
Exclusive Shared Total
Combatant Clergy Association 49 20
69 / 86 (80%)
Executives of Construction Party 12 20
32 / 86 (37%)
5 / 86 (6%)

According to Ali Afshari, the composition of assembly was:[4]

Faction Seats
'Traditional right-wingers' 65%
'Imam's Line' 19%
Independents 8%
'Rafsanjani allies' 5%
Radical-right and Fundamentalists 3%


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