1994 Northern Territory general election

A general election was held in the Northern Territory on Saturday 4 June 1994, and was won by the incumbent Country Liberal Party (CLP). Marshall Perron continued as Chief Minister.

1994 Northern Territory general election

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All 25 seats of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly
13 seats needed for a majority
Turnout80.7 (Decrease 0.9 pp)
  First party Second party
Leader Marshall Perron Brian Ede
Party Country Liberal Labor
Leader since 14 July 1988 2 November 1990
Leader's seat Fannie Bay Stuart
Last election 14 seats 9 seats
Seats won 17 7
Seat change Increase 3 Decrease 2
Popular vote 38,266 30,507
Percentage 51.9% 41.4%
Swing Increase 3.1 Increase 4.8
TPP 56.3% 43.7%
TPP Decrease 0.7 Increase 0.7

Chief Minister before election

Marshall Perron
Country Liberal

Elected Chief Minister

Marshall Perron
Country Liberal

Independent Noel Padgham-Purich retained her seat of Nelson while Independent Denis Collins lost his seat of Greatorex to the CLP.

Retiring MPs edit

Country Liberal edit

Results edit

17 1 7
CLP Ind Labor
Summary of the results of the 1994 Northern Territory general election, Legislative Assembly[1]
Country Liberal38,26651.91+3.117+3
Valid votes73,72196.19
Invalid/blank votes2,9173.81+0.7
Total votes76,638100.00
Registered voters/turnout95,00780.67-0.9
Popular vote
Country Liberal
Two-party-preferred vote
Country Liberal
Country Liberal

Candidates edit

Sitting members are listed in bold. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour.

Electorate Held by Labor candidate CLP candidate Other candidates
Arafura Labor Maurice Rioli Lothar Siebert Colin Newton (Ind)
Araluen CLP Mescal Yates Eric Poole
Arnhem Labor Wes Lanhupuy Veronica Januschka
Barkly Labor Maggie Hickey Paul Ruger Geoffrey Freeman (Ind)
Braitling CLP Charles Carter Loraine Braham
Brennan CLP Geoffrey Carter Denis Burke Max Ortmann (Ind)
Casuarina CLP Clare Martin Peter Adamson
Fannie Bay CLP Sue Bradley Marshall Perron
Goyder CLP Jamie Johnson Terry McCarthy Gerry Wood (Ind)
Greatorex Independent Kerrie Nelson Richard Lim Denis Collins (Ind)
Jingili CLP Ted Warren Rick Setter
Karama CLP John Tobin Mick Palmer Christopher Inskip (Ind)
Goncalo Pinto (Dem)
Katherine CLP Gabriela Maynard Mike Reed
Leanyer CLP Cossimo Russo Fred Finch
MacDonnell Labor Neil Bell Pamela Waudby
Millner Labor Ken Parish Phil Mitchell Ilana Eldridge (Grn)
Nelson Independent Wayne Connop Chris Lugg Noel Padgham-Purich (Ind)
Nhulunbuy Labor Syd Stirling Michael O'Shea
Nightcliff CLP Paul Henderson Stephen Hatton Robert Adams (Dem)
Palmerston CLP Kevin Diflo Barry Coulter David Elliott (Ind)
Port Darwin CLP Rodney Haritos Shane Stone Andrea Jones (Grn)
Sanderson CLP Denise Horvath Daryl Manzie
Stuart Labor Brian Ede John Bohning
Victoria River Labor Gary Cartwright Tim Baldwin John Noble (Ind)
Wanguri Labor John Bailey Steve Balch

Seats changing hands edit

Seat Pre-1994 Swing Post-1994
Party Member Margin Margin Member Party
Greatorex   Independent Denis Collins 2.5 14.8 12.3 Richard Lim Country Liberal  
Millner   Labor Ken Parish 6.7 7.9 1.2 Phil Mitchell Country Liberal  
Victoria River   Labor Gary Cartwright 1.5 5.9 4.4 Tim Baldwin Country Liberal  

Post-election pendulum edit

The following pendulum is known as the Mackerras pendulum, invented by psephologist Malcolm Mackerras. The pendulum works by lining up all of the seats held in the Legislative Assembly according to the percentage point margin they are held by on a two-party-preferred basis. This is also known as the swing required for the seat to change hands. Given a uniform swing to the opposition or government parties, the number of seats that change hands can be predicted.

Country Liberal seats
Millner Phil Mitchell CLP 1.2
Jingili Rick Setter CLP 4.3
Karama Mick Palmer CLP 4.3
Victoria River Tim Baldwin CLP 4.4
Casuarina Peter Adamson CLP 5.4
Fairly safe
Fannie Bay Marshall Perron CLP 7.9
Sanderson Daryl Manzie CLP 7.1
Nightcliff Stephen Hatton CLP 9.6
Leanyer Fred Finch CLP 10.1
Brennan Denis Burke CLP 11.9
Greatorex Richard Lim CLP 12.3
Port Darwin Shane Stone CLP 12.7
Palmerston Barry Coulter CLP 12.9
Goyder Terry McCarthy CLP 15.8
Very safe
Araluen Eric Poole CLP 20.1
Katherine Mike Reed CLP 20.6
Braitling Loraine Braham CLP 21.0
Labor seats
Barkly Maggie Hickey ALP 1.6
Wanguri John Bailey ALP 1.6
Stuart Brian Ede ALP 1.8
Nhulunbuy Syd Stirling ALP 4.6
Fairly safe
Arafura Maurice Rioli ALP 15.3
Macdonnell Neil Bell ALP 15.9
Very safe
Arnhem Wes Lanhupuy ALP 24.5
Independent seats
Nelson Noel Padgham-Purich IND 3.1 v CLP

References edit

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