1989 Hong Kong municipal elections

The 1989 Urban Council and Regional Council elections were the municipal elections held on 9 March 1989 for the elected seats of the Urban Council and Regional Council respectively.

1989 Hong Kong municipal elections
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15 (of the 40) seats to the Urban Council
12 (of the 36) seats to the Regional Council
Registered1,604,048 Increase11.27%
Turnout213,200 (17.60%) Decrease9.32pp
  First party Second party Third party
  Albert Ho 2014 cut.jpg
Leader Ding Lik-kiu Hilton Cheong-Leen Albert Ho
Party ADPL Civic HKAS
Leader's seat Did not stand Wan Chai Did not stand
Last election New party 3 seats, 12.60% 2 seats, 6.51%
Seats before 3 4 2
Seats won 2 UC
2 RC
4 UC
2 UC
1 RC
Seat change Increase1 Steady Steady
Popular vote 21,243 15,270 18,699
Percentage 9.99% 7.18% 8.80%
Swing N/A Decrease5.42pp Increase0.15pp

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  Yeung Sum in 2015.jpg Maria Tam Wai-Chu 2010 Enlarged.jpg
Leader Yeung Sum Maria Tam Brook Bernacchi
Party Meeting Point PHKS Reform
Leader's seat Did not stand Did not stand Sau Kei Wan
Last election 2 seats, 10.06% 2 seats, 6.94% 2 seats, 6.95%
Seats before 2 2 2
Seats won
2 RC
1 UC
1 RC
1 UC
1 RC
Seat change Steady Steady Steady
Popular vote 21,702 20,079 13,404
Percentage 10.21% 9.44% 6.31%
Swing Increase0.15pp Increase2.50pp Decrease0.64pp

Chairmen before election

Hugh Forsgate (UC)
Cheung Yan-lung (RC)

Elected Chairmen

Hugh Forsgate (UC)
Cheung Yan-lung (RC)


15 seats in the Urban Council was the directly elected by the general residents and ten seats were elected by the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon District Boards members and fifteen appointed by the Governor. For the Regional Council, twelve seats were directly elected and 9 seats were elected by the New Territories District Boards members, with twelve appointed members and three ex officio members of the Chairman and two vice chairmen of the Heung Yee Kuk. The first-past-the-post voting system was used.

A total of 213,352 voters, 17.6% of the total electorates cast their votes, in which 105,826 voters (14.2%) voted in the Urban Council, 9% lower than the last election, and 107,526 voters (23.9%) voted in the Regional Council, about 10% lower than the last election. 7 of the total of 53 candidates were elected without uncontestedly.[1] Secretary for Constitutional Affairs Michael Suen Ming-yeung expressed his disappointment with the low turnout, explained that the uncontested and less candidates were the factor.

Among 19 contesting incumbents only Fok Pui-yee failed to be re-elected. Albert Chan Wai-yip, supported by pro-democrat heavyweights Martin Lee Chu-ming and Szeto Wah helped him to canvass votes in Tsuen Wan. Szeto Wah's presence in Luk Yeung Sun Chuen helped attracting votes where many teachers living there. Yeung Fuk-kwong, Chan's opponent cited that the loss of votes from his voter base Shek Wai Kok Estate led to his defeat.[2]

General resultsEdit

e • d Overall Summary of the 9 March 1989 Urban Council and Regional Council Hong Kong election results
Political affiliation Urban Council Regional Council Total
Standing Elected Popular
Standing Elected Popular
% Total
Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood 12,237 2 2 9,006 2 2 21,243 9.99 4
Hong Kong Civic Association 15,270 6 4 - - - 15,270 7.18 4
Hong Kong Affairs Society 11,787 3 2 6,912 1 1 18,699 8.80 3
Meeting Point - - - 21,702 4 2 21,702 10.21 2
Progressive Hong Kong Society 7,630 3 1 12,449 2 1 20,079 9.44 2
Reform Club of Hong Kong 13,404 2 2 - - - 13,404 6.31 2
New Territories West Residents Association - - - 8,310 1 1 8,310 3.91 1
Hong Kong People's Council on Public Housing Policy 7,187 1 1 - - - 7,187 3.38 1
Individuals and others 37,556 13 3 49,139 13 5 86,695 40.78 8
Total (turnout: 17.6%) 105,071 30 15 107,518 23 12 212,589 100.00 27

Elected membersEdit

Urban CouncilEdit

District Constituency Candidates Affiliation
Central & Western Central & Western Chow Wai-keung HKAS
Wan Chai Wan Chai Hilton Cheong-Leen Civic
Eastern North Point Man Sai-cheong HKAS
Shau Kei Wan Brook Bernacchi Reform
Southern Southern Joseph Chan Yuek-sut Civic
Kowloon City Kowloon City West Peter Chan Chi-kwan Civic
Kowloon City East Pao Ping-wing PHKS
Kwun Tong Kwun Tong West Elsie Tu Independent
Kwun Tong East Lam Chak-piu PCPHP
Mong Kok Mong Kok Chan Kwok-ming Independent
Yau Tsim Yau Tsim Daniel Wong Kwok-tung Independent
Sham Shui Po Sham Shui Po East Frederick Fung Kin-kee ADPL
Sham Shui Po West Ma Lee-wo Independent
Wong Tai Sin Wong Tai Sin South Mok Ying-fan ADPL
Wong Tai Sin North Cecilia Yeung Lai-yin Reform

Regional CouncilEdit

District Constituency Candidate Affiliation
Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan Albert Chan Wai-yip ADPL
Tuen Mun Tuen Mun East Almon Poon Chin-hung NTWRA
Tuen Mun West Ng Ming-yam Meeting Point
Yuen Long Yuen Long Ngan Kam-chuen Independent
North North Cheung Hon-chung PHKS
Tai Po Tai Po Michael Lai Kam-cheung Meeting Point
Sai Kung Sai Kung Wong Shui-sang Independent
Sha Tin Sha Tin East Tony Kan Chung-nin HKAS
Sha Tin West Lau Kong-wah Independent
Kwai Tsing Kwai Chung East Chow Yick-hay ADPL
Kwai Chung West & Tsing Yi Wong Man-tai Independent
Islands Islands Kwong Ping-yau Independent


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