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  • The Dutch comics magazine Eppo Wordt Vervolgd changes its name again into Sjors en Sjimmie Weekblad, based on the popularity of their signature series Sjors en Sjimmie. It will continue until 1994, after which it becomes Sjosji. [5]









  • Specific date unknown: Julius Stafford Baker II, British comics artist (continued Tiger Tim), passes away at age 84. [21]






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  • June 27–August 10: Galería Esquina de la Libertad (San Francisco) — "Spain : a View from the Bottom: Posters, Comic Strips, Caricatures and More."



Eisner AwardsEdit

Presented in 1989 for comics published in 1988:

First issues by titleEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Animal Man

Release: September Writer: Grant Morrison. Artists: Chas Truog and Doug Hazlewood.


Release: April Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Steve Erwin and Al Vey.


Release: August Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Pat Broderick and Pablo Marcos.


Release: January Writer: Jamie Delano. Artist: John Ridgway.


Release: October Writer: Roger Stern. Artists: Tom Lyle and Bob Smith.


Release: June. Writer: Doug Moench. Artists: Dave Hoover and Robert Campanella.

Limited seriesEdit

Batman: The Cult (4 issues)

Release: August Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.

Black Orchid (3 issues)

Release: November Writer: Neil Gaiman. Artist: Dave McKean.

Cosmic Odyssey (4 issues)

Release: December Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Mike Mignola.

Crimson Avenger (4 issues)

Release: June Writers: Roy and Dann Thomas. Artist: Greg Brooks.

Millennium (8 weekly issues)

Release: January Writer: Steve Englehart. Artists: Joe Staton and Ian Gibson.

Power Girl (4 issues)

Release: June. Writer: Paul Kupperberg. Artists: Rick Hoberg and Arne Starr.

The Prisoner: Shattered Visage (4 issues)

Release. Writer/Artist: Dean Motter.

Unknown Soldier (12 issues)

Release: Winter. Writer: James Owsley. Artist: Phil Gascoine.

The Weird (4 issues)

Release: July. Writer: Jim Starlin. Artist: Bernie Wrightson.


Natsuko's Sake

Release: on Weekly Morning. Author: Akira Oze.


Count Duckula

Release: November from Star Comics. Writer: Michael Gallager. Artist: Warren Kremer.

Death's Head

Release: December from Marvel UK. Writer: Simon Furman. Artists: Bryan Hitch and Mark Farmer.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

Release: November Writer: Peter Gillis. Artists: Richard Case and Randy Emberlin.

Dragon's Claws

Release: June from Marvel UK. Writer: Simon Furman. Artist: Geoff Senior.


Release: October Writer: Chris Claremont. Artist: Alan Davis.

Marvel Comics Presents

Release: September Editors: Terry Kavanagh and Michael Higgins.

The Punisher War Journal

Release: November Writer/Penciller: Carl Potts. Inker: Jim Lee.


Release: November Writer: Chris Claremont. Artists: John Buscema and Al Williamson.

Limited seriesEdit

Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (6 issues)

Release: June. Writer: Bob Harras. Artists: Paul Neary and Kim DeMulder.

Stray Toasters (4 issues)

Release: by Epic Comics. Writer/Artist: Bill Sienkiewicz.

X-Terminators (4 issues)

Release: October Writer: Louise Simonson. Artist: Jon Bogdanove.

Independent titlesEdit

Limited seriesEdit

Aliens (6 issues)

Release: May by Dark Horse Comics. Writer: Mark Verheiden. Artist: Mark A. Nelson.

Black Kiss (12 issues)

Release: June by Vortex Comics. Writer/Artist: Howard Chaykin.

Initial appearance by character nameEdit

DC ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

Independent titlesEdit


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