1990 in comics

Notable events of 1990 in comics. See also List of years in comics.


Year overallEdit




  • March 16: Jan Bucquoy launches the Belgian weekly magazine Dol/Belge, which is so outrageous in slandering media celebrities, the Belgian royal family, the Pope, politicians and other high officials that within a few weeks issues are confiscated and stores refuse to sell copies. Bucquoy then transforms it into a genuine comics magazine featuring reprints of his older porn parodies. The magazine will last merely a year.[3]
  • Elektra Lives Again is published by Epic Comics, written and drawn by Frank Miller.
  • The last issue of Strikeforce: Morituri: Electric Undertow is published, thereby ending the series as a whole.









Specific date unknownEdit

  • The first issue of the Belgian satirical comics and cartoons magazine Ubu-Pan is published.




  • February 22: Thomas Ochse Honiball, South African cartoonist and comics artist (Oom Kaspaas, Jakkals en Wolf), dies at age 84.[14]



  • April 24:
    • Claude Henri, French comics writer and artist (Hourrah Freddi, Lynx Blanc, P'tit Joc, Charles Oscar), passes away at age 74.[20]
    • André Fernez, Belgian comics writer, novelist and chief editor of Tintin between 1947 and 1959, passes away at age 72.[21]
  • April 28: Edwina Dumm, American comics artist (Cap Stubbs and Tippie) dies at age 96.[22]


  • May 7: Pier Lorenzo De Vita, Italian comics artist (Tuffolino, Pecos Bill, Disney comics, Mopsi, Giso e Leo), dies at age 80.[23]
  • May 15: Porfiri Nikitich Krylov, Russian painter, illustrator and poster designer (member of the collective Kukryniksy), dies at age 87.[24]
  • May 25: William Overgard, American comics artist (continued Steve Roper and Mike Nomad and Kerry Drake), dies at age 64.[25]
  • May 31: William Timym, also known as Tim, Austrian-British animator and comics artist (The Boss, Caesar, Bengo the Boxer, Wuff, Tuff and Snuff, Bim, Bam and Boom, Oh, Johnny!, Bleep and Booster), dies at age 87.[26]





  • September 5: Jerry Iger, American comics publisher (co-founder of Eisner & Iger) writer and artist, dies at age 87.[34]
  • September 20:
    • Byron Aptosoglou, Greek illustrator and comics artist (The Superman, Mikrós Íros (Little Hero), Tarzan comics), dies at age 67 or 68.[35]
    • Attilio Micheluzzi, Italian comics artist (Roy Mann, Petra Chérie, Johnny Focus), dies at age 60.[36]


  • October 14: Art Huhta, American comics artist (Dinky Dinkerton, Wild Rose, assisted on Mescal Ike, Lolly Gags and The Nebbs), dies at age 88.[37]
  • October 29: François Gianolla, Belgian poet, playwright, cartoonist, illustrator, musician, caricaturist and comics artist (Fred, Mile et Bob), dies at age 83.[38]
  • October 31: Roger Price, American humorist, writer, publisher and cartoonist (creator of droodles), died at age 72.


  • December 21: Susi Weigel, Austrian illustrator, comics artist and animator (worked for Unsere Zeitung), dies at age 76.[39]
  • December 30: Tony Abruzzo, American comics artist (made romance comics for National Periodicals (later DC Comics), dies at age 74.[40]

Specific date unknownEdit

  • Dennis Collins, British comics artist (The Perishers), passes away.[41]
  • Cram, Belgian cartoonist (De Weyfelaers, Jan Pech), passes away at age 51 or 52.[42]
  • Marcel Dehaye, Belgian journalist, novelist, comics writer and chief editor of Tintin (1959-1965), dies at age 82 or 83.
  • Nicholas, aka Nick, Firfires, American illustrator and comics artist (made realistically drawn comics for Disney and the celebrity comic based on Gene Autry), dies at age 72 or 73.[43]
  • Harry Haenigsen, American comics artist (Penny), dies at age 89.[44]
  • Ye Hung-chia, Taiwanese comics artist (Chuko Szu-lang), dies at age 76 or 77.[45]
  • Yu Takita, Japanese manga artist (Terajima-cho (The Terajima Neighborhood Mystery tales), dies at age 57 or 58.[46]
  • Tom, aka Thomaz de Mello, Portuguese comics artist (Rico, Pico e Sarapico), dies at age 83 or 84.[47]

Exhibitions and showsEdit



Eisner AwardsEdit

Presented in 1991 for comics published in 1990.

Zine Zone AwardsEdit

For independent and small-press comics; presented in June 1990 by Zine Zone chairperson Terry Hooper. (Zine Zone was based in Bristol, UK.)[54]

  • Best Science Fiction Writer: Tom Elmes
  • Best Science Fiction Artist: Petri Hiltinen
  • Best Science Fiction Zine: Tahti Vaeltaja (Finland)
  • Best Horror Writer: Rob Gott
  • Best Horror Artist: David Stephenson
  • Best Horror Zine: Lippe 10 (Germany)
  • Best Adventure Writer: Ludwig Kreutzner
  • Best Adventure Artist: Rudolph Perez
  • Best Adventure Zine: Zebra (Germany)
  • Best Funny Animal Comic: Blues Bar by Bernd Gronenberg (Germany)
  • Best Action Comic: Stormwatcher by Ian Abbinnett and Alan Cowsill (UK)
  • Best Erotic Comic: Johnny Condom by Steve Harrison (UK)
  • Best Slice of Life Comic: Love and Rockets
  • Best Text Feature: Small Press World by Hal Hargit (Amazing Heroes)
  • Journal Most Helpful to Small Press: Amazing Heroes
  • Best Indie/Small Press Journal: Comics F/X
  • Best Column: Trade Secrets by Kyle Miller
  • Best Original Strip: The Desert Peach by Donna Barr
  • Best Humor Writer: Donna Barr
  • Best Packaged Title: Kannus (Finland)
  • Best Mini-Comic: Testosterone City by Peter Bagge
  • Best Indie Artist: Matt "D'Israeli" Brooker
  • Best Small Press Album: Heroes from the Black Lagoon (Germany)
  • Best European Artist: Martin Frei (Germany)
  • Most Promising Newcomer: Terry Ford (UK)
  • Person Doing the Most for UK Comics History: Denis Gifford
  • Greatest Influence in Comics: Jack Kirby

First issues by titleEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Justice League Quarterly

Release: Winter.

Superboy v2

Release: February

Limited seriesEdit

The Atlantis Chronicles

Release: March. Writer: Peter David. Artist: Esteban Maroto.

The Books of Magic v1

Release: Writer: Neil Gaiman. Artists: John Bolton, Scott Hampton, Charles Vess & Paul Johnson.


Release: July Writer: Mark Wheatley. Artist: Marc Hempel.

Hawkworld (3 issues, later became an ongoing)

Release: June. Writers: John Ostrander and Timothy Truman. Artist: Graham Nolan.


Release: December. Writers: Howard Chaykin. Artist: José Luis García-López.

World Without End

Release: January. Writers: Jamie Delano. Artist: John Higgins.


Batman: Digital Justice

Release: 1990 Writer/Artist: Pepe Moreno.

Marvel ComicsEdit

Camp Candy

Release: May.

Ghost Rider v2

Release: May. Writer: Howard Mackie. Artists: Javier Saltares & Mark Texeira.

Guardians of the Galaxy v1

Release: June.

Knights of Pendragon

Release: July by Marvel UK. Writers: Dan Abnett and John Tomlinson. Artist: Gary Erskine.


Release: August. Writer & Artist: Todd McFarlane
Issued with regular and silver ink covers, second printing with gold ink cover.


Release: March. Writer: Alan Grant. Artists: Lee Sullivan & Kim DeMulder.

Marvel Super-Heroes v2

Release: May.

Mighty Mouse

Release: October.

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Release: April

New Warriors

Release: July. Writer: Fabian Nicieza. Artists: Mark Bagley & Al Williamson.


Release: November. Writer: Fabian Nicieza. Artists: James Fry & Mark McKenna.

Tomorrow Knights

Release: June by Epic Comics.


Release: December.

Limited SeriesEdit

Alien Legion: On The Edge

Release: November.

Atomic Age

Release: November by Epic Comics. Writer: Frank Lovece. Artists: Mike Okamoto & Al Williamson.

Black Knight

Release: June.

Brute Force

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Release: November by Epic Comics.

Darkman v1

Release: August.

Deathlok v1

Release: July.

Critical Mass

Release: January by Epic Comics. Writer: D. G. Chichester and Margaret Clark.

Elsewhere Prince

Release: May by Epic Comics. Writer/Artist: Moebius.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

Release: October by Epic Comics. Writer: Howard Chaykin. Artist: Mike Mignola.

Foolkiller v1

Release: October.

Hero: Warrior of the Mystic Realms

Release: May.

Hollywood Superstars

Release: November by Epic Comics. Writer: Mark Evanier. Artist: Dan Spiegle.

Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular

Release: August

The Last American

Release: December by Epic Comics. Writers: John Wagner & Alan Grant. Artist: Mike McMahon.

New Adventures of Cholly & Flytrap

Release: December by Epic Comics.

Punisher Armory

Release: July. Writer:

RoboCop 2

Release: August.

Saga of the Original Human Torch

Release: April. Writer: Roy Thomas.

X-Men Spotlight On... Starjammers

Release: May


Release: April

Steeltown Rockers

Release: April. Writer: Elaine Lee. Artist: Steve Leialoha.

The Thanos Quest

Release: September. Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Ron Lim.


The Return of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black

Release: February.



Release: September on Betsucomi. Author: Yumi Tamura.

Independent titlesEdit

Classics Illustrated v2

Criminal Macabre: A Cal McDonald Mystery



Release: April by Fantagraphics. Writer/Artist: Peter Bagge.

Judge Dredd Megazine

Release: October by Egmont UK.

Logan's Run


Limited seriesEdit

Big Numbers (2 issues before cancellation)

Release: April by Mad Love. Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz.


Release: August by King Hell Press. Writer & artist: Rick Veitch.


Release: December by Tundra Publishing. Writer/Artist: Dave McKean.

Give Me Liberty

Release: June. Writer: Frank Miller. Artist: Dave Gibbons.

Hard Boiled

Release: September. Writer: Frank Miller. Artist: Geoff Darrow.

The Men In Black v1

Release: January. Writer: Lowell Cunningham. Artist: Sandy Carruthers

Terminator: The Burning Earth

Release: March. Writer: Ron Fortier. Artist: Alex Ross.

The Terminator: Tempest

Release: August by Dark Horse Comics.

Initial appearance by character nameEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

Independent titlesEdit



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