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1996 Internazionali Femminili di Palermo – Doubles

Radka Bobková and Petra Langrová were the defending champions but only Bobkova competed that year with Flora Perfetti.

1996 Internazionali Femminili di Palermo
1995 ChampionsCzech Republic Radka Bobková
Czech Republic Petra Langrová
ChampionsSlovakia Janette Husárová
Austria Barbara Schett
Runners-upArgentina Florencia Labat
Germany Barbara Rittner
Final score6–1, 6–2
Singles Doubles
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Bobkova and Perfetti lost in the quarterfinals to Florencia Labat and Barbara Rittner.

Janette Husárová and Barbara Schett won in the final 6–1, 6–2 against Labat and Rittner.



Champion seeds are indicated in bold text while text in italics indicates the round in which those seeds were eliminated.

  1.   Sandra Cecchini /   Laura Garrone (First Round)
  2.   Silke Meier /   Henrieta Nagyová (Quarterfinals)
  3.   Radka Bobková /   Flora Perfetti (Quarterfinals)
  4.   Corina Morariu /   Sarah Pitkowski (Semifinals)


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