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1996 NASCAR Busch Series

1996 team chartEdit

List of full-time teams at the start of 1996.

Team Car(s) No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s)
Akins-Sutton Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 38 Dennis Setzer Bob Sutton
American Equipment Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 95 David Green Buz McCall
BACE Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 74 Randy LaJoie Bill Baumgardner
Beverly Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 25 Johnny Rumley Don Beverly
Bown Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 51 Jim Bown Dick Bown
Buckshot Racing Ford Thunderbird 00 Buckshot Jones Billy Jones
Champion Racing Ford Thunderbird 26 Derrike Cope Leon Fox
Curb Racing Ford Thunderbird 96 Stevie Reeves Mike Curb
Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3 Jeff Green Dale Earnhardt
Diamond Ridge Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 29 Steve Grissom Gary Bechtel
Ridling Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 88 Pete Orr (R) David Ridling
Henderson Brothers Racing Ford Thunderbird 75 Doug Heveron Charlie Henderson
Hensley Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 63 Curtis Markham Hubert Hensley
Isenhower Brothers Racing Ford Thunderbird 32 Dale Jarrett Horace Isenhower
J&J Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 99 Glenn Allen, Jr. (R) Bill Papke
Joe Bessey Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 9 Joe Bessey Nancy Bessey
KEL Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 57 Jason Keller Joe Keller
Labonte Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 5 Terry Labonte ,
44 Bobby Labonte
Lepage Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 71 Kevin Lepage Kevin Lepage
Mark Rypien Motorsports Pontiac Grand Prix 23 Chad Little Mark Rypien
Martin Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 92 Larry Pearson Mac Martin
Michael Waltrip Racing Ford Thunderbird 12 Michael Waltrip Buffy Waltrip
MS Racing Ford Thunderbird 14 Patty Moise Elton Sawyer
NorthStar Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 98 Jeremy Mayfield Meredith Ruark
Owen Racing Ford Thunderbird 90 Mike Wallace Barry Owen
Parker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 72 Mike Dillon Ron Parker
Petty Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 16

Pontiac Grand Prix 9

43 Rodney Combs Richard Petty
Phil Parsons Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 10 Phil Parsons Marcia Parsons
Phoenix Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 4 Jeff Purvis James Finch
Porter Racing Ford Thunderbird 48 Randy Porter James Porter
Pro Tech Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 81 Todd Bodine Ron Neal
Roush Racing Ford Thunderbird 60 Mark Martin Jack Roush
Sadler Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1 Hermie Sadler Bell Sadler
Shoemaker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 64 Dick Trickle Dennis Shoemaker
ST Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 47 Jeff Fuller Tad Geschickter
Stegall Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 85 Shane Hall (R) Don Stegall
Taylor Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 40 Tim Fedewa Doug Taylor
Team 34 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 34 Mike McLaughlin Frank Cicci

Goody's Headache Powder 300Edit

The Goody's Headache Powder 300 was held February 17 at Daytona International Speedway. Jeff Purvis won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 29-Steve Grissom
  2. 32-Dale Jarrett
  3. 60-Mark Martin
  4. 92-Larry Pearson
  5. 63-Curtis Markham
  6. 43-Rodney Combs
  7. 74-Randy LaJoie
  8. 26-Derrike Cope
  9. 44-Bobby Labonte
  10. 20-Jimmy Spencer

Goodwrench Service 200Edit

Hardee's Fried Chicken 250Edit

Busch Light 300Edit

BellSouth / Opryland USA 320Edit

Dura Lube 200 (March 23)Edit

Goody's Headache Powder 250Edit

Sundrop 300Edit

Meridian Advantage 200Edit

The Meridian Advantage 200 was held May 19 at Nazareth Speedway. David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 74-Randy LaJoie*
  2. 95-David Green
  3. 3-Jeff Green
  4. 64-Dick Trickle
  5. 57-Jason Keller
  6. 6-Tommy Houston
  7. 88-Kevin Lepage
  8. 40-Tim Fedewa
  9. 81-Todd Bodine
  10. 99-Glenn Allen, Jr.

Shane Hall flipped in this race.

This was the first win for Randy LaJoie

Red Dog 300Edit

The Red Dog 300 was held May 25 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Dale Jarrett won the pole. Future Cup Series champion Matt Kenseth made his debut.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 64-Dick Trickle
  3. 44-Bobby Labonte
  4. 5-Terry Labonte
  5. 74-Randy LaJoie
  6. 32-Dale Jarrett
  7. 26-Derrike Cope
  8. 87-Joe Nemechek
  9. 90-Mike Wallace
  10. 22-Ward Burton

GM Goodwrench/Delco 200Edit

Winston Motorsports 300Edit

Carolina Pride / Red Dog 250Edit

The Carolina Pride / Red Dog 250 was held June 22 at Myrtle Beach Speedway. David Green won the pole. This race marked the NASCAR debut of Dale Earnhardt, Jr., driving the #31 Chevrolet. Earnhardt started 7th and finished 14th.

Top ten results

  1. 95-David Green
  2. 4-Jeff Purvis
  3. 57-Jason Keller
  4. 88-Kevin Lepage
  5. 3-Jeff Green
  6. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  7. 64-Dick Trickle
  8. 43-Dennis Setzer
  9. 63-Curtis Markham
  10. 37-Mark Green

Lysol 200Edit

Sears Auto Center 250Edit

Stanley 200Edit

Humminbird Fishfinder 500KEdit

Kroger 200Edit

Detroit Gasket 200Edit

Food City 250Edit

The Food City 250 was held August 23 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Jeff Fuller won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 47-Jeff Fuller
  2. 32-Dale Jarrett
  3. 10-Phil Parsons
  4. 20-Jimmy Spencer
  5. 12-Michael Waltrip
  6. 26-Derrike Cope
  7. 63-Curtis Markham
  8. 3-Jeff Green
  9. 57-Jason Keller
  10. 5-Terry Labonte

Dura Lube 200 (August 31)Edit

Autolite Platinum 200Edit

MBNA 200Edit

All Pro Bumper to Bumper 300Edit

AC-Delco 200Edit

Jiffy Lube Miami 300Edit

The Jiffy Lube Miami 300 was held November 3 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Bobby Labonte won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 88-Kevin Lepage
  2. 44-Bobby Labonte
  3. 60-Mark Martin
  4. 87-Joe Nemechek
  5. 29-Elliott Sadler
  6. 20-Jimmy Spencer
  7. 23-Chad Little
  8. 81-Todd Bodine
  9. 95-David Green
  10. 74-Randy LaJoie

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

Former short track racer Glenn Allen, Jr. was named Rookie of the Year in 1996, posting two top-ten finishes early in the season, as well as being of only two full-time contenders for the award. Mike Dillon was the other, finishing 23rd in points. Shane Hall, Mark Green and Tony Stewart were the other contenders, all running part-time schedules.

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