1991 Mexican legislative election

Legislative elections were held in Mexico on 18 August 1991.[1] The Institutional Revolutionary Party won 320 of the 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 61 of the 64 seats in the Senate.[2] Voter turnout was 61% in the Chamber election and 62% in the Senate election.[3]

1991 Mexican legislative election
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All 500 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
All 64 seats in the Senate of the Republic
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Chamber of Deputies
PRI Luis Donaldo Colosio 61.43 320 +60
PAN Luis H. Álvarez 17.67 89 -12
PRD Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas 8.31 41 New
PFCRN Rafael Aguilar Talamantes 4.33 23 -15
PARM Carlos Cantú Rosas 2.14 15 -15
PPS Indalecio Sáyago Herrera 1.80 12 -25
PRI Luis Donaldo Colosio 61.54 61 +1
PAN Luis H. Álvarez 17.70 1 +1
PRD Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas 3.79 2 New



Institutional Revolutionary Party14,256,44761.5461+1
National Action Party4,100,28717.701+1
Party of the Cardenist Front of National Reconstruction1,202,4255.1900
PPSPRD Alliance1,109,4504.79
Party of the Democratic Revolution878,1153.792New
Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution487,2582.1000
Ecologist Green Party of Mexico326,2511.410New
Mexican Democratic Party276,6611.1900
Labor Party258,5101.1200
Workers' Revolutionary Party156,9180.6800
Popular Socialist Party97,7800.4200
Non-registered candidates14,2840.0600
Valid votes23,164,38695.32
Invalid/blank votes1,138,2604.68
Total votes24,302,646100.00
Registered voters/turnout39,517,97961.50
Source: IFE, Nohlen

Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Institutional Revolutionary Party14,145,23461.433014,051,34961.43290320+60
National Action Party4,068,71217.67794,042,31617.671089–12
Party of the Democratic Revolution1,913,1748.31411,900,7508.31041New
Party of the Cardenist Front of National Reconstruction998,1584.3323990,4404.33023–15
Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution492,5142.1415489,7322.14015–15
Popular Socialist Party414,7801.8012411,8481.80012–25
Ecologist Green Party of Mexico332,6031.440329,7141.4400New
Labor Party260,2661.130258,5951.1300New
Mexican Democratic Party249,9151.090248,4311.09000
Workers' Revolutionary Party136,3410.590135,3600.59000
Non-registered candidates13,9110.06013,8970.0600New
Valid votes23,025,60895.1722,872,43295.17
Invalid/blank votes1,168,6314.831,160,0504.83
Total votes24,194,239100.0024,032,482100.00
Registered voters/turnout39,517,97961.2239,517,97960.81
Source: Nohlen


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