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1992 Don't Drink Drive Sandown 500

The 1992 Don't Drink Drive Sandown 500 was an endurance motor race open to Group 3A Touring Cars (commonly known as Group A cars), 1993 Group 3A 5.0 Litre Touring Cars (later to become known as V8 Supercars) and Group 3E Series Production Cars.[1] It was held at the Sandown International Motor Raceway,[2] in Victoria, Australia, on 13 September 1992,[2] over 136 laps of the 3.1 km circuit,[3] a total distance of approximately 422 km. The race, which was the 27th Sandown 500, was won by Larry Perkins and Steve Harrington driving a Holden VL Commodore.

The race was intended to be run over 150 laps,[4][5] but it was significantly delayed by several periods of slow running behind the pace car.[6] With the Sandown circuit operating under an Environmental Protection Agency curfew of 5pm, the race was shortened to 136 laps.[6]


Top 10 QualifiersEdit


Position [3] Group [1] No.[4] Entrant [4] Drivers [1] Car Laps [3]
1 3A 11 Bob Jane T-Marts Perkins Racing   Larry Perkins
  Steve Harrington
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 136
2 3A 25 Benson & Hedges Racing   Tony Longhurst
  Paul Morris
BMW M3 Evolution 136
3 3A (1993) 15 Holden Racing Team   Tomas Mezera
  Brad Jones
Holden VP Commodore 133
4 3A 13 Ampol Max 3 Racing   Bob Jones
  Peter Janson
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 122
5 3E 10 Robinson Racing Developments   Ken Douglas
  Kent Youlden
Ford EB Falcon 117
6 3E 4 Robert Ogilvie   Robert Ogilvie
  Paul Fordham
Holden VP Commodore SS 116
7 3E 7 Palmer Promotions   Ian Palmer
  Brett Bull
Holden VP Commodore SS 114
8 3A 75 Bob Holden Motors   Brad Wright
  Ted Dunford
Toyota Corolla 110
9 3E 6 Bridgestone Australia   Tony Scott
  Ed Lamont
Holden VP Commodore SS 110
10 3A 05 Mobil 1 Racing   Peter Brock
  Troy Dunstan
Holden VN Commodore SS Group A SV 110
11 3E 21 Autobarn - Springvale   Danny Bogut
  Henry Draper
Suzuki Swift GTi 106
12 3E 14 Murray Carter   Murray Carter
  Chris Muscat
Nissan Pulsar SSS 102
DNF 3A 28 Playscape Racing   Kevin Waldock
  Brett Peters
Ford Sierra RS500 130
DNF 3A (1993) 16 Holden Racing Team   Win Percy
  Allan Grice
Holden VP Commodore 109
DNF 3E 3 Fitzgerald Racing   Peter Fitzgerald
  Terry Lewis
Holden VP Commodore SS 109
DNF 3A 18 Shell Ultra Hi Racing   Terry Shiel
  Greg Crick
Ford Sierra RS500 108
DNF 3E 41 Caltex CXT Race Team   Terry Bosnjak
  Peter Hopwood
Holden VP Commodore SS 100
DNF 3A 39 Protech Microsystems   Chris Smerdon
  Mark Poole
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 90
NC 3A 26 Gemspares   Daryl Hendrick
  John Blanchard
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 88
DNF 3A 35 Peter Jackson Racing   Wayne Park
  David Parsons
Ford Sierra RS500 82
NC 3A 73 Bob Holden Motors   Bob Holden
  Dennis Rogers
Toyota Levin 72
NC 3A 52 M3 Motorsport   John Cotter
  Peter Doulman
BMW M3 69
DNF 3A 29 Mountain Motorsport   Calvin Gardiner
  Mike Conway
Toyota Levin 35
DNF 3A 17 Shell Ultra Hi Racing   Dick Johnson
  John Bowe
Ford Sierra RS500 31
DNF 3A (1993) 30 Peter Jackson Racing   Glenn Seton
  Alan Jones
Ford EB Falcon 18
DNF 3A 88 Mountain Motorsport   Gregg Easton
  Brad Stratton
Toyota Levin 12
DNF 3A 31 Ampol Max 3 Racing   Robbi Ker
  Don Watson
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 2
DNS 3E 22 Valvoline Oils   Melinda Price
  Steven Richards
Nissan Pulsar SSS


  • Pole Position - 1:15.87 - #17 Dick Johnson - Ford Sierra RS500 [1]
  • Fastest Lap - 1:16.88 - #17 Dick Johnson/John Bowe - Ford Sierra RS500 [1]

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