1989 European Parliament election in West Germany

The European Parliament election of 1989 in West Germany was the election of the delegation from West Germany to the European Parliament in 1989.

European Parliament election in West Germany, 1989[1]

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All 81 German seats in the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Party CDU/CSU SPD Green
Seats before 41 33 7
Seats won 32 31 8
Seat change Decrease9 Decrease2 Increase1
Popular vote 10,659,123 10,525,728 2,382,102
Percentage 37.7% 37.3% 8.4%
Swing Decrease8.3% Decrease0.1% Increase0.2%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Seats before 0 0
Seats won 6 4
Seat change Increase6 Increase4
Popular vote 2,008,629 1,576,715
Percentage 7.1% 5.6%
Swing Increase7.1% Increase0.8%
Poster campaign of the Republicans for the 1989 European election, featuring Franz Schönhuber.


Social Democratic Party10,525,72837.3231–2
Christian Democratic Union8,332,84629.5425–9
The Greens2,382,1028.4570
Christian Social Union2,326,2778.2570
The Republicans2,008,6297.126New
Free Democratic Party 1,576,7155.594+4
German People's Union444,9211.580New
Ecological Democratic Party184,3090.6500
Bavaria Party71,9910.2600
German Communist Party57,7040.200New
German Solidarity Union55,4630.200New
Christian Centre43,5800.150New
Centre Party41,1900.1500
Mature Citizens32,2460.1100
Christian League30,8790.110New
New Consciousness20,8680.070New
Free German Workers' Party19,1510.070New
Patriots for Germany12,9070.050New
Humanist Party10,8850.040New
For a Europe of Workers and Democracy10,3770.040New
Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany10,1340.040New
Federation of Socialist Workers7,7880.030New
Valid votes28,206,69098.94
Invalid/blank votes301,9081.06
Total votes28,508,598100.00
Registered voters/turnout45,773,17962.28
Source: Federal Statistics Office


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