1996 Zambian general election

General elections were held in Zambia on 18 November 1996 to elect a President and National Assembly. They were boycotted by the main opposition party, the United National Independence Party, together with five other allied parties, following changes to the constitution which they failed to have reversed following a court challenge. The changes imposed a two-term limit on the presidency, required presidential candidates to be born to two Zambian citizens by birth or descent, and required National Assembly candidates to give up their chieftaincy. UNIP believed these changes were specifically aimed at their longtime leader, Kenneth Kaunda, whose parents were Malawian and had previously served as the country's first president from 1964 to 1991. The changes would have also excluded UNIP's vice president, a chief.[1] Subsequently, the ruling Movement for Multi-Party Democracy won a comfortable victory in both elections, taking 131 of the 150 elected seats in the National Assembly, and its candidate, Frederick Chiluba, winning 73% of the vote in the presidential election.

1996 Zambian general election

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Nominee Frederick Chiluba Dean Mungomba Humphrey Mulemba
Popular vote 913,770 160,439 83,875
Percentage 72.59% 12.75% 6.66%

1996 Zambia Presidential Election Results by Constituency.svg

President before election

Frederick Chiluba

Elected President

Frederick Chiluba

Out of about 4,500,000 eligible voters, only 2,267,382 million registered. Amongst registered voters, turnout was 58%.[2]



Frederick ChilubaMovement for Multi-Party Democracy913,77072.59
Dean MungombaZambia Democratic Congress160,43912.75
Humphrey MulembaNational Party83,8756.66
Akashambatwa Mbikusita-LewanikaAgenda for Zambia59,2504.71
Chama ChakombokaMovement for Democratic Process41,4713.29
Valid votes1,258,80595.00
Invalid/blank votes66,2485.00
Total votes1,325,053100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,267,38258.44
Source: EISA

National AssemblyEdit

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy778,98960.88131+6
Zambia Democratic Congress176,52113.792New
National Party90,8237.105New
National Lima Party81,8766.400New
Agenda for Zambia18,9821.482New
National Congress2,3130.180New
Liberal Progressive Front7590.060New
Movement for Democratic Progress6320.050New
United National Independence Party4770.040–25
Party for Poor People2930.020New
Real Democracy Party1820.010New
Presidential appointees80
Appointed speaker10
Valid votes1,279,60795.99
Invalid/blank votes53,4624.01
Total votes1,333,069100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,267,38258.79
Source: EISA

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