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1994 NASCAR Busch Series

Teams & DriversEdit

Complete scheduleEdit

List of full-time teams at the start of 1994.

Team Car(s) No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s)
Alliance Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 59 Dennis Setzer (R) Daniel Welch
BACE Motorsports Chevrolet Lumina 74 Johnny Benson (R) Bill Baumgardner
Beverly Racing Chevrolet Lumina 25 Hermie Sadler Don Beverly
FILMAR Racing Ford Thunderbird 8 Kenny Wallace Filbert Marcotti
Hensley Motorsports Chevrolet Lumina 63 Jim Bown Hubert Hensley
J&J Racing Chevrolet Lumina 99 Robert Pressley 21 Bill Papke
Phil Parsons 4
Bobby Hillin, Jr. 3
Labonte Motorsports Chevrolet Lumina 44 David Green Bob Labonte
Mark Rypien Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 23 Chad Little Mark Rypien
Moroso Racing Chevrolet Lumina 20 Randy LaJoie 27 Dick Moroso
Jimmy Hensley 1
Owen Racing Chevrolet Lumina 9 Mike Wallace 25 Barry Owen
Nathan Buttke 3
Parker Racing Chevrolet Lumina 72 Tracy Leslie Ron Parker
RaDiUs Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 55 Tim Fedewa Ray DeWitt
RC Racing Chevrolet Lumina 2 Ricky Craven Ricky Craven
D-R Racing Chevrolet Lumina
Ford Thunderbird
08 Bobby Dotter Ed Reizen
KEL Racing Chevrolet Lumina
Ford Thunderbird
57 Jason Keller Joe Keller

Part-time scheduleEdit

Manufactures Teams No. Driver(s) Crew chief Rounds
Chevrolet Dale Earnhardt, Inc. 3 Dale Earnhardt 13
Bob Brevak 1
Andy Petree 1
Michael Waltrip 2
Day Enterprises 16 Chad Chaffin (R) Wayne Day 2
Stub Fadden 1
Clay Brown 1
Ferree Racing 46 Shawna Robinson Ed Ferree 13
Ed Ferree 1
John Alexander 1
Robert Pressley 1
Fred Turner Racing 4 Sterling Marlin Fred Turner 13
Hermie Sadler 1
Jamie Aube 1
Johnny Smith 2
Gene Petty Motorsports 88 Mike Skinner 5
David Hyder 1
Rich Bickle 1
Grissom Racing Enterprises 31 Tom Peck Wayne Grissom 8
Steve Grissom 11
Henderson Brothers Racing 75 Doug Heveron Charlie Henderson 17
Joe Bessey Motorsports 97 Joe Bessey Nancy Bessey 11
Key Motorsports 05 Randy MacDonald Curtis Key 2
Tommy Ellis 8
Tom Peck 2
Labonte Motorsports 14 Terry Labonte Bob Labonte 20
Lasater Motorsports 5 Richard Lasater 12
Lepage Racing 71 Kevin Lepage (R) 25
Levin Racing 19 Kirk Shelmerdine (R) Carol Levin 4
Martin Racing 92 Larry Pearson Mac Martin 27
Mark Thomas Racing 96 Stevie Reeves (R) Mark Thomas 22
NEMCO Motorsports 87 Joe Nemechek 11
Payne Racing 27 Roy Payne 25
Phil Parsons Racing 29 Phil Parsons Marcia Parsons 11
Shoemaker Racing 64 Jimmy Spencer 5
Phil Parsons 2
Dick Trickle 5
Speedway Motorsports 56 Ronald Cooper 9
Truex Motorsports Martin Truex Sr. 1
58 1
NLW Motorsports 0 Mike Garvey (R) Ned LaWarre 13
Team 34 34 Mike McLaughlin Frank Cicci 1
Whitaker Racing 7 Harry Gant Ed Whitaker 17
Whitcomb Racing 15 Dirk Stephens (R) Bob Whitcomb 1
Ford Akins-Sutton Motorsports 38 Elton Sawyer Bob Sutton 27
Ernie Irvan Racing 28 Ernie Irvan 8
Mark Martin 1
Todd Bodine 1
Houston Racing 6 Tommy Houston 1
K.R. Rezendes, Inc. 79 Dave Rezendes Duncan Olsen 25
Laughlin Racing Products 35 Randy Porter (R) Mike Laughlin 18
Robert Pressley 5
Jimmy Hensley 1
Shepherd Racing 21 Morgan Shepherd 10
Roush Racing 60 Mark Martin Jack Roush 14
Whitcomb Racing 15 Dirk Stephens (R) Bob Whitcomb 18
Oldsmobile Joe Bessey Motorsports 97 Joe Bessey Nancy Bessey 1
Henderson Brothers Racing 75 Doug Heveron Charlie Henderson 5
Mark Thomas Racing 96 Stevie Reeves (R) Mark Thomas 2
Pontiac Bahari Racing 30 Michael Waltrip 8
Boisvert Racing 7 Dale Shaw 3
NLW Motorsports 0 Mike Garvey (R) Ned LaWarre 3
Ling Racing Dick McCabe 1
Robbie Crouch 1
6 1
Dick McCabe 1
Petty Enterprises 43 Rodney Combs 25
Dick Trickle 1
Robert Pressley 1

Goody's 300Edit

The Goody's 300 was held February 19 at Daytona International Speedway. The No. 30 of Michael Waltrip won the pole and ran well until he lost the right half of his rear spoiler late in the race.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt
  2. 32-Dale Jarrett
  3. 23-Chad Little
  4. 14-Terry Labonte
  5. 28-Ernie Irvan
  6. 4-Sterling Marlin
  7. 21-Morgan Shepherd
  8. 8-Kenny Wallace
  9. 99-Robert Pressley
  10. 31-Tom Peck

• This was Earnhardt’s 21st and final win in the Busch Grand National Series, as well as his fifth straight victory in the Goody’s 300, a record that still stands today.

Goodwrench 200Edit

Hardee's 250Edit

The Hardee's 250 was held March 5 at Richmond International Raceway. The No. 44 of David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 87-Joe Nemechek
  2. 8-Kenny Wallace
  3. 7-Harry Gant
  4. 38-Elton Sawyer
  5. 25-Hermie Sadler
  6. 14-Terry Labonte
  7. 2-Ricky Craven
  8. 60-Mark Martin
  9. 55-Tim Fedewa
  10. 57-Jason Keller

Notable DNQ's No. 3-Dale Earnhardt

Busch Light 300Edit

The Busch Light 300 was held March 12 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The No. 46 of Shawna Robinson* won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 7-Harry Gant
  2. 92-Larry Pearson
  3. 35-Randy Porter
  4. 14-Terry Labonte
  5. 72-Tracy Leslie
  6. 97-Joe Bessey
  7. 20-Randy LaJoie
  8. 59-Dennis Setzer
  9. 32-Dale Jarrett
  10. 3-Dale Earnhardt

Notable DNQ's: 25-Hermie Sadler, 38-Elton Sawyer (both bought rides and still competed in the race)

  • Shawna Robinson became the first woman to win a pole in either of NASCAR's major touring series with this pole. However, she crashed on the first lap of the race with Joe Nemechek after Mike Wallace made it three-wide going into turn 3. Both Robinson and Nemechek accused Wallace of claiming that he was going to wreck Robinson (and then doing it just like he said he would. Wallace denied this. No punishment was assessed in the aftermath.

Miller 500Edit

Mark III Vans 200Edit

Sundrop 400Edit

Goody's 250Edit

The Goody's 250 was held April 9 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The No. 60 of Mark Martin* won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 44-David Green
  2. 6-Tommy Houston
  3. 17-Jeff Green
  4. 32-Dale Jarrett
  5. 63-Jim Bown
  6. 92-Larry Pearson
  7. 7-Harry Gant
  8. 82-Derrike Cope
  9. 64-Phil Parsons
  10. 43-Rodney Combs
  • Mark Martin was leading this race at the white flag under caution and had the race won. Apparently confused by other drivers (Tommy Houston and Tracy Leslie) pulling alongside and waving to him like the race was already over, Martin pulled off the track to go to victory lane approximately 400 feet short of the finish line. This gifted David Green his only victory of 1994. It was the first time in NASCAR history that a winner leading at the yellow flag accidentally gave the race away to another driver, but the second time in NASCAR history that a driver mistakenly thought that the race was over one lap too early, therefore dropping a spot or more in the final results (The first was Cale Yarborough in 1984 at Daytona.).

Pantry Stores 300Edit

The final* Pantry Stores 300 was held April 30 at Orange County Speedway. The No. 57 of Jason Keller won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 25-Hermie Sadler
  2. 59-Dennis Setzer
  3. 8-Kenny Wallace
  4. 74-Johnny Benson -1
  5. 2-Ricky Craven -1
  6. 05-Tommy Ellis -1
  7. 63-Jim Bown -1
  8. 92-Larry Pearson -1
  9. 02-Michael Ritch -2
  10. 08-Bobby Dotter -3

NE Chevy 250Edit

Meridian Advantage 200Edit

Champion 300Edit

The Champion 300 was held May 28 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The No. 88 of Mike Skinner won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 29-Phil Parsons
  2. 60-Mark Martin
  3. 30-Michael Waltrip
  4. 27-Roy Payne
  5. 28-Ernie Irvan -1
  6. 99-Robert Pressley -1
  7. 56-Ronald Cooper -1
  8. 14-Terry Labonte -1
  9. 34-Mike McLaughlin -1
  10. 97-Joe Bessey -1
  • This was Parsons' last career NASCAR victory.

Goodwrench/Delco 200Edit

Carolina Pride / Budweiser 250Edit

Fay's 150Edit

The Fay's 150 was held June 25 at Watkins Glen International Raceway. Ricky Craven won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 14-Terry Labonte
  2. 08-Bobby Dotter*
  3. 72-Tracy Leslie
  4. 44-David Green
  5. 25-Hermie Sadler
  6. 99-Robert Pressley
  7. 2-Ricky Craven
  8. 23-Chad Little
  9. 92-Larry Pearson
  10. 46-Shawna Robinson
  • Bobby Dotter suffered injuries in a crash during the Goodwrench/Delco 200 at Dover. Dotter started the 150 mile event, but ended up requiring relief from road racer Scott Lagasse. Since Dotter started the race, he got credit for the finish.

Havoline 250Edit

Ford Credit 300Edit

Fram Filter 300KEdit

The Pantry 300Edit

The Pantry 300 was held July 31 at Hickory Motor Speedway. David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 59-Dennis Setzer
  2. 8-Kenny Wallace
  3. 44-David Green
  4. 75-Doug Heveron
  5. 92-Larry Pearson
  6. 25-Hermie Sadler
  7. 2-Ricky Craven
  8. 23-Chad Little
  9. 08-Bobby Dotter
  10. 55-Tim Fedewa
  • This was Setzer's last career NASCAR Busch Series victory.

Kroger 200Edit

The Kroger 200 was held Friday night August 5 at Indianapolis Raceway Park. David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 9-Mike Wallace
  2. 6-Tommy Houston
  3. 34-Mike McLaughlin
  4. 59-Dennis Setzer
  5. 23-Chad Little
  6. 2-Ricky Craven
  7. 44-David Green
  8. 8-Kenny Wallace
  9. 57-Jason Keller
  10. 08-Bobby Dotter
  • After several years of mid-summer races, and various dates ranging from June to August, in 1994 the Kroger 200 was permanently planted as a support race for the new Winston Cup Brickyard 400 at nearby Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With the Brickyard 400 being held on a Saturday, the Kroger 200 was scheduled for Friday night. A huge sell-out crowd for the Kroger 200 saw extra bleachers erected at the oval, with thousands of additional fans in town that weekend for the inaugural stock car race at Indy.

Detroit Gasket 200Edit

Food City 250Edit

Gatorade 200Edit

Autolite 250Edit

SplitFire 200Edit

All Pro 300Edit

The All Pro 300 was held October 8 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mark Martin won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 14-Terry Labonte
  2. 60-Mark Martin
  3. 82-Derrike Cope
  4. 23-Chad Little
  5. 38-Elton Sawyer
  6. 63-Jim Bown
  7. 4-Sterling Marlin
  8. 2-Ricky Craven
  9. 20-Jimmy Hensley
  10. 76-Jeff Green
  • This was Dale Earnhardt's last Busch Series race. He dropped out after just five laps due to engine failure.

Advance Auto 500Edit

The Advance Auto 500 was held October 16 at Martinsville Speedway. David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 8-Kenny Wallace
  2. 44-David Green
  3. 9-Mike Wallace
  4. 55-Tim Fedewa
  5. 23-Chad Little
  6. 14-Terry Labonte
  7. 08-Bobby Dotter
  8. 2-Ricky Craven
  9. 6-Tommy Houston
  10. 57-Jason Keller
  • This was the final race at Martinsville Speedway for the Busch Series until 2006 and 2020.

AC-Delco 200Edit

The AC-Delco 200 was held October 22 at North Carolina Speedway. David Green won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 60-Mark Martin
  2. 3-Michael Waltrip
  3. 2-Ricky Craven
  4. 7-Harry Gant
  5. 23-Chad Little
  6. 8-Kenny Wallace
  7. 9-Mike Wallace
  8. 74-Johnny Benson
  9. 20-Randy LaJoie
  10. 43-Robert Pressley

This was the final time that V6 engines were used in the Busch Series. They would make the switch to V8 power in 1995.

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

Grand Rapids, Michigan native Johnny Benson won the Busch Series Rookie of the Year award in 1994, winning once and finishing sixth in points, followed closely by Dennis Setzer, a two-time winner on the circuit. Kevin Lepage and Stevie Reeves were the only others drivers who attempted the season on a full-time basis that season.

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