1994 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics

The 1994 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics (Spanish: VI Campeonato Iberoamericano de Atletismo) was the sixth edition of the international athletics competition between Ibero-American nations which was held at the Estadio José María Minella in Mar del Plata, Argentina from 27–30 October.[1]

VI Ibero-American Championships
1994 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics logo.png
Dates27 – 30 October
Host cityMar del Plata, Argentina
VenueEstadio José María Minella
Participation346 athletes from
22 nations
Records set4 championship records

The competition marked the inauguration of a newly built track at the host stadium, which was part of Mar del Plata's developments for the 1995 Pan American Games. Due to its late scheduling in the annual track and field season, the competition did not attract some of the region's top athletes – Cuba, Portugal and Spain all sent less than full strength delegations. As a result, Brazil topped the medal table for the second time in Ibero-American history, taking eleven gold medals and 32 in total. Cuba were the next best performers with eight golds in their haul of 20 medals, while Colombia came third, having won seven events and 17 medals overall. The hosts, Argentina, were fourth with four golds and fifteen medals in total.[2]

Four new championship records were set at the 1994 edition. Ronaldo da Costa improved the men's 5000 metres record, but was beaten in the 10,000 metres by Armando Quintanilla, who took over half a minute off the previous record. Andrés Charadía bettered a men's hammer throw record, while María Eugenia Villamizar set a new standard in the inaugural women's hammer event.[3] Sueli dos Santos won the women's javelin with a South American record throw, but this mark was later removed as she was disqualified for doping.[2]

Outside of these performances, the standard of competition was lower than at previous editions. Carlos Gats won the men's 100 metres with a slow, wind-assisted time of 10.50 seconds to become the first Argentine to win an international 100 m race since Gerardo Bönnhoff in 1947. Sebastián Keitel of Chile completed a men's 200/400 m double, while Colombia's Ximena Restrepo achieved the same feat and also won in both relays, taking four gold medals from the championships. Andrea Ávila won golds in the women's long jump and triple jump and went on to medal in both the horizontal jumps at the 1995 Pan American Games. Brazilian Silvana Pereira also won two golds, taking the titles in both the long-distance track events.

Medal summaryEdit

For full event details see 1994 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(Wind: +3.3 m/s)
  Carlos Gats (ARG) 10.50 w   Jaime Barragán (MEX) 10.52 w   Jorge Aguilera (CUB) 10.56 w
200 metres   Sebastián Keitel (CHI) 20.43   Carlos Gats (ARG) 20.51   Leonardo Prevost (CUB) 20.61
400 metres   Sebastián Keitel (CHI) 46.72   Sidnei Telles de Souza (BRA) 47.50   Guillermo Cacián (ARG) 47.88
800 metres   José de Oliveira (BRA) 1:49.49   Pablo Squella (CHI) 1:49.50   Edimilson da Silva (BRA) 1:49.91
1500 metres   José López (VEN) 3:54.04   Amado Ramos (CUB) 3:54.17   Antonio Herrador (ESP) 3:54.22
5000 metres   Ronaldo da Costa (BRA) 13:47.99 CR   Martín Pitayo (MEX) 13:50.31   Raimundo Santos (POR) 13:51.15
10,000 metres   Armando Quintanilla (MEX) 28:06.88 CR   Ronaldo da Costa (BRA) 28:18.26   Jorge Marquez (MEX) 28:24.03
110 m hurdles   Erik Batte (CUB) 14.31   Walmes de Souza (BRA) 14.33   Miguel de los Santos (ESP) 14.47
400 m hurdles   Everson Teixeira (BRA) 49.76   Juan Gutiérrez (MEX) 50.31   Eronilde de Araújo (BRA) 50.36
3000 m steeplechase   Javier Rodríguez (ESP) 8:35.03   Rubén García (MEX) 8:36.81   Inocencio López (ESP) 8:41.22
4×100 m relay   Cuba (CUB)
Jorge Aguilera
Leonardo Prevost
Andrés Simón
Joel Lamela
39.99   Brazil (BRA)
Marcelo da Silva
Sidnei Telles de Souza
Claudinei da Silva
Walmes de Souza
40.53   Colombia (COL)
Robinson Urrutia
Wenceslao Ferrín
Luis Vega
José Humberto Rivas
4×400 m relay   Brazil (BRA)
Sidnei Telles de Souza
Clóvis Fernandes
Ediélson Rocha Tenorio
Eronilde de Araújo
3:06.54   Mexico (MEX)
Raymundo Escalante
Juan Vallín
Luis Karim Toledo
Alejandro Cárdenas
3:07.75   Colombia (COL)
Robinson Urrutia
Llimi Rivas
Luis Vega
Wenceslao Ferrín
20,000 m walk   Daniel García (MEX) 1:21:19.92   Querubín Moreno (COL) 1:21:37.17   Héctor Moreno (COL) 1:21:49.90
High jump   Gilmar Mayo (COL) 2.32 m   Marino Drake (CUB) 2.26 m   Fernando Moreno (ARG) 2.20 m
Pole vault   Nuno Fernandes (POR) 5.15 m   Miguel Berrío (CUB) 5.10 m   Françesc Mas (ESP) 5.00 m
Long jump   Jaime Jefferson (CUB) 7.82 m (w)   Paulo de Oliveira (BRA) 7.77 m   Rogelio Sáenz (MEX) 7.73 m (w)
Triple jump   Anísio Silva (BRA) 16.66 m   Daniel Osorio (CUB) 16.39 m (w)   Freddy Nieves (ECU) 15.98 m
Shot put   Gert Weil (CHI) 19.30 m   Manuel Martínez (ESP) 18.70 m   Adilson Oliveira (BRA) 17.77 m
Discus throw   Ramón Jiménez Gaona (PAR) 60.42 m   João dos Santos (BRA) 59.20 m   Marcelo Pugliese (ARG) 59.18 m
Hammer throw   Andrés Charadía (ARG) 70.80 m CR   Guillermo Guzmán (MEX) 67.74 m   Eladio Hernández (CUB) 66.90 m
Javelin throw   Luis Lucumí (COL) 75.40 m   Julián Sotelo (ESP) 73.88 m   Martín Castillo (MEX) 69.36 m
Decathlon   Mário Aníbal (POR) 7431 pts (w)   Miguel Valle (CUB) 7340 pts (w)   José de Assis (BRA) 7072 pts (w)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres   Cleide Amaral (BRA) 11.66   Mirtha Brock (COL) 11.78   Lisette Rondón (CHI) 11.89
200 metres
(Wind: +4.4 m/s)
  Ximena Restrepo (COL) 23.07 w   Lisette Rondón (CHI) 23.69 w   Kátia Regina de Jesus Santos (BRA) 23.77 w
400 metres   Ximena Restrepo (COL) 52.69   Odalmis Limonta (CUB) 54.54   Elia Mera (COL) 55.33
800 metres   Fátima dos Santos (BRA) 2:06.26   Odalmis Limonta (CUB) 2:07.26   Marta Orellana (ARG) 2:07.29
1500 metres   Ana de Souza (BRA) 4:28.50   Mireya Ailhaud (MEX) 4:30.20   Mabel Arrúa (ARG) 4:35.84
3000 metres   Silvana Pereira (BRA) 9:14.53   Lucía Mendiola (MEX) 9:17.19   Yesenia Centeno (CUB) 9:21.55
10,000 metres   Silvana Pereira (BRA) 33:29.60   Lucía Rendón (MEX) 33:48.32   Stella Castro (COL) 34:04.27
100 m hurdles
(Wind: +3.3 m/s)
  Damaris Anderson (CUB) 13.81 w   Verónica Depaoli (ARG) 13.90 w   Carmen Bezanilla (CHI) 14.01 w
400 m hurdles   Odalys Hernández (CUB) 57.89   Flor Robledo (COL) 59.09   Marise da Silva (BRA) 59.21
4×100 m relay   Colombia (COL)
Elia Mera
Ximena Restrepo
Patricia Rodríguez
Mirtha Brock
44.87   Brazil (BRA)
Cleide Amaral
Kátia Regina de Jesus Santos
Vânia dos Santos
Tatiana Orcy
46.03   Chile (CHI)
Carmen Gloria Bezanilla
Lisette Rondón
Marcela Barros
Mónica Castro
4×400 m relay   Colombia (COL)
Patricia Rodríguez
Elia Mera
Flor Robledo
Ximena Restrepo
3:35.35   Brazil (BRA)
Maria Magnólia Figueiredo
Rosângela de Souza Oliveira
Edinilza Ferreira de Lima
Marlene Moreira da Silva
3:38.61   Chile (CHI)
Marcela Barros
Lisette Rondón
Carmen Gloria Bezanilla
Sara Montecinos
10,000 m walk   Francisca Martínez (MEX) 47:01.80   Miriam Ramón (ECU) 47:01.83   Liliana Bermeo (COL) 47:06.76
High jump   Tania Fernández (CUB) 1.75 m   Luciane Dambacher (BRA) 1.75 m   Orlane dos Santos (BRA) 1.75 m
Long jump   Andrea Ávila (ARG) 6.58 m   Luciana dos Santos (BRA) 6.18 m   Alejandra García (ARG) 6.13 m
Triple jump   Andrea Ávila (ARG) 13.18 m   Luciana dos Santos (BRA) 12.90 m (w)   Maria de Souza (BRA) 12.86 m (w)
Shot put   Herminia Fernández (CUB) 17.33 m   Elisângela Adriano (BRA) 16.77 m   Margarita Ramos (ESP) 16.39 m
Discus throw   Teresa Machado (POR) 61.20 m   Liliana Martinelli (ARG) 56.18 m   Amélia Moreira (BRA) 54.06 m
Hammer throw   María Eugenia Villamizar (COL) 55.70 m CR   Zulma Lambert (ARG) 51.66 m   Karina Moya (ARG) 50.56 m
Javelin throw   Sueli dos Santos (BRA) 65.96 m   Sonia Bisset (CUB) 57.70 m   Idoia Mariezkurrena (ESP) 49.90 m
Heptathlon   Yolaida Pompa (CUB) 5370 pts   Zorobabelia Córdoba (COL) 5234 pts   Inma Clopés (ESP) 5173 pts
  • = Sueli dos Santos's javelin throw of 65.96 m was a championship and South American record, but this was later annulled due to a doping infraction in the months following the tournament. The Ibero-American Athletic Association did not retrospectively adjust or re-issue the women's javelin medals.[2]

Medal tableEdit

  *   Host nation (Argentina)

1  Brazil1112932
2  Cuba88420
3  Colombia74617
4  Argentina*44715
5  Mexico39214
6  Chile3249
7  Portugal3014
8  Spain12710
9  Paraguay1001
11  Ecuador0123
Totals (11 nations)424242126


Twenty-two nations of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Atletismo sent delegations to the 1994 championships. A total of 346 athletes took part in the competition.[4] However, only 299 participating athletes were counted by analysing the official result list.[5] The higher number probably contains coaches and/or officials registered for the event.


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