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A two-part referendum was held in Republika Srpska on 15 and 16 May 1993.[1] Voters were asked whether they approved of the Vance-Owen Peace Plan, and whether Republika Srpska should be able to join another country.

Although President Radovan Karadžić had signed the Vance-Owen Peace Plan on 30 April, it was rejected by the National Assembly on 6 May,[2] and subsequently referred to a referendum.[3] It was subsequently rejected by 97% of voters,[4] whilst the proposal to allow the territory to join other countries was approved by a similar percentage.

Mediators referred to the referendum as a "sham".[2]


Question For Against Invalid/
Turnout Result
Votes % Votes %
Vance-Owen Peace Plan 35,212 3.21 1,060,348 96.79 6,657 1,102,223 1,200,772 91.79 Rejected
Republika Srpska free to join other countries 1,061,140 96.87 34,323 3.13 6,754 Approved
Source: Direct Democracy