1997 Winter Universiade

The 1997 Winter Universiade, the XVIII Winter Universiade, took place in Muju and Chonju (Jeonju), South Korea. The snow sport events were held in Muju Resort in Muju, while the ice events were held in Chonju.

XVIII Winter Universiade
제18회 동계 유니버시아드
Host cityMuju and Chonju, South Korea
Events7 sports
OpeningJanuary 24, 1997
ClosingFebruary 2, 1997
Opened byKim Young-sam
Torch lighterKim Ki-hoon
Main venueMuju Resort

On 6 July 1993 during the 1993 Summer Universiade in Buffalo, FISU decided that South Korea would host the 1997 Winter Universiade. These were both the first winter multi-sport event and Universiade held in South Korea.


  • The two laughing profiles in a U-shape are inspired by a 'U', the first letter of the Universiade and intended to give out a soft and tender image.
  • The colors of blue and red, the two theme colors of the Korean national flag, Taeguk' ki, symbolizes the goal of the Winter Universiade '97-bringing harmony among university students from every corner of the globe through a sports festival.
  • The red circle at the upper right corner of the emblem is the symbol and dream of youth for a brighter and more peaceful future.


The official mascot of the 1997 Winter Universiade is Mudori (무돌이), a squirrel. Its name is derived from the main host county, Muju.



  • Muju Resort – Alpine skiing
    • Ski jumping venue – Ski jumping, Nordic combined, opening and closing ceremonies
    • Cross-country skiing and biathlon venue (currently golf courses) – Cross-country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combined

Chonju (Jeonju)Edit

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (South Korea)

1  Japan (JPN)99725
2  Russia (RUS)96924
3  Slovenia (SLO)74415
4  China (CHN)64616
5  Netherlands (NED)64111
6  South Korea (KOR)*52411
7  Slovakia (SVK)4004
8  Czech Republic (CZE)2035
9  France (FRA)1214
10  Sweden (SWE)1113
11  Poland (POL)1001
12  Belarus (BLR)0516
13  Austria (AUT)0437
  Italy (ITA)0437
15  Ukraine (UKR)0224
16  United States (USA)0145
17  Bulgaria (BUL)0101
  Finland (FIN)0101
  Romania (ROM)0101
20  Canada (CAN)0011
  Germany (GER)0011
Totals (21 entries)515151153


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  • The Winter Universiade ’97, Muju-Chonju Official Report (’97 무주·전주 동계유니버시아드대회 공식보고서) (in Korean). The Organizing Committee for the Winter Universiade ’97, Muju-Chonju. 25 September 1997.