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Teams & DriversEdit

List of full-time teams at the start of 1993.

Team Car(s) No. Driver(s) Listed owner(s)
A.G. Dillard Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Ward Burton Alan Dillard
Alliance Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 59 Robert Pressley Daniel Welch
Allison Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 28 Davey Allison Davey Allison
BACE Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 74 Jack Sprague Bill Baumgardner
Beverly Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 25 Hermie Sadler (R) Don Beverly
Bown Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 98 Jim Bown Dick Bown
Buttke Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 66 Nathan Buttke (R) Arlin Buttke
D-R Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 08 Bobby Dotter Ed Reizen
Day Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 16 Jeff Green Wayne Day
FILMAR Racing Ford Thunderbird 8 Jeff Burton Filbert Marcotti
Grissom Racing Enterprises Chevrolet Monte Carlo 31 Steve Grissom Wayne Grissom
Henderson Brothers Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 75 Butch Miller Charlie Henderson
Hensley Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 63 Chuck Bown Hubert Hensley
Houston Racing Ford Thunderbird 6 Tommy Houston Tommy Houston
J&J Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 99 Ricky Craven Bill Papke
Joe Bessey Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 97 Joe Bessey (R) Nancy Bessey
K.R. Rezendes, Inc. Ford Thunderbird 79 Dave Rezendes Dave Rezendes
KEL Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 57 Jason Keller (R) Joe Keller
Labonte Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 14 Terry Labonte Bob Labonte
44 David Green
Lasater Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 5 Richard Lasater Dan Lasater
Laughlin Racing Products Ford Thunderbird 35 Shawna Robinson Mike Laughlin
Levin Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 19 Tom Peck Carol Levin
Mark Rypien Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 23 Chad Little Mark Rypien
Martin Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 92 Larry Pearson Mac Martin
NEMCO Motorsports Chevrolet Monte Carlo 87 Joe Nemechek Andrea Nemechek
Owen Racing Ford Thunderbird 9 Mike Wallace Barry Owen
Parker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 72 Tracy Leslie Ron Parker
Payne Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 27 Roy Payne (R) Curtis Payne
Phil Parsons Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 29 Phil Parsons Marcia Parsons
RaDiUs Motorsports Ford Thunderbird 55 Tim Fedewa (R) Ray DeWitt
Rexrode Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1 Rodney Combs Rodney Rexrode
Roush Racing Ford Thunderbird 60 Mark Martin Jack Roush
Team 34 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 34 Todd Bodine Frank Cicci
Three Star Motorsports Oldsmobile Cutlass 22 Ed Berrier Max Berrier
Whitaker Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo 7 Harry Gant Ed Whitaker

Goody's 300Edit

Goodwrench 200Edit

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Mark III Vans 200Edit

Budweiser 250Edit

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Goodwrench/Delco 200Edit

Carolina Pride / Budweiser 250Edit

Fay's 150Edit

The Fay's 150 was held June 26 at Watkins Glen International Raceway. Ernie Irvan won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 11-Bill Elliott
  2. 14-Terry Labonte
  3. 2-Ward Burton
  4. 87-Joe Nemechek
  5. 34-Todd Bodine
  6. 63-Chuck Bown
  7. 72-Tracy Leslie
  8. 19-Tom Peck
  9. 08-Bobby Dotter
  10. 9-Mike Wallace
  • This would be Elliott's only Busch Series victory

Havoline 250Edit

Fram Filter 500KEdit

The Fram Filter 500K was held July 24 at Talladega Superspeedway. Bill Elliott won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 3-Dale Earnhardt
  2. 20-Randy LaJoie
  3. 14-Terry Labonte
  4. 72-Tracy Leslie
  5. 11-Bill Elliott
  6. 30-Michael Waltrip
  7. 59-Robert Pressley
  8. 48-Sterling Marlin
  9. 25-Hermie Sadler
  10. 99-Ricky Craven

• Richard Lasater flipped in this race.

Kroger 200Edit

Detroit Gasket 200Edit

NE Chevy 250Edit

The NE Chevy 250 was held August 22 at New Hampshire International Speedway. Joe Nemechek won the pole.

Top ten results

  1. 59-Robert Pressley
  2. 87-Joe Nemechek
  3. 08-Bobby Dotter
  4. 31-Steve Grissom
  5. 61-Tommy Houston
  6. 55-Tim Fedewa
  7. 25-Hermie Sadler
  8. 99-Ricky Craven
  9. 44-David Green
  10. 92-Larry Pearson
  • This was Pressley's last career NASCAR Busch Series victory.

Food City 250Edit

Gatorade 200Edit

Autolite 250Edit

SplitFire 200Edit

Polaroid 300Edit

All Pro 300Edit

Advance Auto Parts 500Edit

AC-Delco 200Edit

The Pantry 300Edit

Slick 50 300Edit

The Slick 50 300 was held November 13 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Mark Martin won the pole. This race was delayed 8 months due to a blizzard.

Top ten results

  1. 2-Ward Burton
  2. 92-Larry Pearson
  3. 30-Michael Waltrip
  4. 7-Harry Gant
  5. 70-Sterling Marlin
  6. 87-Joe Nemechek
  7. 0-Robert Pressley
  8. 9-Mike Wallace
  9. 31-Steve Grissom
  10. 19-Tom Peck

Final points standingsEdit

Rookie of the YearEdit

Hermie Sadler won his first career race and the Rookie of the Year title in 1993, finishing in the top-ten eight times and ended the season tenth in the final standings. He was followed by Joe Bessey, Tim Fedewa, and Roy Payne. Due to sponsor issues, Nathan Buttke and Jason Keller did not attempt the full schedule.

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